Brian McMullen

Brian McMullen – Vemma’s Top Earner

Brian-McMullen make money with vemmaBrian McMullen is very unique individual with an amazing success story that Vemma nutrition Company respects and cherishes!

I believe it is almost impossible to make everybody happy in the crowd, right?

Fortunately, this is not the case with this superbly talented network marketing multi-millionaire.

Mr. McMullen is a source of envy when it comes to engaging the masses. This Vemma mlm top earner has a unique approach to every point he delivers to his audience. His demonstrations are super appropriate and always on point.

If you have never heard Brian McMullen talk, then my friend you are missing a touch of quality in speech. Brian McMullen is so easy going on the microphone, with of course a lot of demonstrations.

I can, in fact take the whole week telling you about this Vemma top earner, but I will only concentrate on his personal life and journey in Vemma multi-level marketing for today.

I am however so excited to feature him on my blog!

If somebody asks me to describe Mr. Brian McMullen today, then I will describe him as a uniquely talented, focused, and a committed high school graduate, a true business leader, former street gang criminal, and above all, one the best multi-level marketing money men in the world.

Ooh! Was my description so long?

Yes, this is because he is also literally ‘long’ in everything including his money!

I have said a few times above that our mlm top earner today is of course super rich, and that is not a joke. Brian McMullen for instance makes over $200,000 USD per Month and more than $2,400,000 per year as passive income. Yes, he makes all this from his down line, up line, cross line and maybe from award and achievement bonuses.

Yes, this is not magic my friends!

It is very true that a normal human being with feelings, blood, and bones like you and me is making a kill, while majority of us are financial prisoners, struggling with $3,000 per month or less!

If you really want to be a millionaire in future, then this is a highly recommended inspirational story, you can read and share with your friends on social media.

Let us then get to know the background of Brian McMullen!

The Background of Brian McMullen

Brian McMullen has one of the saddest and most unfortunate family backgrounds.

I was equally shocked and angered while writing this article; mostly by his father.

I am sure you will learn why I really felt bad about this, but right now just grab a cup of your favorite beverage, because you might need it in the middle of this story!

Back to Brian McMullen…

Mr. Brian McMullen is currently a husband and a father of two daughters.

Brian grew up at the coast of San Diego, California and still resides there with his family.

Brian McMullen really had a rough life in his childhood and youth life.  While maybe you and I were happy and close to our families, while getting all the love and support we needed, Brian was there getting his ass knocked out almost every evening by his ever drunk dad.

Brian McMullen recalls that his father would walk to their home in the evening, call Brian out, not to say hi or ask him how school was, but to just hit him on the stomach continuously until he becomes unconscious.

Just imagine! A really grown up man hitting a boy of five years old each day on the stomach!

Our self-made Vemma multi-millionaire would have been long dead by now!

God really has a plan for everybody!

Mr. McMullen grew up in a violent atmosphere and guess what?

He took all that violence to his school.

He recalls being a frequent visitor of his school’s disciplinary committee. He, in fact, got expelled twice in high school, one for delivering a control substance in school; if you know what I mean, and secondly for fighting, which he was in fact used to in his family. Brian, stood on a locker and knocked the hell out of their class bully. But thank God he is now a reformed and very humble man.

Brian McMullen wanted to live a rock and roll life, so he joined a gang of other street boys. This was of course after getting kicked out of the house at the age of 14 years.  Brian and his gang started life on the streets and used to break into other people’s houses and steal anything they could come across, such as money and food.

Our Vemma top earner today got his first interrogation with the police when he was 16 years old.

Brian got his girlfriend pregnant when he was in high school, and became a teenage father of a beautiful baby girl. He did graduate at last from high school, although he was late by several years and swore never to go back to class again.

Brian hated learning and going to school in general, because he never used to do well in school. He at last decided enough is enough with education and push on with life.

He did odd jobs such as baking, packing furniture for companies, delivering pizzas and others so as to make a meager living.

Brian McMullen also joined the U.S Marines, although his career there never lasted for long.

Brian says that He never liked it at U.S Marines because they normally command you on what to do. Brian was tired of that culture of being directed or ordered around.

That is not what made him to quit!

Brian McMullen got fired after pointing his gun to their leader and threatened to shoot him if he screws with him again.

You can see a pattern here. He had a problem with authority, to no surprise!

The statement above earned him 4 week imprisonment in a military prison. It is in the military prison that he met his friend who got imprisoned for shooting two people over drug dealings. His friend is, however, still in that Military prison up to now.

Brian McMullen’s Journey to Becoming mlm Top Earner with Vemma

Brian McMullen still believes that he has lived in a pretty amazing life. He had been in a number of businesses, invested the little he had and unfortunately lost it.

Brian McMullen was one day unpacking furniture from a vehicle when one guy invited him to a multi-level marketing seminar while he was pretty young. He was very doubtful at first but never knew that was the opportunity that was going to change his life for good. He attended it because he only needed to make a few extra bucks to help him pay his bills.

