Ahuva Simone

Ahuva Simone – Nikken Top Earner


One thing you can say about Ahuva Simone is that she knows how to make money. As a top MLM earner, she makes $100,000.00 a month in residual income with Nikken network marketing business. As a matter of fact, she is on the list of the top 200 MLM Earners in The World by Business for Home.


Ahuva has been in the business world for more than 35 years. In addition to her direct sales business, she is a successful real estate broker in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I don’t know how she did it, but Ahuva somehow managed to balance her two careers.


She said it is not common to find someone in real estate also in MLM. However, when she became involved with network marketing, she discovered that there were some intelligent, dedicated, and smart individuals in relationship marketing. It was refreshing for her to find people who shared her same traits of commitment and compassion. Ahuva is quite the leader for those on her global team.


She believes that when you help others, the more you will receive in return. Ahuva feels blessed for the opportunity to excel, and it is her goal to help people around the world do the same. If you are looking for relief from time and money constraints, she feels that multilevel marketing is the answer.


Secret to Success


Ahuva believes that everyone can achieve their dream by having faith in themselves. People are drawn to her dynamic and fiery personality, which is why she her global organization is growing quickly. When she first heard about Nikken, Ahuva knew she would be successful with the company. She believed in its vision, products, and the people. She felt that Nikken’s business model was the way of the future.


However, she was looking for a new business venture; her real estate firm took up most of her time. While attending a real estate lecture, Ahuva came across a trade show that had a Nikken booth. After speaking with a Nikken consultant, she purchased one of its products to help her sleep at night. The product changed her life. Nonetheless, she still wasn’t convinced to become involved with MLM.


So, she started off as a wholesale buyer of Nikken products, while checking the company out. What drew Ahuva to this network marketing business was its idea of balance, along with the idea of a nice residual income. She said that the possibility of having the whole package, working less, earning more, spending more with her family, and doing more for her community, is exactly what she wanted.


At first, Ahuva started  working as a Nikken consultant on a part-time basis. She set high goals for herself as she establishing her home-based business in the Toronto, ON area. Ahuva was also looking for strong team members who wanted time and financial freedom. Once she has her business going in Toronto, she looked to extend her team internationally.


Before Nikken Israel was set to open with Hanna and Hanan Shuster, Ahuva and her upline flew them to Toronto to train them. Then, she and her team would fly to Israel to show the pair how to build their network marketing business. Today, Ahuva has more than 10,000 independent distributors from all over the world on her team.


Ahuva readily acknowledges that if it wasn’t for her devotion team members, she wouldn’t the success she is today. She considers everyone on her team, local and international, a family member. Ahuva is also thankful to her remarkable mentors and family. She is married to Igor, and they have two adult children: a son Ron and a daughter Sharone. Ahuva also has a daughter-in-law April and a granddaughter Jordan. .


Saying the same thing that other top MLM earners have said, succeeding in network marketing is a team effort, and your results are a direct correlation of the work you and your team put in. Another thing Ahuva said that has been said by other MLM millionaires is that attending all the training and events is essential to helping your business grow. The message and information that is offered is priceless.


Because of her hard work ethic, Ahuva Simone has earned the rank of Royal Diamond. She has also won the Nikken International Leadership Award. Now, she has the time to do things that are important to her, like travel with her family. Before becoming a Nikken wellness consultant, this was unheard of. Ahuva’s mission is to not only continue expanding her organization, but to also continue having a positive impact on people globally.




If you are wondering if you have what it takes to become a MLM entrepreneur, read on.


Ahuva said that when she is looking for folks to be on her team, she is looking for that person who is ready to do whatever it takes to prosper. As the leader, she is very hands-on. For her international team, she stays in country of each leader until he or she reaches the platinum level.


After that, she continues her support through conference calls and video conferences. But, she still comes back every few months to ensure that the international business is running successfully, and her leader and downline has everything that they need.


Ahuva believes that in order to be successful in MLM, you have to dip into the international market. She said, “You can’t get your income from just one place.” Ahuva also said that you can’t just sponsor people; you need to keep them around for the long haul.


