Bentek Hijani

Bentek Hijani is one of the most respected Kangzen Kenko international network marketing celebrities, leaders and mlm top earners. Mr. Hijani is a living proof that success comes only to people who take the initiative to follow their own path, and believe in themselves as they follow their dreams.

For instance, while majority of the youth and parents are crying and praying to God to give them or their children that golden opportunity of joining a reputable University, Bentek was and still is in his world of making money!

Bentek Hijani’s parents took him to the one of finest private university in Asia, but that did not prevent him from his dream of becoming a multi-millionaire he is today.  If you compare Bentek’s success with that of his friends and college mates, you will not imagine that this is the same man who was the laughing stock of many students in the university, when he dropped out of college to chase his dreams in the mlm business.

Just like every entrepreneur today, Hijani experienced a lot of challenges in his journey in Kangzen MLM business, including his parents being extremely angry with him for dropping out of college, and “wasting” his life and time in pursuing unrealistic dreams!

With all that said, Bentek Hijani is currently a much respected multi-millionaire, making a residue income of approximately $ 125,000 per Month, just from his Kangzen business. Hijani is currently not only financially free, but also a renowned mlm leader, simply because of making one right decision of following his heart!

Biography of Bentek Hijani of Kangzen International

Bentek Hijani is not only a relationship marketing guru, but also a family man. Bentek was born on the 7th of April 1968 in a small village in Tanjung Balai Karimun in Riau, Indonesia.

Mr. Hijani is happily married to Mercy Hijani and has been blessed with 3 gorgeous children; one son and two daughters. The couple is currently a full time stay at home parents and Bentek’s wife is also a partner in her husband’s KK Indonesia mlm business.

Bentek and Mercy Hijani initially struggled in life when they were starting out on their Kangzen International business. The couple is currently very successful and has all the time in the world to be with their children, and engage themselves in their favorite activities such as cycling, swimming, playing basketball or hitting the gym.

If you do not find the family doing any of those activities around your neighborhood, then Bentek and his family is in a holiday in a certain corner of the world, or better still in a Kangzen meeting, if not featuring as a guest speaker somewhere in Asia.

Nevertheless, Bentek Hijani has built another home in Jakarta, Indonesia and lives like a king f not multi-millionaire. All in all, Mr. Hijani cannot currently imagine a life without Kangzen-Kenko Network marketing business.


Journey in Kangzen Kenko International

Bentek Hijani’s journey in multilevel marketing started back in his days in college, when his parents made a decision to take him to one of the most prestigious private universities in Jakarta.

Bentek Hijani however never interested in holding a degree, but his parents persuaded him to enroll into a degree program. Bentek therefore enrolled into a degree program without any interest, to just please his parents who were very strict when it comes to academic work, and he agrees not being one of the brightest minds in his class.

All that Bentek Hijani wanted was quick money and that is what he set his mind to do. So, instead of concentrating on his studies, Bentek of Kangzen Kenko applied for a job in a printing Company in Indonesia and fortunately got accepted.

Bentek worked in the printing business as he continued with his degree education until he was introduced to the multi level marketing business by one of his friends who a banker in one of the local commercial banks. He loved the business idea and the opportunity so much that he resigned from his printing job, so as to get enough time to try out Kangzen business.

Mr. Bentek eventually joined Kangzen-Kenko Indonesia network marketing business, and did everything possible to make as much money as possible. Bentek quickly built his team in Indonesia and became so committed in mlm business that he decided to drop out of college.

Mr. Bentek Hijani assumed that success is not defined by academic qualifications, but hard work, passion and determination. He experienced many ups and downs in the business, but he eventually achieved what many people are still dreaming about in life.

Mr, Hijani has currently bought a dream house in one of the most prestigious Estates in Singapore, where he is also a citizen and lives with his parents, wife and his three children.

On top of that, Bentek Hijani is currently considered the best Kangzen multilevel marketing professional in Southeast Asia, and one of the best direct selling gurus Kangzen Kenko Indonesia has ever produced.

Hijani promised to change the mentality of others in life, and give entrepreneurship an option in life and has succeeded in doing so through Kangzen Indonesia. Bentek founded the Club100juta 5 years ago that has changed the lives of thousands of people in Asia, and still doing so today.

All in all, Bentek Hijani is currently a much respected Kangzen Kenko multi-millionaire and one of the best mlm leaders the direct selling industry has ever seen. He has more than 20 years experience in the Kangzen mlm business, and he still feels fired up in Kangzen relationship marketing business.

Awards and Accolades

Bentek Hijani is one of the pioneers of the direct selling business in Indonesia, through the Kangzen business opportunity. He is known as the biggest Network marketer in Southeast Asia, but that cannot be compared to the hundreds of awards he has won in his relationship marketing career!

Mr. Hijani is one of the highly rated Kangzen Kenko Indonesia direct selling superstar and an mlm leader to reckon. He is one of the few people that have achieved platinum Club achievements in the Kangzen Indonesia and has received consecutive Chairman Platinum awards as from 2008 to 2012.

Other important awards Bentek Hijani has won in Kangzen Kenko International include a Diamond Star Director award in Feb, 1999, and the Crown Star Director n June, 1999.

Mr. Bentek Hijani has also attended a number of Kangzen Kenko meetings, retreats and vacations in various exotic parts of the world in honor of his superb job in Kangzen International business. Bentek is surely a leader of leaders in Kangzen Kenko Indonesia, and worth to be celebrated in the network marketing world!


