A Millionaire Friend That Changed His Life

MLM Top Earner in Ambit – Ray Montie

can you make money with ambitRay Montie is one of the few people who can comfortably stand at any congregation full of millionaires in any part of the world, and tell them that he is also a success story as an MLM top earner in Ambit Energy network marketing consultancy!

Ray Montie’s journey in Ambit Energy has not been a walk in the park as many see it today. He has had a lot of ups and downs and terrible failure nightmares, which will of course, inspire you today!

To begin with, Ray Montie would not have been where he is today, had it not been for Brian R. McClure.

In fact, Ray Montie had previously turned down 2 offers from Ambit Energy to join them, but finally decided to give it a try in October 2007.

I have, therefore, decided to cover his humbling journey to becoming Ambit Energy top earner, so that you can have a clear picture of how he started out, his journey in ambit energy business, success, challenges, and failures.

Ray Montie is currently incredibly successful; in fact, he is even amazed of his own achievements! His Ambit Energy has over 300,000 consultants, earns an always increasing passive income of $188,000 USD per month and a whole $2,256,000 in a single year. Ray Montie is a true, living Ambit Energy multi-level marketing legend who earned $7 million for the first 7 years he had been in Ambit Energy.

Ray Montie is an Ambit Energy mlm business professional, who has earned almost all awards with Ambit Energy network marketing. He has appeared in numerous world magazines, including the popular Success from Home Magazine and a countless number of features on national televisions programs.

Ray Montie is a leader with a proven track record!

He has nurtured hundreds of leaders in his business and has helped hundreds to make a six figure income each year. His Ambit Energy organization has more than 38,000 national consultants and over 250,000 customers.

This is a true modern leader, to say the least!

Please continue reading so as to get an entrepreneurial inspiration of your lifetime!

Who is Ray Montie?

Ray Montie is Ambit energy Multi-millionaire and a family man.

Ray joined Ambit energy while still dating Danielle Montie. They eventually got married after dating for some time. The family now lives in their world-class dream home in Long Island, New York in the United States of America.

Multilevel marketing millionaires are very cautious when it comes to making their family information public, maybe for security reasons. Ray Montie of Ambit Energy is not an exception in this. What I can tell you for sure, is the fact that Ray Montie told his mother things will never be the same again when he returned home, and he has surprisingly achieved that.

Ray Montie – Ambit Millionaire

Ray Montie enrolled into Ambit Energy network marketing back in October 2006. This is after he got a phone call from his former colleague and friend; Brain McClure, who he met first in Excel network marketing while working in the same team.ambit power team top earners

Ray Montie loves and respects Brian McClure because he was not only a close friend and sponsor, but also a gentleman who always had the interest of others at heart. Ray Montie says that his sponsor into Ambit Energy was, in fact, not even interested in the money, but making others achieve financial freedom, he however, knew at the back of his mind that money will always follow him later, and it surely did in multiple times!

Ray Montie agrees that it was only Brian who could possible convince him to join another multi-level marketing company, because he had previously been in two of them without any success whatsoever.

Have you ever been part of something, but realize that you are in the wrong side of timing altogether?

Then, that is how Ray felt at first when he started out with network marketing businesses. Ray used to see others achieve massive success in mlm businesses, but was surprised as to why he didn’t experience the same success.

Yet again, he was at it but this time round with Ambit Energy. He felt totally different with ambit and joined at the right time!

This is how our celebrated mlm millionaire and celeb picked up his momentum in Ambit Energy mlm business. He even confesses that he totally loves what he does with Ambit Energy.

Ray’s wife has seen her husband go through different phases in their relationship and in business life. She says that they have experienced many ups and downs in life, but she is pretty sure that Ray loves what he does.

According to Danielle Montie, Ray is always happy to wake up, go out there to just help people have success in their businesses. She compares his commitment and hard work to a child, waking up every day to find its Christmas day!

So, Ray’s Ambit Energy Job is like Christmas to him.

Ray Montie was also very skeptical of the Ambit Energy business opportunity, although, he got introduced into it by somebody he liked and trust! He just decided to give it a try, although he was not sure what he wanted out of the business opportunity.

So, he set up his business and decided to watch from a distance doing very little in the whole process. After six months into Ambit energy business, he watched other consultants make money and felt inspired to give it a serious try. Ray Montie then opened his first serious Ambit Energy Business in New York.

The Power of Danielle Montie in Ray’s MLM Success

Do you really want to know how helpful a good wife can be in a marriage and business life?

Then, ask Ray Montie when you next meet him.

Ray says that he would have quit his Ambit Energy business was it not for the love of his life; Danielle.

Ray Montie says that his wife almost does all the donkey work for him, and he is sad that it is him who gets all the credit for every success in Ambit Energy.

