Betty Sung – Nu Skin’s Diamond

Betty Sung is a talented and highly empowered elderly woman, who knows what she want, mostly in the mlm business setting. She has a very strong will and a right attitude that has enabled her be treated as a queen in the multi-level network marketing.

She started from a very small business setting, and has been able to develop herself to the point of being one of the most powerful mlm top earner, in Nu Skin, and the whole of multi-level marketing in general. She knows all her desires and respects to the last letter.

A really symbol of a successful woman, isn’t it?

So, why feature her today?

The story of Betty Sung is an inspiration to anybody who is planning to make a right decision in life, not just because of her eloquence in speech and her unique perspective on life.

This is the main reason as to why I should inspire you today with the story of this confident and highly talented speaker who is also an mlm top earner at the top of her game right now.

If you are financially struggling and need a really up to date inspiration on mlm entrepreneurship, then this is the right place for you.

Welcome and please make yourself comfortable as I narrate the inspiring story of powerful Betty Sung.

In my discussion however, I want you to be sure that I will reveal how this ordinary poor woman from Taiwan is able to earn $315,000 a month and $3,750,000 a year while sleeping, traveling, or having a friendly chat in a certain corner in the world.

The Historical Background of Betty Sung

Betty Sung is one of the best Nu Skin product direct selling and multi-level product distributor, not only in America, but in the whole world.

Betty Sung was a shy and naïve young lady, who was born and raised at a very small village in Taiwan. She later relocated to the United States of America in 1972, and is currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Betty Sung knew very little about her prowess, talent, and entrepreneur skills when young. This is because she had a fear of unknown and lived an ordinary life.

Probably just like so many others today.

She therefore led her life doing odd jobs here and there, and later started her own traditional business that failed terribly.

Betty Sung Journey to Financial Freedom with Nu Skin

Betty Sung emigrated to US from Taiwan in a bid to find and explore brighter, greener pasture; which she had of course adequately explored.

She was very innocent, naïve, and lacked self confidence in whatever she did.

She then involved herself in various professional assignments, operated her own business before Dave Johnson sponsored and mentored her into the Nu Skin mlm business opportunity in 1988.

She was so excited about the make money with the Nu Skin idea, that she never hesitated to hop in like a hungry child.

She agreed that she had been looking for a business opportunity that will give her a right lifestyle, financial freedom, enough time to relax, and dignity.

Which if we are honest with ourselves, that is exactly what you are all looking for, right?


That is what the Nu Skin MLM Company offers even today.

Betty Sung, however, completely made up her mind to concentrate on the business when she attended the Nu Skin’s 1988 convention.

This was after distributing their products for two months.

She obviously was looking for something and the convention was just what she needed to push her in the right direction!

She says that the Nu Skin founders and other distributors greatly opened her eyes to the world of mlm business opportunity, she had been longing for a very long time.

Betty Sung never gave up on making money with Nu Skin as she continued with the direct distribution model.

She worked hard even when there was a Nu Skin scam rumor being spread by newsrooms such as the People’s Daily Newspaper and FTC.

She had set her goal to reach a Blue Diamond and did what she could to make sure she achieved this in that year.

Betty Sung has since then read a lot of articles and publications on entrepreneurship and personal development, both in the mlm business and life in general.

She has since then realized that success is just 1 percent skill and 99 percent determination.

1% skill and 99% determination. Hmmmm……what do you think about that equation?

She acknowledges that she has achieved a lot of success in MLM, after starting to approach everything that happened in her life with a positive attitude, and avoiding negativity at all costs, while she learns from her mistakes.

Betty Sung NuSkin

Her entrepreneurial plan is learning, doing, teaching and then repeating the whole process. This process is replicable, so you can try it.

Betty Sung went from being an extremely shy girl who had no direction in life, to a fully grown woman who not only achieved her dreams, but also empowered others on how to make money with Nu Skin products.

She says,

I have gained so much wisdom about myself, people, values and life.” she then added by saying, “ leadership means doing what is right, not what is easy, which sometimes means going against the flow.”

Cannot agree enough with her, do you?

When Betty Sung is faced with challenges in Nu Skin distribution, she has a four step plan for them.

These steps are:

  1. Face it
  2. Accept what happened
  3. Handle that problem the best way possible
  4. Let go and continue with your life as normal.

Betty believes everyone in the world has a potential to be better, greater, and in a list of Nu Skin top earners.

She empowers others while doing what she loves doing best; teaching other people how to make money with Nu Skin.

Betty Sung has, in fact, become a distinguished lady, who has deservedly earned her name as the champion in mlm business.

She has achieved the following awards and accolades with Nu Skin.

badge_te   25 YEARS
badge_1star  1 STAR TE PLATINUM, 2013
badge_ambassadorNTC AMBASSADOR


She attended the 20th anniversary of the Nu Skin, where she was highly regarded and honored, and later delivered a very inspirational speech.

Her words are always remembered and quoted by various mlm entrepreneurs both online and offline.

Betty Sung is one of the most prolific Nu Skin mlm distributor in the world. She only comes second in Nu Skin top earners after Ryan Ho and his wife Angela Liew. These two top earners in Nu Skin have made Nu Skin become one of the biggest mlm companies in the world which achieved revenue of over $ 2.57 in the year 2014.

The company now is in operation for 53 international markets in the world.

Betty Sung’s Philanthropic Work

Betty Sung has also taken part in philanthropic work all over the world.

She and other millionaires in network marketing have contributed more than $5.8 billion, aimed at improving the lives of people in various countries of the world.

Think about that number for just a moment. $5.8 BILLION dollars in helping various charities and giving your time and money to make someone else’s life better!

Way to go Betty Sung!

She has also spearheaded the Nu Skin into contributing $400 million to support malnourished children in various countries in the world.

I have come to find that a lot of millionaires that start off with a very hard and humbling beginning, seem to always give back in some way, shape, or form.

These millionaires know what it is like to struggle, without having any money or not having even a pair of shoes until you are 8 years old, like Jose Ardon.

For these awesome people to give back to communities all over the world, that is just awesome in my opinion.

You can[‘t get much kinder hearted than that!

What do you think?

Do you agree?

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