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Abraham Benitez and Raquel Cortes – Herbalife’s Top Earners

It was twenty two years ago that Raquel Cortes was just a stay at home mom. But even as rewarding as that was, it was evident that she had a formidable entrepreneurial spirit.

This was the case as she ran a small jewelry business from home.

It was about this time Raquel discovered Herbalife.

Once she discovered this business, Raquel got stuck in and never looked back.

That entrepreneurial spirit she possessed kicked into over drive and she managed to make a massively successful business for her and her family.

Abraham and Raquel have three children together.

The rate of Raquel’s Herbalife business grew exponentially, and Raquel looks back with fondness and says “after the initial eight months, I was able to buy a car”.

Terrific going indeed.

Raquel’s huge success in business and super skills in distributorship managed to persuade her husband that his time in the bank business must come to an end and join her enterprise.

A truly remarkable decision as Abraham had been in the banking business 20 years.

To leave ones comforts of a banker to join a business, tells you all you need to know about this business Raquel had started.

It also says a lot for their relationship and strength they had in each other.

No greater cheerleader than that of your spouse when they are all in with you!

Abraham looks back at the decision to join with huge satisfaction and glee.

The inspiration and success these two have had has started to rub off on their children.

Their son, Edgar and daughter, Cecilia have enjoyed early success and are on presidents team. The youngest daughter is still being schooled but she’s is very determined to start her own business.

This then may lead to a the whole family being involved some way in Herbalife.

Smart move on their children’s parts. Follow in the footsteps of their successful parents. Having an inside scoop into what a successful Herbalife business looks like….priceless, no doubt!

Assuredly, there are countless success stories to come here as it turns out her brothers and sisters, cousins, uncles and aunts have also joined this business.

Who said never mix family and business?

Abraham-Benitez-and-Raquel-Cortez-Herbalife opportunityAbraham and Raquel have gone on to make, wait for it and I hope you’re sitting down…$5,400,000, from Herbalife in 2012 alone.

A staggering amount. .

Let’s look a little deeper into how they have made that amount of money.

I’ve mentioned Herbalife quite a few times now but what is Herbalife you say?

Basically Herbalife is an American multi-level marketing company that advertise and distribute weight, sports, and personal products.

The founder of the company is a man by the name of Mark Hughes.

He founded this business in 1980 and it currently has 7,400 people who work for this company worldwide.

Not one of the largest corporations in the MLM industry, but a nice healthy number at that time, nonetheless.

This corporation runs internationally whilst distributing their products, as of November 2013, in over 90 countries.

Here is where they make their money.

They have around three and a half million independent distributors.

Some stat, huh?

That is quite the increase over the last 35 years.

These distributors earn profit when products are sold naturally, however, there is commission available from a compensation structure offered by MLM.

This (the commission) basically consists of bonuses and royalties.

Herbalife has a wide range of products that Abraham and Raquel sell. These range from protein shakes, protein snacks, and nutritional supplements.

In doing so, Abraham and Raquel make around $325,000 a month.

How’s that for passive income?

That amount of money would be sufficient to cover an above normal American household annually, in some instances.

That’s a huge amount of money and the wonderful aspect is that much of it is passive revenue.

Annually they are reported to make $3,900,000.

A great return no matter how your look at it.

So, how exactly, you may ask, does multi-level marketing play a role in Abraham and Raquel’s success?

Fear not, let’s look a little closer on what multi-level marketing is and how anyone can make money from it.

The methodology of Multi-level marketing is in essence, where a couple of startup figures advertise to a larger group, seducing them with wonderful incentives for exponential growth as others begin to join and therefore do the same to those under them.

This is done by contributing money amid buying products on offer.

Here are a few tips Abraham and Raquel would advise to being successful in the multi-level marketing industry.

“Honesty is the best policy.”

A large part of the MLM industry is filled with deception and dishonest merchants looking to take advantage and make profit to the detriment of others.

If you are like me, you have had the unfortunate encounter of a SCAM, SLAM, or BAM.

But don’t give up! Never, ever give up. Even if you have encountered such horrible people or companies.

  1. Always maintain above board dealings with potential clients so you can enhance your reputation in the game and be trusted as a seller.
  2. Make sure your end outcomes are reasonable and sound, as with any business moderation
  3. a clear mind play a huge roll. Don’t promise potential clients never ending riches.

A lot of Abraham and Raquel’s success came from providing incentives for customers.

It is futile to expect to get the best out of a potential client who can sell products on your behalf if you haven’t offered a reward, it’s not so much a case of dangling a carrot in front of someone as much as being honest and illustrating that there is money to be made with hard work.

That is where a lot of people miss the boat.

Those carrots are dangled out in front of them and they ONLY see what they want to see!

The only see the end result, the big fat paychecks.

But what they don’t always see are the late nights working. The countless weekends toiling away at the business to make it successful.

I believe that is why so many folks give up so easily.

They look at it as something that is going to be easy, but they don’t look at all the hard work that has gone into getting to the top!

This is coupled with the idea of having a clear indication of growth.

Once you have established your MLM business, look for ways to grow the business. Having a business plan in mind is absolutely paramount to achieving this.

