Bonnie Taylor

Bonnie Taylor – 4Life Top Earner


Bonnie Taylor’s story is one that dreams are made of. It is her outstanding leadership style that embodies the togetherness and building people philosophy. Bonnie enjoys helping people achieve the time and financial freedom she enjoys. Her enthusiasm for life and for folks is contagious.


There is a reason for her remarkable knowledge and skills in MLM. Before working with 4Life, Bonnie was a top MLM earner in other multilevel marketing businesses and traditional corporations. She was doing well, until her parents became seriously ill. Bonnie was forced to take off to assist her parents with their recuperation. This meant that she had to use her savings and retirement to hire specialized physicians for her mother.


The end result is she lost everything, her car, her home, and her good credit. She was $200,000.00 in debt and homeless when her parents died. Bonnie wasn’t interested in 4Life when she was first introduced to the multilevel marketing company. But she kept getting bugged by one of 4Life’s first distributors, Dr. Gary Haagen. Bonnie finally decided to enroll, and she started using 4Life products. She was hooked.


After signing up as a 4Life independent distributor, she built her home-based business up one day at a time. Her group, called Team Bond, is made up of folks from every corner of the globe. The impossible was now possible.


Bonnie Taylor currently lives in the Clovis, California area with her family, who travels with her. It has always been her dream for her family to live all together on an estate. Her dream came true, as her son, daughter-in-law, two granddaughters, and three dogs all live on one property. Her daughter and adopted daughter live in other areas of the US.


Bonnie is dedicated to helping her organization and downline succeed. She has even created a website that has all the knowledge, tools, and training for her team members to experience personal and financial growth. She believes distributors need a place for mentoring and training. Distributors need a central place in which they can keep in touch with each other and tune in with activities across the world. Bonnie wants to do all she can to keep her team motivated and inspired.


She takes pleasure in knowing the fact that she is helping people around the world prosper. Team Bond is devoted to 4Life, its philosophy and practices. Bonnie knows what she is talking about! She has become a millionaire entrepreneur with the 4Life business; she earns $95,000.00 in residual income. Bonnie has earned the rank of Platinum International Diamond (the highest rank possible) within the 4Life network marketing business.


Her Philosophy


When Bonnie is talking to customers or potential distributors, she asks them what they want out of life. Every one of us has different wishes, goals, and desires in life. The ultimate experience in life is the freedom to accomplish all we hope for. For Bonnie, her objective is to wake up every morning with a smile knowing she has the potential to help someone get the fulfilled life they dream of.


In addition, Bonnie also wanted the chance to spend more time with her family and friends, as well as build a lasting legacy for them. She feels that joining 4Life has been a blessing, since it has given her the opportunity to fulfill the most important things in life. To Bonnie, having freedom gives you the control to do what you want to do, when you want to do it, and how you want to do it.


Bonnie said something that is kinda interesting and quite true, whether you are interested in direct sales marketing or not. She said that 4Life provides the ingredients to succeed, but only for those who wants it badly. I have said this before, but if you want it bad enough (it can be anything), you will work hard to get it. Somtime-y behavior just won’t cut it in this life.


Bonnie is really into helping others. Besides her Team Bond, she donates to 4Life Foundation of Life. She has earned Beacon of Hope status, which is only given to donors who make Foundation of Life donations of $5,000 or more. Donations are accumulated within an 18-month cycle in conjunction with the 4Life international conventions.




4Life was founded in 1998 by David and Lisa Lisonbee with its first product that helps the immune system, 4Life Transfer Factor. 4Life MLM business is the first in the industry in which doctors, scientists, and researchers work together to come up with innovative formulas to improve the immune system. Today, people in more than 50 countries enjoy the benefits of 4Life products.


The goal at 4Life is to let everyone enjoy a healthy lifestyle and a healthy income. 4Life is the relationship marketing business that is building people through science, service, and success. It has earned numerous awards, such as:


  • 2014 Mobile Technology ETHOS Award
  • Digital Media Award Best in Show
  • Digital Media Award: Twitter Campaign
  • Cologne List
  • 4Life ETHOS Award for Recognition
  • Code of Ethics Initiative
  • Global 100 (Direct Selling News)
  • Blokhina Award and Russian Academy of Sciences
  • 500 Fastest-Growing Privately-Held Companies (#15)
  • Utah State Senate
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • 4Life: Business of the Year
  • 2013 Philanthropy Award




4Life compensation plan is for those who are tired of working for someone else. As an independent distributor, you can get four payments per month, qualify for trips to exotic locations, and top-level business support at international meeting and national conventions. To get start with 4Life, it just takes a small payment. You can receive commission within your first month.


As with other network marketing businesses, you earn money from retail profits, increasing your sales volumes, the retail sales of your downline, and enrolling people in the organization. I don’t know if this last one constitutes as a 4Life pyramid scheme, but it is the information I got from the website.


On the other hand, 4Life is one of the few MLM businesses that provide a complete separate section for its compensation plan. Also, it has an A+ rating with the BBB, and it only has three closed complaints.




4Life products help with everything from sleep, mood & stress to glucose metabolism. As with other health and wellness MLM companies, there are products to keep you feeling good from head to toe. In addition, there are new products, including vitamins for kids & teens and protein bars. Leaving no one out who wants to become healthier, there are even vegetarian vitamins, kosher vitamins, and animal health products.


4Life product reviews are mixed. As with many health and wellness MLM companies, the products are expensive. What is interesting is that a lot of 4Life products are being sold on Amazon, and the reviews  are pretty good. Although, those reviews could be from distributors, who knows?


One fact that one individual question was the scientific information that 4Life states it conducts on its products. On the patents and studies page, there are only two studies called a preliminary test and a test. With insufficient scientific information, it could be hard to sell these products at these prices.


Pyramid Scam


Is there a 4Life pyramid scam active in the universe? I tried to find anything on these folks regarding any adverse situations, and I couldn’t find one. The only thing I found was the usual information that all MLM is an illegal pyramid scheme. Otherwise, there was nothing.