Building a Business


In today’s market, building a home-based business has never been easier. With internet, cellular service, and technology, it makes it possible for you to do business around the clock, around the world. However, the most important part in building a business, according to Ahuva, is creating relationships. You meet as many people as possible, hear what their needs are, and then you see how Nikken can assist them physically and financially.


Ahuva says there is no formula to operating a successful business internationally or in your own backyard. She says that it is important that you know how to develop leaders within your organization. The imperative factor is that you have to look for someone who will emulate everything that you do. You have to talk with him or her every day to help them get to the next level.


It has been said over and over again, and I will repeat it again. Each and every MLM millionaire set goals (daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly). All the great ones in direct sales marketing do this, so there must be some truth to how important it is.




In 1975, the Nikken network marketing business was established by Dr. Isamu Masuda to come up with a way to make folks feel relaxed and energize at the same time. Focusing on finding a remedy for sore feet, he created Magasteps, his first wellness solution product. It combined science with concepts from the natural world.


After Magasteps, Nikken offered KenkoCreator, and then KenkoPad, which introduced the world to the Kenko Sleep Technology. In 1989, Nikken came to the US.   Nikken has consultants in over 20 countries, including Kazakhstan, Germany, and Peru.


The Nikken business opportunity came about because this MLM company believes that no one can achieve financial freedom by working for someone else. Whether you plan on starting off on a part-time basis, or you want to build a home-based business, Nikken provides you with the tools, skills, and expertise to accomplish your goal.


As with other network marketing businesses, Nikken promises to give you the time and financial freedom you are seeking. Along with building financial security and wealth, you also have the opportunity to make a difference in the world.


I don’t know if you have noticed or not, but MLM health and wellness businesses are growing rapidly in the industry. I can only think that this is due to people’s desire to feel and look good. With products now being made gluten-free and all-natural ingredients, everyone wants to be healthy, and they are willing to try items that will make them health on the inside and outside.


If you are just so happening to wonder how much the wellness industry is grossing, I’ll tell you. Health and wellness products generate around a trillion dollars. Yes, I said a trillion dollars. It is no wonder that networking marketing is getting into nutrition and health sector.


And there is another factor to consider: as our society grows old, people want to look and feel like they did when they were younger. It is no longer about just applying anti-aging cream to get rid of wrinkles. Folks want the inside of their body to feel healthy and youthful as well.


Product Reviews


Nikken product reviews are quite mixed. The products themselves revolve around rest & relaxation, the environment, and nutrition & skincare. A good number of Nikken products use magnets for wellness. Magnets therapy has been used in health industry for years.


There are folks who said that the magnets in the Nikken products actually do make a difference. There are those who said that they were unimpressed, and that you could find cheaper products that will serve the same purpose. Additionally, the product information has been noted as being vague and ambiguous.


Some consumers say that it doesn’t provide enough information on exactly what it is supposed to do. Other Nikken complaints state that the products are overpriced and overhyped, and some distributors are using hard sale tactics.


Compensation Plan


Nikken seems like it is similar to most other multilevel marketing companies. As an independent distributor, you earn money for every product your customer purchases. If your customer decides to join Nikken, you earn bonuses for each purchase their customer makes. This is where your income has the potential to grow steadily.


The downside is that Nikken has been compared to a pyramid scam, although so have every other network marketing company. A Nikken pyramid scene consists of earning money on how many people you recruit, which it does. As a matter of fact, rising in the ranks at Nikken is based on how many people you recruit. Furthermore, you can only rise high up unless your recruits have earned a high rank within the company as well.


Road to Success


Well, regardless of what you think about Nikken MLM business, Ahuva Simone has found a way to become successful. Currently, she joined ASEA, a direct sales marketing company that offers the world’s first and only redox signaling molecule supplement. ASEA also provides a redox signaling skin care line. ASEA has earned a spot on the top 100 Direct Sales Companies List.


Ahuva Simone also founded her own company Sharonni Investments. It seems that whether she puts her mind to, she has become successful. Ahuva Simone has the midas touch.