A key to all the success Raquel and Abraham have enjoyed is to find partners that complement their business, for instance, look at all the family they have involved in the running of the business.

It’s no coincidence that their house is built on the rocks and they are flying high now because of it.

Having a partner who does not share the same vision can bring your ship down.

Don’t always go looking for MLM partners who will add numbers for the sake of numbers. Profit in MLM businesses as Raquel and Abraham have shown, come from quality over quantity.

Raquel and Abraham’s success in the MLM game is down to numerous factors, like anything in life, in order to achieve success you absolutely have to be committed.

They have been committed for over two decades now and reaping serious rewards, making money in MLM is tough, there are no certainties, it’s a sink or swim business like any start up. But the fact they have built it into an empire is nothing short of amazing.

Couples like this tend to stand the test of time in this industry by enjoying nonstop growth. Their businesses expand like balloons and never stop going. That is ultimately how you make big money in this game and this dynamic duo have showed it.

When you think you’ve grown enough, grow some more!

Many of us dream of that type of money, but these two made it a reality.

MLM is not a given in making money but it can reward spectacularly as these two will tell you.

Many a person has tried to do what Abraham and Raquel have done but have run out of steam before they have ever really got going.

Another quality they have which has been extremely instrumental in their success is their longevity. Keeping that fire burning brighter than the day you started 20 years ago is some achievement.

As far as accolades go, well what haven’t they done?

Getting into specifics, they have achieved the number one prize for distributorship for the Herbalife group in 2012.

To accompany their previous awards in 2008, 2010 and 2011 for having the number one distributorship.

What do these awards tell you?

A number of things is the answer. To discuss a few, they are getting better with age, like a fine wine if you will.

In 2012, they moved distribution to the tune of $5,400,000. Herbalife awarded them with these prizes and obviously keep them in the highest of regards.

There are so many incredible examples to MLM starters these two can give.

They’ve blazed the trail in this industry and this is proved with yet another starting accolade.

They are 12th out 200 on the all-time Mutli-level marketers of all time as far as earnings go.

Now we were talking about incredible stats earlier but get a load of that one?

Imagine being the 12th best at anything you’ve done in life?

No, me either.

That for me is the achievement that stands out the most. I think it does for many reasons but none more so than having the ability and skills to become international players and big ones at that.

Getting to the top of your field in any sector is tough and time consuming. Now, how about being 12th in the world, in a sector that is more saturated than the burger shops that are scattered around your town?

There have been some accusations surrounding companies like Herbalife that they are the dreaded ‘pyramid schemes’.

These accusations have been leveled by a bunch of people who I feel couldn’t crack it.

My take on a pyramid scheme is that they don’t last.

Well here’s a fact for those who have accused herbalife and hardworking people like Abraham and Raquel of pulling the wool of the eyes of consumers, Herbalife has been going for thirty five years and the likes of Abraham and in particular, Raquel have been at it for over two decades.

There is simply no chance this can be called a pyramid scheme, as it is anything but fly by night or the proverbial ‘flash in the pan’ and the soldiers who have carried on the hard yards and work in the trenches deserve all the credit and richly awarded accolades that come their way.

It is some effort indeed to be considered one of the best in the world at multi-level marketing as this industry gives nothing away for free.

You have to work for every penny and Abraham and Raquel have done that, but some could say over achieved. I say this because Richard Branson’s words ring in my head.

When asked why he was so much richer and wealthier than his peers, Richard replied “I just kept going.” Implying that a large number of people get rich but chose to stop and not pursue the massive wealth that awaits.

That’s why I feel they’ve over achieved in their industry.

They pursued their dreams and wealth, when they had more than enough, I suppose they didn’t as much pursue as they did hunt and stalk!

In conclusion, Abraham and Raquel joined an industry they knew nothing about back in the mid-nineties, albeit running a small business, Raquel had no idea what lay in wait over the next 20 years. She took the multi-level marketing industry by storm and did enough to let her husband, who was a professional banker, retire to join her in the running of what became a family business.

A family business it did become, their children joined and so did cousins and extended family.

Raquel and Abraham built their business on family and hard work.

They surrounded themselves with the right partners and pioneered into unfamiliar waters.

In 2008, they were awarded by their company Herbalife, the best distributors of the year, they weren’t as much awarded as they were downright deserving of that prize, further success was to follow with the same accolade in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

This all paved the way for them to be ranked 12th of all time in the top multi-level marketing industry.

They enjoy passive income of $325,000 and an annual income of $3,900,000.

This all came from a woman who had her own little jewelry business but a whole host of vision and ambition.

Abraham and Raquel have shot to the top of the MLM industry and have done it with aplomb. Their longevity and passion for a dynamic and electric business like MLM with Herbalife have paid the biggest dividends and taught lifelong lessons.

If there are any people wanting to get into MLM then look no further then Abraham and Raquel. They are the absolute professionals and pioneers in the multi-level marketing industry. They’ve figured out the fundamentals and have supported it with a sublime work ethic. Their acumen and tenacity has seen them surpass some of the biggest international players in this market and soar up the biggest money earners list.

Truly a great story in the world of MLM marketing.