Thanks for stopping by and checking out exactly who I am. So…who am I?

So glad you asked, if I may…

IMG_20120329_092017-1I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, an Aunt (also known as ‘Nonnie’) and believe it or not, a grandmother! TWICE!!! Completely shocking, I know!

I am a hard worker and I take care of my loved ones.

I have a background in so many different fields. From selling Kirby vacuums door to door to being in the Army. I have done accounting, child care, worked in the Power Sports industry (tons of fun), and worked for an attorney.

Why so many things at only 40 years young???

I was also looking for that new thing, that thing that would bring me home for good and get me out of the rat race of my 9-5 J.O.B.! Which, let’s face it, unless you are a CEO or the owner of a company, you aren’t working no 9-5. No, it’s more like 8-6 or 7-7.

So, if we rewind about 20 years, you will find me searching. Searching for any opportunity that would give me my greatest desire. To be financially independent and be able to take care of myself and my family and help others anytime I saw a need.

Now let me define for you what being ‘financially independent’ means to me, as I am sure it is different for everyone. Being financially independent meant that I NEVER had to look at my bank account. That no matter what I spent, I didn’t have to constantly check my account to see if I had the money in there to spend.

Yup, that was my dream and I was not going to stop until I found it.


Now enter MLMs.

Oh the beauty of MLMs! Or at least the beauty of it through the rose colored glasses that they are constantly handing you every time you step foot into a ‘sales meeting’.

I was sucked into the hype, the songs, the MONEY!!!

And you know exactly what I am talking about.

They bring the leaders up to the front and tell you how awesome it is being on top. They show you the money and tell you how easy it is to get to where they are!



Now, I am not saying that all MLMs are bad.

Oh wait….yes I am!

It is not necessarily the product that is bad, it is the model of the way you make money. In fact, I still use some of the products to this day of MLMs that I was involved in.

But in order for you to make any REAL money (you know, the financially independent kind), you have to sell to every family and friend you know. Well, that gets old after your 3rd or 4th try at this thing.

So, we fast forward 20 years, and 8 product based MLMs and 4 or 5 internet MLMs, and you have me where I am today!

Not a bitter woman who has been down so many roads that most would have stopped after the 3rd try!

Nope, not this lady.

You have found me well on my way to financially independence and achieving my dreams!

If you want to know exactly how I have found this happiness and continue to renew it every single day, stayed tuned, I am thrilled to share the rest of my story with you.

Or better yet, go ahead and head on back over to the home page and put in your email addy and Brad will tell you all about it!!!

See ya on the inside!!!