Barry Chi & Holly Chen – AmWay

2016 Update:

In 2015, we saw that Barry Chi and Holly Chen were #5 out of 200 in the MLM Top Earners on the Business for Home’s list. Well, in 2016, this amazing couple have been bumped back a couple of spots to #7.

This is still BY FAR an excellent place to be. The couple is still earning $500,000 a month. Down from $650,000 last year, but still a great income.

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Barry Chi & Holly Chen

Stories are told of poor, helpless and highly uninformed individuals who rise from their humble background to multi-million stars, but no story is as close to that then of Barry Chi and Holly Chen.

This is curtsy of their involvement in the magnificent MLM business under the mind blowing Amway Corporation.

Let me tell you something you maybe do not know about the Amway multi-million company, before dwelling on the exploits of the filthy rich duo; The Chi’s. Shall we? Okay…

The Amway Corporation

The Amway Corporation is a well established Ada, Michigan Based Multi-Level Marketing Corporation, which specializes in the selling of its own naturally produced personal beauty products and cosmetics. Just imagine..!

The term Amway is a short form of term; American Way.

These two gentlemen: Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos founded the company and launched its first product in 1959. The product was called the Liquid Organic Cleaner.

Now you know how all this money started circulating to all parts of the world, don’t you?

Through distributors like Barry Chi and Holly Chen.

The Background of Barry Chi and Holly Chen

While little is known about humble Barry Chi and Holly Chen, they are renowned top sellers of the Amway cosmetic products who have steadily rose to be one of the most respected couple in the History of Multi-level marketing in the world.

They originated from one bushy and little known village in Taiwan, where life was so hard and unfair that even a cup of rice porridge was taken as luxury.

Yes, that is where our most respected and celebrated millionaires came from.

And many of us complain if we can’t get to go out to dinner once a week.

These two knew what real suffering and doing without was like.

While not much is known to the soft spoken Barry Che, Ms. Holly Chen was a first grade teacher before joining the Amway.

She is about five feet tall and has a really interesting taste for sequins, who knows how and when to express her emotions comfortably.

Many in the industry term her as the queen of emotional business.

They are a humble but presentable couple (don’t know whether it is because of the Doh), who have been with blessed with: Liu Ding Yu, who is the youngest, and the Charismatic elder son Chao Chun-Pu. Other members of their family are: Bill Payne, Steve Lieberman, Jim Payne, and Sandy Spielmaker. Their two sons are also in this business with their lastborn Liu Ding Yu qualifying to a Diamond in Singapore in 2010. This is a ‘like children, like parents’ kind of a story here.

Journey to Amway

The couple started selling the Amway products in 1982 in Taiwan. Holly Chen started by talking to friends on a face to face basis, determined and never lost hope.

Copy this example guys as I cannot agree enough with her determination.

She however started to see the real fruits of her struggle when the U. S opened to her in 1986.

Here is how it went:

These opening came when she first appeared on the Chinese language TV Houston. One of the students she used to teach spotted her and BOOM! She had a place to live in the U.S.A and market her products to the Chinese citizens there. She and the student met and became really good friends.

This gave rise to the opening of the Chao Fao (extraordinary) Amway branch in the U.S.

Since their inception in 1982, Holly Chen and Barry Chi have established a very vast network of Multi-level marketing. This network has spread from the unknown village in Taiwan, to Hong Kong, and to the mainland of China.

The Chinese immigrants in U.S., Spain, Russia and France were also never left untouched by the movement.

The Barry Chi and Holly Chen’s network has grown steadily since its start, commanding an incredible 30% increase each year since 2009.

Today the Chi’s, as they are popularly known to command a whooping 300,000 organizations where they get a lot of commissions.

Holly Chen was once quoted in Las Vegas saying, “I don’t even know how much I’ve made.”

The family is a great motivation to the poor and struggling individuals, from the remote villages of South Africa, to the elite community in Japan or Australia.

Their world class quotes speaks volumes of their humble journey from a few dollars salary a month to a massive $650,000 a month and $ 7,800,000 a year currently.


Yes no mistake at all. This is an individual salary, a human being with blood and bones like you and me.

This success however is not out of the blue but out of a serious commitment as seen in Holly’s quote,” So when you are in the Amway business, of course you change your mindset, you change your attitude, and your outcome will definitely change with it.”

That is how millionaires reason my friends…she also adds, “It is up to us to elevate ourselves to the givers.”

When they were asked the secret behind their success at Las Vegas, the all smiling Chen had this to say, “You have to know the inside of the people, rather than the outside of people.” She then added, “You have to know their hearts.”

This seems to be a common thread among the top money makers in this industry, They all seem to genuinely want to help others achieve success and their dreams too by doing whatever it takes to help them.

Kudos to each of them!

As a result of their success and fame, the family rides in private jets, Cadillac convertible cars and limousines.

Anyway what do you expect of such a filthy rich duo, right?

Success and Awards

The family of Mr. and Mrs. Chi have succeeded in the various levels of the Amway Corporation since 1982. They have achieved these awards in various countries from Taiwan all the way to China,United States of America, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Italy, Russia , Austria, Netherlands, Philippines, and New Zealand.

Some of the coveted awards she has won in the Amway company and other companies in the world include:

  • Double Crown Ambassador in 1993 and 2003
  • Ultimate Crown ambassador 1993
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Pearl
  • Emerald
  • Diamond
  • Executive Diamond
  • Triple Diamond
  • Silver Producer
  • Founder Crown Ambassadors
  • FAA 31 and many more.

Guys, the list is endless so forgive me for now.

They have achieved all these awards from 1982 to present.

Majority of the Awards were however achieved after the whole world opened to them in 1986.

This duo is just one out of the many individuals and couples who are in the list of the MLM top earners.

Nevertheless, Barry Chi and Holly Chen are second in the list of top earners in Amway. With Dexter and Birdie Yager being not only number 1 in Amway, but also being #1 in the entire list of the top 200 earners.

They have propelled their company to a lot of success attracting a lot of followers all over the world.

The Amway Corporation is now one of the best MLM corporations in the world with sales worth over $8 million coming from Chi’s golden hands.