That is how he found his sponsor and the Vemma nutrition Company in short.

He received the much needed training but decided to use the company’s products for 5 years before he even started marketing them. He finally fell in love with the Vemma products and had a burning desire to share his experience with others.

Brian McMullen then joined Vemma network marketing as an independent product distributor and worked his way to the top of mlm earners. Brian is an incredible enroller and mlm genius, if you ask me! And that has really helped him in his way to being at the top.

Brian is currently very successful, having joined networking business and become a millionaire when he was just 25 years old.

He has also ventured into the music business, where he had had the opportunity of managing one of the biggest bands in the industry for over 10 years. He has, as a result, traveled to more than 47 countries for either business purposes or for vacations.

Facts about Brian McMullen

First and foremost, Brian does not fancy flashy things but loves spending his time learning new things through experience.

Brian and two of his daughters have black belt in martial arts.

Brian’s hobby is mountain climbing.

Awards and Accolades

Brian McMullen is one of the most respected multi-level marketing multi-millionaires on the Globe. This is not by chance but through merit!

He is a very talented motivational speaker, and gifted mentor. This has led him win a number of awards and achievements in Vemma Nutrition Company.

Brian McMullen is a Star Royal ambassador who has achieved almost every award in Vemma nutrition Company. He is also one of the three individuals who have achieved the Pinnacle achievements; one of the highest achievements in Vemma network marketing. The other two who have also achieved this level include: Tom and Bethany Alkazin.

Are you wondering what this Vemma Nutrition Company is?

Here is a comprehensive discussion and analysis of this Nutritional Company.

An Overview of Vemma Nutrition Company

Vemma is a private Multi-level marketing nutritional company that sells Nutritional beverages, weight management products and energy drinks.

Vemma was founded by the Benson Boreyko, Karen Boreyko and Lauren Boreyko in Tempe, Arizona in the United States of America.

The Company has grown substantially reporting total revenue of more than $221 million USD. The exponential growth of Vemma and rapid increase in revenue is attributed to the company’s strategy of recruiting young and energetic independent product distributors.

Is Vemma Shut Down?

Before 2015, Vemma business has frequently locked horns with various governments, companies and individuals over Vemma scam and pyramid scheme allegations. Various U.S media, product distributors and business analysts have been at the forefront in these accusations.

The Italian government was, however, the first one to act on these Vemma Pyramid Scheme allegations by fining Vemma Nutrition Company.

It is until 21st of August 2015, that the Federal Trade Commission of United States of America filed a lawsuit against Vemma multi-level marketing company. The FTC accused Vemma of operating an illegal Pyramid scheme.

The federal Trade Commission was therefore given the mandate by court to freeze all the assets of the company and seek consumer protection fine from the company.

Never a good thing for any company, much less an MLM.

Vemma Products

vemma productsVemma network marketing company has a total of four products, based on Vemma nutritional formulation principle; “Verve, Vemma, Bod-e, and Next”.

The company name “Vemma” represents the first letters of the company’s nutritional value in its products.

  • V stands for vitamins
  • EM for essential minerals
  • another M for mangosteen
  • and lastly A for aloe

A number of the company’s products have caffeine. There are a number of drinks in their Verve line that are similar to other common energy drinks in terms of caffeine content. Verve line is one of Vemma’s official drink products together with Phoenix Suns’ Gatorade, which is also a separate Vemma distributor.

Vemma’s Business Model

The Boreyko family incorporated several companies into their family control and under the same address as from 1990s.

The Boreykos founded the Nutritional Supplement Company called the New Vision International, which changed its name to Vemma.

The family also has a very big liability Corporation that has led them to invest in home and commercial real estates.

The company has also bought other properties, which have been rented back to other companies that are controlled by the Boreykos.

Vemma multi-level marketing company was incorporated in early 2004 under New Vision International before it was fully Vemma Nutrition Company in 2011.

Vemma nutrition company sells its products through its affiliates or independent distributors and using its website. Independent distributors earn profit from the direct selling of Vemma products and also through the sales made by their networks or down line just like many other multi-level marketing companies.

Vemma is described as network marketing or multi-level marketing company otherwise known as MLM.

Vemma business is also one of the members of the U.S.A. Direct Selling Association.

Vemma Nutrition Company claims that it does its sales through affiliate marketing, although its Founder Benson K. Boreyko says that its compensation plan is similar to that used by other multi-level marketing companies.

Vemma has had a very strict sign up and commission qualification rules until April, 2014, when its founder Benson K. Boreyko stated that they are planning to modify their compensation plan and scrub off the $150 USD must monthly sales for you qualify to earn commissions and the sign-up fee.

Mr. Boreyko said this was meant to avoid Vemma falling out with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) as it had happened with other big multi-level marketing companies such as Herbalife, Amway among others. These are one of the strict mlm conditions that determine whether a company is accused of involving itself in an illegal pyramid scheme or not.

Several analysts have branded Benson K. Boreyko’s word as lies as Vemma Nutrition Company has never required any signup fee. The Truth in Advertising Company also says that the minimum amount of products you can sell per month before you start earning commissions is still a must requirement in Vemma.

