Ashley & Nick Sarnicola

Nick and Ashley Sarnicola are a family with an amazing combination of characters. They are a very hard working entrepreneurs, business mentors and ViSalus sciences multi-millionaires. It is very rare to find a couple that is similar in almost everything they do, like the Sarnicolas. Ashley Sarnicola and Nick Sarnicola have a matching entrepreneurial spirit, an amazing sense of humor and an incredibly high self-esteem, and confidence.

Ashley and Nick Sarnicola however have the most sought after daring entrepreneurial spirit! They have shown the world that you can enter into any business and leave a legacy, in whatever circumstances. Nick and Ashley Sarnicola have inspired, and are still inspiring many in the entrepreneurial world; mostly in the ViSalus science network marketing.

Nick and Ashley Sarnicola currently live an extravagant celebrity lifestyle. Their bank accounts are deadly full, and they surely know how to use their ViSalus bonuses and passive commissions in their exotic vacations. The couple is ViSalus top earners and is in top 60 lists of all time mlm top earners in the world of network marketing. Ashley and Nick Sarnicola earn a whopping $175,000 USD passive income per month that translates to a whole $2,100,000 per year. Here is their touching story and journey to being ViSalus science mlm celebrities!

Biography of Ashley and Nick Sarnicola

Ashley Sarnicola

Ashley Sarnicola is a young, educated, confident, focused and well-spoken female entrepreneur and ViSalus mlm top earner, with an ultimate mission of bringing time and financial freedom to all people in the world, through The Challenge philosophy.

Ashley Sarnicola is a beautiful lady who grew up in Alabama, USA in a family of seven. As the first born and the only girl among four brothers, Ashley leant to be creative, assertive and generally intelligent. Their parents however taught them that hard work and discipline can enable you achieve anything you desire in the world.

The beautiful Ashley Sarnicola showed her hardworking prowess during her early days in college when she graduated with two degrees in less than 3 years from Auburn University, while just 21 years. Is that not exceptionally admirable? I guess so in my opinion!

Ashley became one of the top national pharmaceutical sale representatives in Atlanta, while still in her early 20s. Ashley Sarnicola took an audacious step of quitting her pharmaceutical corporate job, to join ViSalus sciences multilevel marketing company, where she became the youngest female entrepreneur and top earner; within six months in the company.

What inspires me and attracts many to Ashley is the fact that she quit her successful 7 years pharmaceutical career, so as to follow her heart in ViSalus sciences, where she in fact tripled her Pharmaceutical company salary within half a year! I still wonder how many people can be able to make such a downright daring decision in life!

Ashley leads their team with a heart that is full of passion and enthusiasm. Her sense of humor and infectious personality is enough to outwork all of her competitors.

Nick Sarnicola of ViSalus Sciences

Nick Sarnicola is a very daring, passionate and hardworking entrepreneur. Nick is a very industrious man, whose exploratory nature has inspired many to following their hearts and achieving their dreams. Nick also provides his their team with the mentorship and platform to ensure their dreams have become a reality.

Nick Sarnicola is from a middle class blue collar family, living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Nick Sarnicola knew he will be rich one day, but never knew that it was though ViSalus network marketing company. Nick, similar to his wife Ashley, left a promising athletics career in Collegiate, so as to chase the epic American dream through network marketing, which he hardly knew then.

Nick and Ashley Sarnicola real travel-holics. If you do not find them working, you will definitely find them travelling between their two prestigious homes in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Miami, Florida. Ashley and Nick Sarnicola are committed to exploring the world and making a difference in it. Nick adores sports and loves reading the biographies of the world’s greatest leaders; without knowing that we are here reading and being inspired by his! I wish he knows!

Nick Sarnicola is not only a ViSalus sciences multilevel marketing millionaire, but also an author. Nick has written an e-book called, “Arrive by 25-What Your Parents and Professors Don’t Know about Money.” The book is short inspires young adults to live and chase their childhood dreams.

