Tom & Bethany Alkazin

Tom & Bethany Alkazin are Vemma top earners in Vemma nutrition relationship marketing business. While everybody is dreaming of making enough money to afford a house near the beach and live a financially free life, this multi-millionaire couple is busy planning how to achieve that dream the fifth time in a row! Don’t worry guys; … [Read more…]

Started from Nothing

Naoki Hongo and Kimie Hongo – Started from Nothing Naoki Hongo and Kimie Hongo are Nu Skin Japan direct selling super stars. The family has achieved, what very few people could possibly think possible in Asia. They were innocently introduced to the Nu Skin USA company; having a zero knowledge about the mlm industry and … [Read more…]

Mitch and Deidre Sala

Mitch Sala, a civil engineer and his wife Deidre Sala (a product manager) were new in Australia when they enrolled in Amway Australia business in 1982. The couple at first misunderstood the Amway opportunity and quickly wrote it off, with Deidre leading the way.  All in all, Mitch Sala decided to give it a try … [Read more…]

Marco and Milagro Dubon

Marco and Milagro Dubon are not only FLP mlm Top earners, but also a miracle family! Surviving a disastrous earthquake that took the lives of 20,000 people in Guatemala, then relocating to United States while sick and weak, and finally becoming Forever Living products top earners in a foreign country, with a lot of cultural … [Read more…]

Giselle Sexsmith

Giselle SexSmith and John SexSmith are one of the many semi-illiterate couples that rake in millions of dollars through Nu Skin network marketing. Many people who have not read their story in NuSkin mistakenly think that the life they live today is out of shy luck! The truth however is that they are real creative … [Read more…]

David Imonitie

David Imonitie is a symbol of how successful one can be through hard work and determination. He is one of the few Organo Gold mlm top Income earners, who has worked his way up from an innocent and hopeless college dropout. David is currently a legend in the world of network marketing; with words such … [Read more…]

Ashley & Nick Sarnicola

Nick and Ashley Sarnicola are a family with an amazing combination of characters. They are a very hard working entrepreneurs, business mentors and ViSalus sciences multi-millionaires. It is very rare to find a couple that is similar in almost everything they do, like the Sarnicolas. Ashley Sarnicola and Nick Sarnicola have a matching entrepreneurial spirit, … [Read more…]

Butcher Turns Multi-Millionaire

Jimmy Smith is a fired up butcher, turned Isagenix network marketing multi-millionaire. My friend, Jimmy Smith, is a king of dreamers, who has at last seen the epic light at the end of the tunnel. I still believe today that there are exceptionally very few; I repeat very, very few people who can think, act … [Read more…]

The Millionaire Makers

Faraday Hosseinipour – Millionaire Makers! Faraday Hosseinipour and her husband David Manning of Global 1 Entertainment are an action couple with an apt entrepreneurial instincts. The couple has built and left a legacy in G1E multi-level marketing industry, not because they are just multi-millionaires, but because of their tough decisions of leaving their respective careers, … [Read more…]

A Millionaire Friend That Changed His Life

MLM Top Earner in Ambit – Ray Montie Ray Montie is one of the few people who can comfortably stand at any congregation full of millionaires in any part of the world, and tell them that he is also a success story as an MLM top earner in Ambit Energy network marketing consultancy! Ray Montie’s … [Read more…]