Use of Students as Independent Distributors

Vemma has been criticized by parents and consumer organizations on their marketing strategy of recruiting college students as Vemma product distributors. A number of parents have sent their complaints to the FTC and other business regulatory centers.

Vemma-Business-Opportunity-compensation is vemma a pyramid

Looks like a pyramid to me

Federal Trade Commission itself had received more than 175 Vemma scam complains so far until April 2014. A number of colleges have also warned their students against registering themselves with Vemma Nutrition Company by saying that it is an illegal pyramid scheme.

The college of New Jersey’s dean of Business; Mr. William Keep who is also an expert in pyramid Schemes also warned that Vemma Mlm Company has some signs of Pyramid scheme its activities. William Keep knew about Vemma when one student was found with a number of energy drinks that have not been sold in the dormitory. Mr. Keep says that Vemma heavily relies on recruiting new members as one of the methods of generating revenue for the Company, other than selling its products for profit.

It is in May 2015, that one magazine called Stern, reported that Australian and German consumer protection organizations have issued out warning to its citizens on enrolling themselves on Vemma Nutrition Company. The magazine suggested that Vemma is luring unemployed youths and unsuspecting customers with exaggerated business opportunity, which eventually leads to losing a lot of money in the real sense.

Vemma’s Government Investigationswhat is the vemma scam

New Vision International

New Vision International before it was Vemma Nutrition Company was investigated by FTC and ordered to cease from claiming that one of the company’s products cures Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder otherwise known as ADHD/ADD. Vemma calls this product “God’s Recipe”!

Is this not blasphemous? I am just wondering!

New Vision International was therefore accused by the FTC of making deceptive or false claims of the medicinal nature of their products in advertisements. Under a court decision, FTC ordered New Vision International to stop making the following claims concerning their products:

  1. To cease from airing advertisements that claim that one of their products can treat ADHD/ADD or be used in place of Ritalin.
  2. To stop claiming that all their endorsements on their product are ordinary.
  3. Stop making false claims on their products reducing the risk of certain body complications or disorders and they should email this to all their independent distributors with immediate effect.

According to Federal Trade Commission (FTC), it was the first time in their organization to sue a Company over ADHD/ADD. New Vision International reached settlements with FTC but pleaded not guilty by refuting all those claims.

Vemma on Italian Pyramid Scheme Allegations

In March 2014, the customer protection agency in Italy called Autorita Garante Della Concorrenza Del Mercato, abbreviated as AGCM fined Vemma Italia 100,000 British pounds.

The agency accused Vemma Nutrition Company of being a pyramid scheme.  AGCM argued that Vemma concentrates on luring people to enroll into their company and get a lot of revenue from it, more than the money they generate from the sale of the Company’s products.

The Vemma executive pleaded innocent but made a press statement where they said that they never thought recruiting was illegal. The company however promised to make some adjustments on their policies in regard to the ruling of the Court.

In a report released by Truth In Advertising has however concluded the latest Compensation plan introduced by Vemma is still similar to the compensation plan the Italian Government referred to as a Vemma Scam and pyramid scheme.

Vemma Investigations in Switzerland and Austria

Truth in Advertising reported that Switzerland and Austria are investigating Vemma over Pyramid Scheme marketing strategies. The Federal Department of Economic Affairs of Switzerland took a legal action against Vemma using the State Secretariat For Economic Affairs, accusing Vemma of running a an illegal pyramid Scheme in their country. This was prompted by numerous complaints from consumers and independent distributors. The nature of the complaines however remains private because judgment has not been passed by the time of writing this article.

Austria has also not been left behind on suing Vemma. The Australian Labour Consumer Division under the Vorarlberg Chamber has said that it will file a case against Vemma for running a pyramid scheme.  Australia had however issued a warning statement to all consumers not to enroll themselves in the Company in August 2014.

Vemma Nutrition Company Shut Down By Federal Trade Commission

It seems things are not moving in the right direction for Vemma recently.

It is on the 21st of August, 2015, that the U.S FTC pursued criminal proceedings against Vemma.

The lawsuit froze all the company’s assets and sought for remedy of any damages caused to consumers.

The Federal Trade Commission argued that Vemma has all the signs of a pyramid scheme and it has illegal incorporated various companies into their business and offers false information about the real earnings of its distributors.

This restraining order by Vemma will expire within 14 days as from Sept. 4, unless the court decides to extend it.

Mr. Tom Alkazin and the Vemma Nutrition Company’s CEO Benson Boreyko were named as the only defendants in this lawsuit.

Whether this is extended or not, Vemma has taken a seriously HUGE hit in the MLM world. Only time will tell if they will be able to come back from that or if they will fold Vemma and roll out a new company.

IF this is done, let’s hope they learned their lesson and make an even more superior product.

But for folks like Brian McMullen, Vemma changed his life for the better. And for that, I am sure Brain is grateful.

What have you heard about Vemma shutting down?

Share with me below!