Butcher Turns Multi-Millionaire

Jimmy Smith is a fired up butcher, turned Isagenix network marketing multi-millionaire.

My friend, Jimmy Smith, is a king of dreamers, who has at last seen the epic light at the end of the tunnel.

I still believe today that there are exceptionally very few; I repeat very, very few people who can think, act and achieve what Jimmy has achieved in Isagenix international MLM business.

Will You be Next?

I have decided to share his eye-opening story with you, because that next unique and go getter might be you.

In short, we are today going to cover a ground breaking story of a 62 years old sick, broke, semi-illiterate and retired butcher, who has succeeded in his bid to bring financial freedom in his family, at ‘late’ stages of life.

If you have never believed in dreaming, then today you will definitely start to, but after reading this story!

WealthCreation_072715_SecretsToSuccess_JimmySJuggling Success

Jimmy Smith is currently an extra-ordinary name in Isagenix International llc. MLM and the whole of network marketing business.

This is simply because Jimmy Smith is a genius of geniuses in home based businesses!

He has successfully juggled his financial freedom dream, passion and his meat business experience, to turn into an Isagenix network marketing champion.

Jimmy Smith is one of the top earners in Isagenix, who currently make a whole $185,000 per month and over $2,220,000 per year.

Jimmy Smith Isagenix is a really dreamer, he made me smile today when reading how his wife took him to a psychologist for serious counseling when he was dreaming about making money in MLM business; thinking that he had totally lost it!

Could you imagine?!?

Many successful entrepreneurs have been inspired by Jimmy Smith’s story, and now it is your turn!

Speaking of being inspired….check out my buddy Brad here and his inspiring tale. No doubt you will be chomping to get a little more of these gems:

Biography of Jimmy Smith

Jimmy Smith comes from a meat business family. Both his father and grandfather were renowned butchers.

Jimmy loved women and sports a lot during his young age.

His mother and father were in constant contradictory arguments about his future career. His mother wanted Jimmy Smith to go to school and get a decent education that will enable him be absorbed in the formal employment market, while his father really wanted him to be a butcher just like him and his grandfather.

So, Jimmy Smith had to make a decision about his future life.

Guess what?

Jimmy Smith finally decided to be a butcher, in honor of his father’s wish. He told him that he had very many educated young men working in his butchery because they simply could not get a job. So, a butcher job was a readily available vacancy and people will never stop eating meat until they die.

Jimmy Smith respected his father so much, and loved him to the extent that he decided to be a full time butcher after graduating from high school.

Jimmy became a full time butcher for over 40 years.

He never missed a paycheck in all those years, but he equally never had enough.

The now Isagenix MLM top earner and network marketing billionaire worked hard with a lot of passion in the butchery business.

Jimmy eventually became the best butcher on the block and got promoted to be a meat manager in one of the largest meat joints, and he really enjoyed his job. He loved meat so much that he could cut a large chunk of meat every week to eat at home.

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Now that I have your REAL interest….back to our story. (I won’t leave ya hanging…..more goodies at the bottom)

A Turn for the Worse

All went well until he suffered from spinal arthritis.

Jimmy Smith used to hurt his back regularly due to carrying heavy chunks of meat every day, considering he had a relatively small body size.

Jimmy worked until he was 56 years old. He, however, one day hurt his back so bad in 1983 that he was hospitalized for 14 days. The doctors in that hospital recommended surgery to him, but he stood firm and said no.

The meat company Jimmy Smith worked with gave him a full pension that covered all of his medical bills, but they decided to terminate his contract with the meat business.

Mr. Smith found himself sick, bankrupt and jobless.

He had no education that could enable him get a formal job, other than the experience he had gathered from cutting and carrying meat.

Jimmy Smith’s wife suggested that he take a job of crossing school children at the streets, but that is not want he wanted to do in life. He imagined raising six kids, taking them to good private school and then end up crossing other people’s children in the streets never crossed his mind.

Jimmy says that in the whole of his meat cutting business, he had never even come close to making $20,000 per year. Funny enough to him, his children thought they were rich, and he fails to understand how they figured that out.

Mr. Smith’s family of course had a good house, nice furniture and a beautiful car,  but all that ended when he fell sick while he was 53 years old. That was too young for him to retire in his opinion, and he started looking around for a job after he had recovered.

Jimmy Smith’s Journey in MLM Business

Jimmy Smith struggled for the whole six years before he stumbled on a network marketing business opportunity, which fascinated him.

Jimmy remembers a close friend calling him about a network marketing business he said will change the rest of his life. His friend said that many people are in the business and are making a lot of money out of it. So, Jimmy Smith joined his first NSA water filters MLM company, even though he initially doubted its legitimacy.

Jimmy then met his friend in Hawaii where he, for the first time in his life, was presented with a multilevel marketing geometric progression. He then never even knew the meaning of the word network marketing.

Jimmy Smith was given a video presentation by Don Failla as a present, which taught him a lot of things about MLM businesses and the whole of home business opportunities, using his geometric progression calculations.

Jimmy  was so excited about the MLM industry that he took a number of days to research and learn more about the business. He eventually joined the business, although he wasn’t sure if he would be successful.

It was after a few months that one of his other friends called Jimmy, all the way from Montreal, Canada. She told him that she wanted to start a multi-level marketing company, so she was inquiring whether he was interested, because they have a plan of expanding their business into the United States of America.

Jimmy joined the company straight away, but only after looking at the water filters and the warehouse the company had built.

Jimmy Smith, excited about the multi-level marketing business opportunity, bought the company’s water filters for $15,000 USD.

