Al Thomas

Al Thomas –ACN Top Earner


Some people just have an entrepreneurial spirit. This is the case with Al Thomas. This is why he hasn’t worked for no one but himself as long as he has been on this earth. He has never worked for a boss or with co-workers.


But no everything has been a bed of roses. With his first network marketing company, Al rose to becoming one of its top MLM earners. However, the company folded, and along with it, Al’s opportunity to help others achieve time and financial freedom. When he was introduced to ACN, it just made sense to join. He was impressed with the fact that the four founding members were still a part of the company. Even more, he liked the fact that ACN works hard to give back to its community.


With the residual income he earns, which is $110,000.00 per month, he is able to enjoy life on his terms. As a Circle of Champions member, Senior Vice President, and Top Producer, Al’s plans for the future include training his team in becoming future leaders within ACN.  His five steps for success are:


  • Get In
  • Get Qualified
  • Get to Training
  • Get Customers
  • Get Customers Getters on Your Team
  • Repeat!


Al & ACN


Al Thomas has been with ACN for more than eight years. He says that he isn’t in ACN, but ACN is in him. His is passionate about his work, and most importantly, he enjoys talking with people about ACN and how it can provide time and financial freedom. He has been doing relationship marketing for over 21 years, and he believes that it is about people helping people.


There are so many individuals in need today (Al’s words). He said that people are upset about their jobs, their incomes, and no time for family and friends. With ACN, you can get your time back. You can get up in the morning and do the things you want to do. It is important to him to see his team succeed. It gives him a sense of accomplishment.


He has seen his team members be able to send their children to private school and college, not worrying about cost. He has seen team members drive up to an event in nice, new cars. He has seen marriages saved. He has seen people who did not have to file bankruptcy. He believes the potential is in everyone. The question is: are you ready?


Al Thomas states that the ways to make money with ACN are enormous. You get on your cell phone, you can be making money. You drive up to your home and turn the garage door opener on, you can be making money. You walk into your home and turn your alarm system on or off, you can be making money. Your children are in the living room watching television, you can be making money. One of your children decides to go on the internet, you can be making money. You go into the kitchen, you turn on the stove to start dinner, and you can be making money.


ACN offers services that people use on a daily basis. It is easier today to do well in direct sales marketing today with ACN, because the company provides more services than it did five or ten years ago. As Al said before, it all comes down to the individual. How bad do you want to succeed?


It doesn’t matter your education, your background, or where you were born. MLM is a business you can start in your home and build it over time. You can build a city business, state business, or an international business; the choice is yours. The more people you connect with the bigger your business grows, the more money you make.


You can be an average person that gets involved with multilevel marketing. The most important factor is that you have a strong work ethic. You have to be committed and have the desire to succeed. You have to look down the road and see where you want to be in five years. This isn’t a job; this is an opportunity.


By being an opportunity, it is going to take some time to grow. Al suggests you take your time and build it right. He said that you should give your network marketing business a couple of years and follow the step-by-step system that actually works. The key is if you stick with it, it will pay off big time.


Al knows people who have been with two or three other MLM businesses before joining ACN. He tells them that he guarantees this is the last multilevel marketing company you will ever have to work with. ACN has everything you need, it is growing, and it makes sense.


As an ACN consultant, you get mentorship and a successful system. But Al warns that it takes sacrifice, regardless of your motives. Once your residuals come in, you can spend time with the people you love and enjoy the results of your hard work.




Since joining ACN in 2004, Al Thomas has never missed an event. The reason he has never missed one is because he finds them addictive. Al enjoys meeting the new people who are joining ACN, as well as the positive, winning environment that is fabricated during the events. It is incredible to him to be in a place where everyone wants to help everyone else succeed.


You sure wouldn’t find anything like this in corporate America. A winning, positive environment? Seriously? In corporate America, what you get are meetings in which people are bickering, arguing, and talking about each other like dogs. There isn’t any positivity nowhere to be found.


Back to Al. He says that there is nothing that gives him a rush more than hearing the testimonies of just everyday people who have found time and financial freedom via ACN and network marketing. Al loves to hear how ACN has changed their lives. If they can do it, then why can everyone else? Al truly believes that all people can benefit from ACN multilevel marketing business.


When asked how he got into the Circle of Champions, Al said he put his nose to the grindstone, and he got to work. He didn’t look up until he had reached his goal. He did the best he could do.


While everyone’s best is different, the way to succeed is to think of the event weekend as a working weekend. You need to have a look and attitude of success and be prepared to learn something new. You should be ready to take notes, because there is always so much training and information given that can help you grow your home-based business. You should be the first one through the doors and the last one to leave. You have to get it all, everything the event has to offer, to have it all for your business.


While school gives you academic learning, ACN events provides you with what you need for financial learning. The day you stop learning is the day you are dying. The events are geared towards helping you be the best in the network marketing business. This is the main reason you shouldn’t miss them.


Al Thomas has had the pleasure of serving as a teacher during ACN’s event academy. He explains the ACN compensation plan, offering a breakdown of the company’s marketing plan and how to apply it to your business. His aim is to make success with ACN simpler.




I have written about ACN before, but I will do it again. Established in 1993, ACN was the brainstorm for four entrepreneurs who were dissatisfied with the other MLM companies in the industry and the job opportunities they presented. Realizing the only way to get the network marketing business they wanted, they decided to start their own.


The first thing they did was decide what would be the governing principles of CAN, which are integrity, solid business practices, and always put the needs of the masses before their own. Next, the business proposal was created. They wanted to offer services that people used every day (energy, internet, home security, cell phone, and satellite television).


At first, ACN was a re-seller of telecommunications in only the U.S. Today, ACN provides its services in 24 countries. As a matter of fact, ACN is the largest direct seller of telecommunications, energy, and other services for homes and small businesses. Moreover, they have become a way for numerous people to start their own home-based business.


Giving back is imperative to ACN network marketing business. In 2011, the company formed the ACN Global Reach Charities to expand their charitable efforts.


You can earn money with enrolling as an independent distributor. For every customer you sign up, you earn a bonus. If your customer decides to become an independent distributor, you earn a bonus. You also earn a bonus for every service your recruit’s customer purchase. It works basically the same as any other multilevel marketing business.


I have written about ACN before, but I am always impressed with the people who are ACN top earners. These folks are so dedicate and committed to not only building their business, but helping their team members do the same. I know I shouldn’t be surprised about this, but it is hard not to be. Especially when you have worked in big corporations where there is no incentive from anyone to do well. The only reason you do your job is to get a paycheck.


Al Thomas and others involved with ACN and network marketing enjoy what they do. That is even a bigger surprise. When was the last time you heard anyone say about their regular, 9-5 job, “I love my job.” Yeah, they will say it so they don’t get fired. Most people don’t enjoy their work. As Al Thomas said, this is the main reason why joining ACN makes so much sense.