Journey of Ashley and Nick Sarnicola in ViSalus Sciences Network Marketing

Nick Sarnicola is the founder and shareholder of ViSalus Mlm Company. Nick got introduced to network marketing by a stranger while working at a mall, where he used to make about $5.50 per hour. He never even understood what network marketing was then, but he knew the business was viable and it will make him a millionaire at one time.

Nick became involved with ViSalus by actually creating it. The mlm company Nick was involved with went out of business and eventually closed down. Nick called Blake Mallen, who was then a leader at Nick Sarnicola’s team to tell him that they were not going to be paid for that week, because the company has suspended its operations indefinitely.

Nick felt bad that his team is not going to be paid and thought he should do something to safe the situation. So, he and Blake used their savings to buy all the assets of the bankrupt mlm company and rebranded it to ViSalus sciences. Nick Sarnicola later met Ryan Blair, who joined them to become a third co-founder.  Nick, Blake and Blair are therefore shareholders and founders of ViSalus Sciences.

Nick worked in ViSalus international as the company’s corporate manager before resigning to start all over again and build his own team. He later built a team that achieved an enormous $35 million in sales in just 2 years. Nick Sarnicola is now a ViSalus sciences number one founder with no management role in the company. How sweet!

Nick Sarnicola is a daring, and going all in type of an individual. For instance, Nick went all in when the company failed, putting every dollar he had previously earned back into the business. Mr. Nick Sarnicola also went fully into the field when he resigned his corporate management role, so as to start all over again as a distributor. This however cannot be compared with his courage of investing all his life savings into ViSalus science to be become the second shareholder after the Georgian family. Nick Sarnicola however thinks that marrying Ashley Sarnicola; one of the youngest prolific female entrepreneurs in ViSalus mlm was also another brave step.

Nick and Ashley Sarnicola have been able to build a team of over 150,000 Active distributors. 700 among them make seven figures a year in commissions; over 800 have qualified for a BMW and make more than $1800 per month, while more than 25,000 have qualified for free ViSalus Products.

Ashley and Nick Sarnicola attributes their success to non-stop hard work, a lot of travel, socialization and balanced fun. They do this safely but aggressively by having a master plan of all their activities. The couple’s success in ViSalus Mlm Company has also been as a result of being active in social media, mostly in Facebook.

ViSalus sciences has been criticized by other multilevel marketing companies that it is led by kids, but that has not prevented them from being named as one of the fastest growing companies in North America for some time now.

Nick and Ashley Sarnicola however tries as much as possible to be humble and to walk their talk. The family value honesty and authenticity, and try their best to do what is always right to everybody in life and business. This is one of the few multi-millionaire couple that always apologizes and do it right, whenever they wrong somebody. Ashley and Nick Sarnicola however have achieved their dream of making ViSalus sciences the first ever multi-level marketing company to do sales worth 1 billion dollars and have as a result changed the lives of a lot f people from various parts of the world.

Nick and Ashley Sarnicola Awards and Accolades

It only took Nick 14 years and Ashley half a year to become next generation leaders not only in ViSalus sciences, but also in the network marketing industry. Nick and Ashley Sarnicola have empowered more than 150,000 people all over the world to invest in ViSalus network marketing businesses.

Ashley and Nick Sarnicola has created more than 6 millionaires and enabled more than 250 people to earn more than six figures income, annually.

Nick Sarnicola and Ashley Sarnicola have earned over $10 million since they joined ViSalus sciences. The couple has made over 5000 sales presentations, speeches, keynote addresses and trainings in their career. Nick has been at the top of ViSalus network marketing company, both as distributor and as a founder and an executive board member.

Nick and Ashley Sarnicola has made ViSalus sciences one of the fastest growing multilevel marketing company in Canada and whole of North America. They are also the reason why the company has achieved its goal of making a billion dollar worth of sales in a year. The couple has nevertheless featured in various national media networks, including Business From Home and Success From Home website and magazine respectively. Nick Sarnicola also features in a popular Multilevel marketing reality show called THE PYRAMID THING. Ashley and Nick Sarnicola have surely achieved what very few people can achieve in ViSalus sciences network marketing.