He knew he was definitely going to be a national director in the USA and was very excited. The company eventually entered the US, and Jimmy was told to mobilize people for an introduction and a presentation. Jimmy Smith knew very little about the company and what he was even doing, but he went ahead to mobilize people for the meeting. He was finally lucky to get 150 people in his home.

The soon to be Isagenix top earner and billionaire served them with tea and coffee, patiently waiting for the president of the company and its Regional vice-president to address them.

Jimmy had 15 people join the business on the spot, working really hard to make sure he made a living.

Another Shocking Blow

All hell however broke loose several months later, when their new network marketing company went bankrupt and eventually collapsed. Jimmy Smith’s first check of $3,000 USD went with it. He was really shocked, but still excited about the whole network marketing ventures.

Jimmy’s wife really got angry when she realized that Jimmy Smith was still excited with MLM companies, even though they had robbed them $15,000.

Jimmy defended himself by saying that all he needed was the right company and everything would be fine.

Jimmy, however, gave all the water filters to his kids to use for Christmas.

He had learned how dangerous it is to join a new network marketing company before it proves itself in the business.

New Awakening

Jimmy’s attitude towards start up multi-level marketing companies was once again proved wrong by some of his friends in his MLM downline.

Some of his downline members he was working with joined other MLM startup companies and made millions of dollars, within their first year of joining.

Jimmy Smith was making approximately $5,000 a week with his MLM company and thought he was very successful. He said no to them and they went on to make millions of dollars. He regrets this and many other bad decisions he had made in his life before joining Isagenix Network marketing business.

He now decided to take any business opportunity, based on his instincts.

Jimmy Smith’s Success Philosophy

Jimmy’s father taught him to value customers in the meat industry more than anything else. His father had a sign in their butcher shop that read, “We cannot afford to have even one dissatisfied customer”.

Jimmy took that sign wherever he went and worked, mostly in network marketing ventures.

Jimmy Smith recalls his father telling him that he can have any butcher he want in his business, but not any customer. So, he should treat all customers with uttermost respect, if he wants to be successful in the meat business.

In multilevel marketing business, Jimmy Smith uses a verse from the Bible to guide him through his business. His key verse is “Do unto others as you would have them do Unto You”.

He has, however, coined his own network marketing philosophy from it that says, “Do unto Your Downline as You Would have Your Up line do Unto You,” and “Ask not What Your Up line Can Do For You, But Rather What You Can Do For Your Downline.”

That is a creed he lives by in his life and in MLM business.

Here are some of The Things Jimmy Smith had done that made him Successful in Isagenix…

Jimmy says that everybody looks at issues and opportunities from different angles. He believes that there is nothing bad or good in the world. It is all in the way you perceive it.

Jimmy Smith has been successful in network marketing because he sees it a genealogy tree, where everything is built under you.

Mr. Smith of Isagenix has however been able to be an Isagenix tisagenix-1op earner at his old age, because he saw network marketing to be democracy in finest form. Jimmy Smith believes that multilevel marketing is the best business in the world, because it involves people empowering other people and individuals helping other individuals.

He also realized that if those people don’t make money, then you will also definitely fail in making money.

Jimmy has also experienced tremendous success in Isagenix network marketing company. Eighteen of the Isagenix top earners are in his downline. Jimmy is also proud of his two daughters; Kathy and Grace, who are also in the top 25 list of top earners in Isagenix multilevel marketing industry.

Keeping it in the family, eh?

Jimmy, though aged, still has a dream of ensuring that out of the top 100 list of top earners in Isagenix, 75 of them come from his downline.

He is and will always be successful in Isagenix because he always thinks of his downline rather than himself!

For instance, Jimmy Smith never sells MLM information to his downline. He has, instead, created a website at www.JimmySmithsvision.com where all people can visit, explore, read, watch and download materials all for free.

Mr. Smith says that the only way to be successful in multilevel marketing is to transfer what is in your head into the heads of your downline. If everybody in the world understands the geometric progression of network marketing just like other millionaires, everybody will then be in MLM businesses.

Jimmy Smith has been able to make over $5 million in commissions while he is 80 years old.

So, for all those calling network marketing pyramid scheme, where on earth will an 80 years old grandfather and a retired butcher be able to make over $70,000 a week in formal employment?

This makes Jimmy Smith believe that network marketing is one of the greatest kept isagenix
secret in the world! Do you agree? Leave your comment below, and I will be more than happy to share with you.

Our Isagenix Top earner is nevertheless a very generous millionaire. Jimmy believesthat giving one of the reasons why he has managed and still manages to get a lot from the Isagenix network marketing business. He is one of the few billionaires who believe that network marketing is one of the most lucrative business ventures anybody from any part of the world can invest in.

Jimmy Smith’s Awards and Accolades

Jimmy is a really good life dreamer, who has achieved all he ever needed in life.

He is the MLM top earner in Isagenix, very aged but going strong.

He has built a business with over 80,000 members in his downline.

He has more than 18 distributors in the 25 list of top earners in Isagenix, two which are his daughters.

Jimmy’s family currently makes over $300,000 per month, where he himself generates over $185,000 and the rest from his daughters.

Jimmy Smith is a grandfather and great grand-father who had inspired many retired professionals.

He is a world renowned motivational speaker, network marketing business mentor and a true Isagenix MLM legend.

Yes, he is an Isagenix billionaire, a 6 star Crystal Executive and 19- star platinum.

He lives in his dream home in Westchester, Philadelphia with his 6 children, 30 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.

One quick question for you please! Have you ever read Jimmy Smith’s interview in The Network Marketing Magazine? If not, then that is something special you are really missing in your life! Bye for today and hope you will read it!