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In one of my previous articles, I talked about being careful about the company you keep. I said then I would continue that conversation at a later date. Well, today’s the day, folks. I will try not to go on as long as I previously did, but I can’t promise…LOL. You know me; once I get going, it’s hard to get me to stop.


Before I get into my article on Boonsri Chitrangsri, I would like to talk about creating good and positive habits. I am always “astonished” (I mean this sarcastically) with people who have obvious, bad habits, and don’t see anything wrong with it. Even more “astonishing” is the fact that these same folks want the same prosperity as those that put the work in.


I know, and I’m sure you do as well, people who put no effort into anything. They want a career and they want a lot of money. Yet, they don’t attend any career seminars, training programs, nothing. They think that getting from point A to point B is a straight, clear shot with no bumps.


What I love even more about these folks is the nasty and jealous attitude they have towards people who actually put hard work, determination, and effort into creating a life for themselves. When I heard these folks complaining, I tell them quickly, “You could have the same thing, if you would take all that negative energy and put it to better use for yourself.”


I love to hear people who are doing well, even if it isn’t me. Why shouldn’t I? I mean, if I am jealous of a MLM top earner who makes six figures a month in residual income, is that person going to throw his or her money in the garbage because of my feelings? Seriously?


Moreover, this is exactly why I only associate with people who are the same way. I just don’t want to hear someone complaining about what someone else has, when you could have done the same thing. I like to be around folks who talk about where they want to be next year, in five years, or their long-term goals. Furthermore, they are doing something to make it happen.


If you thinking about a career in network marketing, you will really have to get into having some good habits. You will need to make daily goals, weekly goals, and monthly goals. The thing is when you start your multilevel marketing business, it isn’t all about you and what you want. You have a team that you are equally, if not more, responsible for. This aspect of your home-based business can never be forgotten.


After reading and writing about so many top MLM earners, the main trait all of them have is that they have no qualms about working hard and staying focus. They don’t let feelings and their personal issues blind what needs to be done.


I know a man who is in the restaurant business, and his place is currently closed down. This is not the first time he had to close it, but I think this is the last time for him. I was in his restaurant soon after it re-opened after his first closing. On speaking with him, he blamed his restaurant closing on the people in the neighborhood, saying that if anybody went to a nice restaurant elsewhere, then they were wrong. They should be eating at his place.


I have known this gentleman for over 20 years, and I genuinely like him. However, his comments are truly misplaced. If you went into his eatery, the customer service was horrific. And if anybody knows anything about operating any type of business, customer service is everything. It is what makes the difference between a one-time customer and a repeat customer.


Also, his prices were way too high. He was charging for a meal what you would expect to pay in a five-star restaurant. With the economy the way it is and has been, who in the world is going to pay that type of money for a meal in a neighborhood restaurant? Especially, when the service is given with attitude.


My point is nobody owes you anything, I don’t care who you are. And it would behoove you to remember this if you plan to go into business for yourself. One of the relationship marketers I wrote about said one of the most important traits to have as an entrepreneur is to learn how to talk to people. My goodness, this is the truth. It is amazing (yes, sarcasm) how many people are CEO, COO, founders, or whatever and have absolutely no skills on intercommunication.


How do you plan on drawing folks in as customers, let alone independent distributors, if you don’t know how to talk to folks? If there is anything you should be able to do in MLM is communicate. This is where the name relationship marketing comes from; building relationships and connections with others.


I kinda feel sorry about his business. On the other hand, I don’t. I hope this is a learning lesson for him on what to do if he is blessed to re-open. I would strongly suggest he learn how to talk with people and train his staff to do the same.


This is a lesson I learned when I decided to work for myself. I connect with my team, encouraging each person and making sure I thank them for the work they do for me. I don’t have the attitude of, “You ought to be glad I hired you.” As the matter of fact, it is the complete opposite, “Thank you; I am glad you chose me to work for. I know there are others you could have selected, but I am grateful it was me. Your hard work and dedication is appreciated.”


Doesn’t that sound much nicer? And here is another point I want to make before I forget: there is nothing wrong with being nice to people. I know our world is on this being mean tip, but as you can see on a daily basis, it doesn’t yield positive results. There is no harm in smiling at someone and introducing yourself in a friendly manner. I guarantee you will like the outcome.


I know you all are like, man, here she go again. LOL…my bad. But I just really think that you really need to get your heart and mind in order before you step into the multilevel marketing arena. There is no reason for wasting your time and someone else’s if you are not willing to come to the table with the right attitude and mindset.


I bet you anything Boonsri Chitrangsri knows has the right attitude and knows how to talk to people. This is probably why she makes $110,000.00 per month in residual income and over $1 million annually. She is a member of the prestigious Centurion Millionaire Class. The only way she could be a millionaire direct sales marketer is by being good at making connections. Good for her!




I have written about the Kangzen multilevel marketing business before, but let’s do it again. Kangzen ( was founded in 1993 by Mr. Komsakthana Ampanyuth in Thailand. The objective of Kangzen network marketing business is to “drive people to achieve a better life” with high-quality products and a remarkable earning opportunity.


Today, the Kangzen business continuously answers consumers’ demands, while serving the society. This company works endlessly on building a healthy body from the inside out, as well as enhancing the beauty to build a confident lifestyle. For those interested in becoming a Kangzen consultant, it is the way to build wealth.


Kangzen has been so successful in Thailand that it has over 75 branches, 7 gallery branches, and 23 authorized dealers that are managed by independent distributors. Kangzen has extended into neighboring countries, such as Indonesia, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic,  the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Cambodia, and Vietnam.


The aim of Kangzen is to be the vehicle for a fulfilled life of not only the people of Thailand, but all of the countries in Southeast Asia. By the year 2020, Kangzen wanted to be the number one MLM business in the area. What unselfishness!


I have rarely, if never, heard of any company in corporate America that cares about its customers, consultants, and the community as a whole. You won’t find this level of care at none of them. When I worked in corporate America, all I heard was work, make my company look good, and keep your mouth shut if you want to keep your job.


Kangzen is working diligently to increase its network. This is not only to enroll more members, but so that people can make the money needed to improve their lifestyle. An improved life includes:


  • Time Freedom
  • Financial Freedom
  • Secured Earnings
  • Wholesome Personality
  • Healthier Body and Looks


If you live in Asian Economics Community (AEC) countries, and you are seeking a more fulfilled life, come to Kangzen. It is ready to work with you, so you both can grow together to a brighter life. According to Kangzen, it is the top choice for a successful life for you and your family.


Getting Started


Kangzen has a low start-up cost, and it members receive a nice discount off of any products. As with any other MLM, experience isn’t necessary. You just need a desire to do well for yourself and your team. To help you get started, there are training seminars and events hosted by elite members and top earners.


One of the other top earning multilevel marketers said this, and I see it is true. Kangzen prefers that its members don’t think of being an independent distributor as a selling position. You should approach your customers by telling your personal story of what affect working with Kangzen has added to your life.


This is the way to build your network of individuals who will use the products on a daily basis. As far as its products go, Kangzen offers everything from hair care to floor cleaner. This is smart, since these are items everyone uses every day.


As far as Kangzen compensation plan goes, its members receive bonuses for travel, education, home, and car. I am not sure how this works, but I think that Kangzen pays it members a percentage of their earnings once they reach the Emerald Star Director (ESD) level or higher. Whether you decide to go at it for just a few hours a day, or make it your entrepreneurial business, Kangzen has the potential to being the positive difference in your life.