Kangzen Kenko International

Kangzen Kenko International, popularly known as Kangzen Kenko Corporation Inc. or simply as KK international, is a multilevel marketing company, just like many others in the world.

The only unique thing, however, is the fact that Kangzen Network marketing company is based in Thailand, Asia, which is the main reason why it is referred as the direct selling pride of Thailand.

Another factor that makes Kangzen-Kenko Mlm Company unique is the fact that is was founded by Yusuf Sharp Federation Member Banks, unlike many other Top direct selling companies that were founded by individuals. But that is according to their official website!

In my opinion, Kangzen MLM Company was founded in 1993 by Dr. Yusuf, simply because Kangzen is this man’s brain child idea.

The only reason why the company argues that it was founded by a bank is simply because they financed the company’s startup capital of approximately 120 million baht. Let me leave it here because it is a point of contention!

Before I forget, it is important to note that other reputable direct selling websites also argue that Kangzen MLM Company was started by one Komsaktana Ampanyuth of Bangkok, Thailand!

As we continue learning more about Kangzen-Kenko Global Company, it is important to know that KK International is 100% Thailand Company. This means that it was founded, financed and still operated by the Thai people, and maybe the first of its kind in the Continent!

The company however utilizes a relationship marketing business model in all of its operations starting from Marketing of its products or even in administration.

Other than being a member of the Thailand Direct Selling Association (TDSA) and The World Federation of Direct Selling Association (WFDA), Kangzen-Kenko has highly invested in Thailand. This Multilevel marketing Company has so far opened more than 75 branch offices in Thailand, and its quickly expanding its business to the neighboring countries. Kangzen has also opened more than 25 branches in its neighboring countries, and currently has thousands of active distributors in enrolled in those branches.

Some of the countries that Kangzen-Kenko has deeply invested in include: Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailand; where the Company has its headquarters. KK International has however most recently opened new distribution points in Nepal and India, bringing its total product distributor centers to more than 124; a sign that Kangzen is unstoppable in its expansion plans.

At the time of writing this article, Kangzen Kenko LTD had two vice presidents: Silapacharan and Nat Patcharian. The two are currently working side by side so as to achieve the goal of making Kangzen one of the most decorated direct selling company in the world, and most probably the most trusted and admired MLM brand by the year 2020.

All in all, Kangzen-Kenko International is a beauty and wellness network marketing company that claims to improve looks, lifestyle, and business ethics as well as give its distributors time and financial freedom.

Kangzen Vision

Strive to assist everybody in achieving their goals for a better Future life.

Kangzen Mission

To confidently build a reliable direct sales company in the Asian Economist Community.

Kengzen products

Kangzen Kenko multi level marketing company is essentially a beauty and wellness company. As a result, majority of its products are beauty based, while others are household products and some promotional products.

In the beauty category, Kangzen Kenko has more than 52 facial products, 15 cosmetic products, 5 men products, 11 general body products, 3 hair care supplements, and 14 spa care products among many others.

Kangzen also has more than 28 general household products. These products include 4 oral care products, 13 healthy family products, and 11 household cleaning products.

The last categories of Kangzen Products are the Equipment and promotional products. These products constitute 9 Cds and other promotional materials, and what they Company calls Booth promotional materials. Other products are Energy drinks and Beauty from within products, according to the Thai to English Translation.

Kangzen Kenko however continues to add other categories of products to its list as they continue expanding to other regions in Asia. Some of the new products the Company has added to its product line include: Nina Karen Shy Pallet Cover River Style, Fabric Softener Concentrated E-plus Easy Plaisance, Kangzen SC Mix, and Nina Karen Lip Pallet Cover River Style among many others.

Some of the Kangzen products that have been selling well according to the Company include: Oral K Natural Herb Toothpaste, Kristine Krone Cool Kitchen Yayoi Suncare Advisor Foam, Kang Stainsbury Boss Rog Perfect Accomplishment and Christine Cody Kool Gold Perfect Light Whitening among many others.

Kangzen Compensation Plan

Kangzen Kenko Inc., utilizes a network marketing business model in the management and distribution of its products. This means that all of its products are not sold in retail stores, but through independent product distributors.

One qualifies to be a Kangzen product distributor after meeting a registration fee of 500 baht, and then buying product from Kangzen Company at a subsidized price, which is about 25 per cent below the retail prices.

An independent distributor then sell the products to final consumers at a profit, and also markets the Kangzen business plan to potential distributors to join his Kangzen organization.

So, independent distributors earn commissions from KK International, according to the number of individuals they recruit into their independent business organization (IBO) and from the total volume of products they sale.

This also enables distributors build a business that will enable them generate a recurring commission, depending on the activeness of members in their down line.

Kangzen also gives bonuses and awards to some of its prolific marketers, which are mostly in form of classy cars, shopping vouchers, holiday retreats and many other things.

Kangzen Pyramid Scheme Allegations

As far as I am concerned, Kangzen Kenko Corporation is a legit multilevel marketing company according to several Kangzen Reviews online. I can however say that I have never come across something like Kangzen Scam, Kangzen Poshy scheme, Kangzen Pyramid scheme allegations unless Kangzen distributors in Asia and Thailand have a different language they use in referring to such companies in their own languages.

The only complain I have however read about is on the high prices of the Kangzen products, which is normal in many network marketing companies all over the world. I will however never fail to let you know of any complaints about Kangzen Kenko International Company in future, if any! I really appreciate you reading my article!