For example, his wife wakes up earlier than him every day, sometimes arranges everything for him, just to ensure he is up and running the whole day.

Now that, is a good wife that supports her husband! (I am sure all the ladies would agree with me)

Ray Montie also says that his wife always encourages him to push on when he is frustrated, annoyed, or when things are not working his way.

So, Danielle Montie is an uncelebrated heroine in Ray Montie’s life and success in Ambit Energy business. This is typical of many successful families in life, isn’t it?

So, Why Ambit Energy Network Marketing?is ambit a scam ray montie

Ray says that he loves Ambit energy mlm because of its simple business model. He says that everybody needs gas and electricity so as to survive, and that is what attracts millions of people into the Ambit multi-level marketing business venture.

Ray Montie also says that he is yet to meet a network marketing company that has a compensation plan that is more lucrative and easily duplicable than the Ambit Energy compensation plan.

Ray Montie’s Success in Ambit Energy

Ray confesses that his success in Ambit Energy has surely exceeded his expectations. He says that the Ambit business is so easy to duplicate, that money keeps on coming in even if they just sleep for months without touching a business call or email.

Ray’s wife says that other than earning millions of dollars from Ambit Energy each year, they have a very successful team that is more like friends than business partners.

For example, when Ray Montie became ill and got admitted into a hospital for 4 weeks, the family received an overwhelming number of well-wishers and prayers in the hospital. That is when Ray and Danielle Montie experienced the real power of genuinely helping others succeed in life.

All in all, Ray Montie feels like there will not be a more sweet spot with Ambit Energy than now. It is like transacting business with an extended family!
Ray Montie confesses that his success in Ambit Energy has by far exceeded his expectations.

Ray Montie’s Current Life in Ambit Energy

Ray Montie currently lives a free and stress-free life. He and his family sleeps until 8 to 9 am, while almost all her neighbors wake up at 4 to 5 in the morning, rushing out not to be late at their respective jobs.

Ray’s neighbors live a life of uncertainty according to him. They wake up each and every morning, reads a pile of weather reports and praying that it does not rain that morning.

He says that if it rains in New York, there will always be a jam and some occasional accidents that might make them late for their jobs.

Ray Montie likes to joke that he sleeps until it’s done! But that does not mean he does not wake up!

When Mr. Montie eventually wakes up at 8 or 9 am in the morning, his schedule is more of the same. He first starts by checking and responding to emails the first thing in the morning, making calls, reading the newspaper, set up some new appointments, and see what appointments he has ready for that day.
Ray Montie also meets with some consultants one on one before hitting the gym for about a hour a day, because most days, almost empty, as many people are already held-up at their jobs.

When Ray Montie is done with his work outs, he dresses up and go on with his presentation on Ambity Energy the whole day, some nights, or even weekends in New York or Outside New York City.

Even if Ray is a very busy man, he is quite different as he does what he feels like doing at his own appropriate time. He can even decide to take a whole two days off, sitting and relaxing in his legendary home, without anybody questioning him or commanding him around.

Ray Montie’s wife believes that they are very blessed because they are an architect of their own future. The couple designs their daily plans and executes those plans as a family and team. She says that very few families that are able to work together as a team, have quality time together, and learn to value one another’s opinions and strengths.

Guess what, this has enabled them to take their love and relationship into a brand new level.

Ray Montie Awards and Accolades

Ray is a man of a lot of accomplishments, to say the least!

He is currently an ambit energy national consultant in New York City and had achieved a lot of awards, accolades other than featuring as a guest speaker in countless number of events.

Ray Montie has achieved the Ambit Anniversary award, the Ambit rank award in New York, Comma club member, he is also a regional consultant, Fast Track Promotion award, Senior Consultant Fast Track promotion award, a millionaire club member,$5 Million Club member, has 50 thousand and more downline members, 20 thousands and plus several downline consultants. Ray is also the winner of the Founders Leadership Council, Pure energy award winner, Co-founders Impact Award winner, the winner of Thompson’s leadership award; he is in the top 50 list of top mlm earners in the world.

Ray Montie is also in the Top 10 of ambit energy mlm top earner, who has won many other awards including The Pacesetter award, A-list award, 5-star club Cabo, and spring of 2011 award and has produced numerous helpful Podcasts for Ambit Energy.

Ray Montie has been one of the prolific guest speakers in various Ambit energy podcasts. Some of the most important meetings and seminars Ray Montie has attended include; Ambition seminars of 2008 to 2015 and the Simulcast event of 2012 and 2015.

Very much the same that we have read with other Ambit success stories like Steve Thompson and Philip Eckart.

The common thread that I have noticed among these top earners in MLM is that these folks do not give up. They see a dream, set a goal, and they go after it.

What are you doing to make your dreams come true???