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Anton Bonde – NuSkin


Before I start my article on Anton Bonde, I want to talk about something I heard on television recently that has really stuck with me. This inspirational speaker was talking on the subject of being selective of the people you choose to associate with.


It really is ironic, because I was just thinking about this. How the people you hang around is a direct reflection of the person you are. It tells a lot about your character and what is important to you.


For example, if you are the type that can’t wait to get on your cellphone and gossip about other people in your circle of “friends,” your neighbors, the people you go to church with, or the folks who are part of your multilevel marketing team, it says plenty about the type of person you are. And this isn’t a compliment.


If you are buddy-buddy with folks who do nothing but complain, talk negative, talk about other people, and have absolutely nothing positive to say about anybody, the main question is why? Being around individuals like this adds nothing to your life. People like this aren’t going anywhere in life, and they want to drag you and as many people down with them as they can.


People who don’t have any goals, who just go through life existing, have such negative spirits, and you don’t want these spirits to rub off on you. I know this sound a lot like “hocus-pocus,” but a person’s spirit is a real thing. You don’t want to have that type of spirit rubbing off on you. If you keep on being around negative people, it will.


As I continued watching this man speak, he said that the reason people hang around negative people is, because they don’t want to be lonely and want to be with the popular folks. You know, I would buy this if you are 10, 14, or 16 years old. But when you are an adult, I’m sorry, but seriously? There should come a point in your life when desire for other people’s approval should be null and void. That ship should have been sailed.


Here’s the thing I learned about life, and I am more than happy to share it with you. You are never, never, ever, going to please everyone. I don’t care how nice you are. You can be Jesus and Holy Ghost Jr. wrapped up all into one, not everyone is going to like you. You will do well in this life to accept this and move on.


I have learned something else in life that I would like to share with you. I notice that people who mean you no good are quite happy when something bad happens to you. They want to hear all the details. On the other hand, let something good happen for you. They aren’t as eager to hear about this. Are these the type of people you want to deal with?




I will put it in perspective of MLM. You tell one of your “friends” that your first residual income earnings is under $25, his or her response is, “I told you not to get involved with that mess. I knew it was nothing more than one of those MLM scams or pyramid schemes. That’s why I work a 9-5. I know when and where my money is coming from.”


But a true and positive friend would say, “Hey, you just started. It will get better over time. You just need to regroup and keep going.” This is even if he or she is not into multilevel marketing. Your prosperity and happiness are what is important, not their opinion or unnecessary comments.


The older I have gotten, I notice the less I care about other’s opinion. I know this might sound harsh to some people, but oh, well. Especially people who give their opinion when I don’t ask for it, or I know it will be some sort of slight, nasty remark. Here’s the thing: this group includes family members.


To back up what this motivational speaker said, unlike friends who come and go, your family members are a permanent part of your life. You can’t get rid of them so quickly. But you can definitely keep your distance. For me, family members who I know never have nothing nice to say, I don’t go around them. Why should I? Just because we are related? I don’t think so. Visiting them a few times a year, for a few days, is good enough.


You are known by the company you keep. Back in the day, I re-connected with a woman I grew up with. We have known each other since the first grade. I just so happened to bump into her at the grocery store. It had been at least 20 years since I had laid eyes on her.


Fast forward the story, I learned by speaking with her that her life was heading in a completely different direction than mine. Her thing was hooking up with men, and seeing what she could get out of them, and money was her main thing. She wasn’t ashamed of it. Additionally, she loved to party with alcohol and drugs.


Now, she was still the same funny and vivacious lady I knew from school. However, my life had, and was going in a different direction. Therefore, I had to stop going places with her. What further reiterated this point was when we went to the home of one of her children’s father.


While she was in the bathroom, he said to me, and I quote, “You might want to rethink hanging around her. I thought you might be a golddigger like she is. I can tell you aren’t, but if you keep associating with her, people will think you are, and you don’t want that.” He finished by telling me I can take what he said as truth or not; it was up to me.


Even after all these years, I have not forgotten what he said to me. I took what he said to heart, and I stopped being around her. My point is the people around should be uplifting you, encouraging you, and add something to your life. If they aren’t, then you need to let them go. Again, this might sound harsh, but just as you would protect yourself physically, you need to be just as adamant about protecting yourself emotionally and spiritually.


I know I went on a little long…LOL. But it is just amazing to me how people stay in unhealthy relationships, and I am not just speaking of romantic ones. Every interaction you have with someone time and time again, on a daily basis, is a relationship. Your job, your church, your university (if you are a college student), these are all relationships. The reason being, you have invested time and energy into the people and the place. Ergo, it is a relationship.


That’s enough—for now. I have plenty more to say, but I will save it for another day. Let me get to Anton Bonde and Nu Skin.


Nu Skin Enterprises


I have written about Nu Skin, but I will refresh your memory for you. This network marketing company was established in 2004 in Provo, Utah, and today, it direct sales have surpassed the $1 billion mark. Nu Skin business consists of health and beauty products that focuses on anti-aging. A good number of independent distributors said that they started off as customers and loved the products so much, they enrolled with the Nu Skin business.


For more than two decades, Nu Skin’s business model has proven effective in the relationship marketing industry.  One of the main reasons being it backs up its claim to have the best products and the best interests of its customers and network marketers at heart. Further proof Nu Skin knows what it is doing is the company’s 25-year proven track record and the over 45 markets it operates in.


NuSkin is the leader of anti-aging products in the MLM sector. The other products that are available are in weight management and nutritional supplements. I read that the objective at NuSkin is to get people looking and feeling good from the inside out.


Nu Skin compensation plan is one of the best in the business, mainly because it pays the highest sales revenue in commissions of any multilevel marketing company trading on the New York Stock Exchange. A testimony to this is that over 50% of the top MLM earners at Nu Skin have been with the company for less than five years.


As an independent business distributor, you receive a percentage of the profit for every product your customer purchases. If any of your customers decide to become a network marketer with Nu Skin and purchases a starter package, ching-ching, you receive a bonus for that. You also receive a bonus for any customer purchases of your recruits. The possibility to build your residual income is remarkable.


Anton Bonde has learned has the secret to being a successful NuSkin entrepreneur in Luxembourg, as evident by the $110,000.00 he makes a month in residual income. But Anton Bonde is quick to say that he has made mistakes in his multilevel marketing career. He doesn’t consider them failures or negatives, but learning experiences.


He also adds that with the mistakes he has made, he does one good thing every day and this is what has kept his business going forward. Anton does enjoy his achievements, but he doesn’t stop there. He believes he still has so much to contribute to his team, his life, and the MLM industry as a whole.


His wife, Jonna works with him. According to her, NuSkin is the choice of professionals with its innovative products and services. People are drawn to NuSkin because of the potential to grow a business anywhere in the world, as well as its core values. Becoming entrepreneurs with NuSkin has given them the life they have always desired, along with time and financial freedom. They are part of the Team Elite in Europe.