G5 (5 Couples) – WorldVentures Top Earners


When I first heard about G5, I thought this was some sort of government group or agency. I couldn’t be further from the truth. G5 actually stands for the “G5 Travel Group,” a multi level marketing group that consists of 5 couples who are a part of WorldVentures (WV) network marketing business. Their names are:


  • Dwight Hanson (Dallas, TX)
  • David Lewis (Dallas, TX)
  • Dale Hess (Wichita, KS)
  • Tom Jackson (Wichita, KS)
  • Byron Schrag (Wichita, KS)


This group of MLM marketers is also known as the “G5 Traveling Team,” with the motto “Travel Agents Gone Wild.” In the beginning, G5 was sponsored by top WorldVentures earner, Steve Little. Steve’s whole team is known as “The Freedom Team.”


One of the members, Dwight Hanson, was part of the start-up team for WorldVentures. Before network marketing, Dwight worked as an airline pilot and owned an executive car service. With these professions, can you guess what drew Dwight to relationship marketing? If you answered the idea of traveling, you are correct! Additionally, there were five other things that attracted Dwight, and the other four couples, to multilevel marketing, such as:


  • Belief in the Industry
  • Belief in the Products
  • Belief in the Potential for Growth
  • Belief in the System They Created for Advanced Training
  • Belief in Themselves


Dwight said that the reason why they are so successful is that they really hold true to the idea that if they take care of their team, everything else will fall into place, and their team will prosper. This must be the truth, seeing as G5 earns $100,000.00 per month in residual income. These folks are millionaires!


Dwight said that although he and group have definitely experienced setbacks, they didn’t let them deter them from their goals. This is something that I have heard and written about with every other top MLM earner on my blog. He went on to say that when others didn’t believe something wouldn’t work, they took the opposite stance. All G5 folks serve as International Marketing Directors with WV.


WorldVentures has dramatically changed the lives of those in G5.  Again, as with all of the other MLM millionaires, direct sales marketing has given each and every one of them time and financial freedom. For example, before WorldVentures, he was putting in over 80 hours a week with his business. Now, Dwight spends his time the way he wants to, including spending time at his lakefront home, his dream purchase.


What is WorldVentures (WV)?


Okay, here I go again. I had never heard of WorldVentures (WV), so this is the information I was able to gather. WorldVentures was established in 2005 by Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue, two businessmen who wanted to have a business in which they could earn money without working long, stressful hours. WorldVentures sells travel memberships for Rovia Dreamtrips, an exclusive travel club.


As a WorldVentures consultant, you sell membership into this travel club, which offers discounts on holiday trips. Like any other MLM business, you earn commission on every membership you sell. In 2014, WV made over $300 million in sales. To become an independent distributor for WorldVentures, you have to pay an enrollment fee of $200 and a monthly fee that is currently $25.


In 2013 and 2014, WorldVentures/Rovia Dreamtrips was named the world’s leading travel club by World Travel Awards (WTA). WorldVentures has representatives all over the globe, including:


  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Iceland
  • Africa


With your membership, you not only enjoy discount on your airfare, but also fine restaurants, clubs, and attractive hotels. Whether you are planning your family vacation, or a special trip with a special someone, WorldVentures has the trip for you. As a member, there are no blackout dates, and there is an itinerary for every budget. Presently, WorldVentures works with 60 countries, but it will be adding more in the near future.


Membership in WorldVentures is available in three levels: membership, gold, and platinum. As with any membership, the higher the level, the more money you pay, and there are more benefits available to you.


The goal of WorldVentures multilevel marketing business is to combine work and play. As a network marketer, you can earn income, while enjoying travel bonuses. To be a part of the greater good, WorldVentures offers trips that are socially responsible through its WorldVentures Foundation.  


WorldVentures Compensation Plan


As I said before, you receive commission for every membership you sell. WorldVentures provides you with the business models and tools you need to successfully sales its memberships. You can work part-time on your home-based WorldVentures business, or like G5, work full-time. Sounds like every other relationship marketing business, right? Today, WorldVentures has over 100,000 independent distributors in over 23 countries. WorldVentures boasts that you can “making a living, living!” I kind of like that idea!


WorldVentures offers its sales reps something called “mobile-preneurship.” As a rep, it lets you conduct business via your iPhone, smartphone, or tablet from anywhere in the world. So, if you on vacation in Italy, you can still sell memberships. Nice! WorldVentures has been named one of the largest direct-selling vacation and entertainment networks in the world.




You knew it had to be coming. A MLM…please. Well, WorldVentures reviews are not that great. It has been named an illegal pyramid scheme by the Norwegian gaming board. WorldVentures denies any wrongdoing.


Nonetheless, the gaming board ruled that WorldVentures was in violation of the prohibition of pyramid schemes, and it had to shut down. The decision came as it was said that the site was more focused on acquiring new sales reps instead of selling travel memberships. In June, WorldVentures filed suit against the Norwegian state and start operating again with adjustments to its business practices.


In Sweden and Jamaica, WorldVentures has been accused of being a pyramid scam, and has been ordered to stop operating. Furthermore, citizens in both countries have been warned against buying travel memberships. WorldVentures even threatened an American blogger with legal action if she continued portraying the multilevel company in a negative way.