Calvin Becerra

Calvin Becerra of MonaVie is a twin brother to Brandon Becerra and a very wealthy network marketing superstar. Calvin is one of the most successful recruiters and leaders in the field, the first youngest millionaire club member and the presidential Diamond rank achiever.

Calvin is a very humble and young multi-millionaire in the competitive relationship marketing industry. He came from a poverty stricken background, and joined the MLM business with absolutely zero knowledge and experience. He grew up with a single mother and swore never to lead the type of life his family has been leading.

All in all, Calvin Becerra has turned out to be a Mona Vie usa global leader, motivator and business trainer the world has never seen.

Mr. Calvin is also a very dedicated real Estate investor and a specialist in Mortgage banking in the United States of America.  Nevertheless, Calvin Becerra has attracted a lot of respect online as a full time entrepreneur; investing in Mona Vi network marketing business, Real Estate and currently Jeunesse multi level marketing company.

Many people in his downline describe Calvin as a people’s person, true business leader and an mlms icon that deserves every kind of respect in the network marketing industry.

Calvin Becerra, although not currently in Mona vie is still one of the legendary recruiters the top mlm companies have never seen. He is still remembered in MonVie, simply because of his unique approach to recruitment, training and mentorship.

Before becoming in-active in MonaVi, Calvin was one of the mlm Top earners in the Company and the first youngest millionaire club member in MonaVie business. He is still reaping the benefits of investing in a network marketing business by still earning a monthly residue income of more than $130,000, although many suggest that he was earning a seven figure income when he was active in Monavie.

The following is a detailed story on how he achieved all this, beginning with his biography!

Biography of Calvin Becerra of Mona Vie

Calvin Becerra is not only a network marketing king, but also a father and a husband. Calvin is married to Shannon Becerra and they currently live together in Corona California; although Calvin was originally from Concord, California.

As I indicated earlier, Calvin is a twin brother to Brandon Becerra, and very little information is known on what his brother does for a living.

Calvin Becerra, together with his brother went to the popular De la Salle High School in Concord, California. It is while in high school that Calvin discovered his talent in sports and later got the privilege of working in the same institution as a Janitor of the school.

To add on that, Calvin was an excellent athlete who merited for a scholarship, out of his outstanding performance and representing his school well in co-curricular activities.

As a result, Calvin Becerra joined the University of Southern California, where he took a bachelors degree in business, while still studying ULV Honors Program in Criminology and business at the prestigious University of La Verna. Calvin took these two degrees co-currently, a sign that he was a very hard working young man; as from 1999 to 2003.

Calvin showed signs of success from the very first time, because he was self motivated and very humble. All in all, Calvin is popular because he is extremely friendly and has a nice personality.

The Journey of Calvin Becerra in MonaVie

Calvin Becerra was in the real estate business before joining Mona vie MLM Company, and he has gone back to his business, after experiencing some success in MonaVie.

Mr. Becerra was sponsored by his next door neighbor while in Concord, California, liked the Mona vie compensation plan and has never looked back since then. Calvin Becerra was however in the downline of the MonaVi Multi-millionaires; Brig and Lita Hart, but they are unfortunately no longer in business.

Calvin Becerra had no prior mlm experience to joining MonaVi MLMs business, but worked extremely hard on his way up to become the youngest millionaire club member and Black Diamond executive at the age of 27 years old. It took Calvin 8 months to achieve this highly coveted award in MonaVie business.

Mr. Calvin Becerra also says that he feels lucky to be part of a company that has shattered almost all multilevel marketing records in the world, to becoming one of the most promising direct selling companies then.

Calvin prides himself in building a very dynamic downline that literally touches on every part of the world. Calvin therefore happy to have a business in at least every part of the world and see it as a privilege to be in the MonaVie business that has enabled him make friends in almost every country in the globe.

Mr. Becerra of Monavie is also known as a recruiting machine, but a very supportive leader. Many people in his downline have praised him for his humbleness, excellent communication skills and support he had given them since they joined his downline.

Calvin has so far produced hundreds of training videos, majority of which can be found on his YouTube. The most intriguing thing about these videos is the fact that they give more generic information about top mlm companies, different to others that are tailored towards distributors of a specific company.

Nevertheless, I have to stress that Calvin Becerra’s 2 by 2 star maker video is a master-class training that every prospect and developed MLM investor ought to check out. I am not affiliated to Monavie or Calvin Becerra, but I have to admit that I like his trainings.

This is simply because he do not only recruit people into his downline, but also stands by their side until they are successful and achieve their goals. Ladies and gentlemen, I am sure you will agree with me if you had had a chance of listening to his trainings!

Our multi-millionaire celebrity was also in the R3 Global before he quit the business. R3 Global was a group made up of successful Mona vie distributors from various parts of the world. The purpose of R3 Global was to produce videos, trainings, support materials, seminars, books and clothing for others to use in achieving their success in Moanvie and the whole of relationship marketing business. It is however a known fact that R3 Global no longer exist in MonaVi international.

Calvin Becerra of Monavie and later Jeunesse Global believes that the biggest challenge many distributors face in MLM business is to know what it takes to be successful in the direct selling industry. He however encourages his downline and prospective entrepreneurs to take the necessary step towards changing their lives.

Calvin Becerra also believes that anybody and everybody can make it in Monavie, no matter their background, age, religion, gender or ethnic background.

So, are the Calvin Becerra Scam allegations True?

The answer is a big NO!

As much as I agree that the multilevel marketing industry has been one of the most controversial businesses in the world, I will have to state that it has been legalized in many countries; United States being one of them. So, the pyramid scheme accusations on Calvin Becerra are mostly personal opinions, which in my case hold no waters.

Calvin Becerra is therefore a well-intentioned Monavi and Jeunesses product distributor, who has been able to beat all the odds in life to becoming one of the success stories in this new business era.

The sad news however is that Calvin Becerra is no longer active in Monavie network marketing business. He left the Monavie business in April 2014, after experiencing some massive success for the past 6 years and 8 months. It is in MonaVie that Calvin founded MYNT; which was his Monavi individual distributorship business.

Nevertheless, Calvin Becerra is now full time in Jeunesse global mlm business that has been rumored to replace Monavie. Calvin also owns a real estate investment company that he named FindFixFlipit LTD.

As the name suggest, Calvin’s real estate company finds and buys houses in poor conditions, uses money from investors to repair and furnish them before selling them for a profit. Calvin then divides the profit he had made to his investors and the remaining becomes his profit. The most interesting fact however is that he has been in this business for over 13 years and he is not looking back.

Calvin Becerra’s Awards and Accolades

Calvin Becerra is not only considered a champion in Monavie, but a very determined and inspiring leader. He is highly adored leader in the network marketing industry and one of the top earners in mlm business.

Calvin grew up from a humble background, but he has showed the world that everything is possible through the many awards and accolades he has achieved so far.

To begin with, Calvin Becerra became the first youngest Presidential Black Diamond in Monavie at the age of 27, and qualified to be the youngest member in the mlm top earners millionaire club after approximately8 months.

Mr. Calvin Becerra has also been featured in various world-class magazines, both as an mlms celebrity and as a very successful real estate investor. He owns the FindFixFlipit Company and he is on his way to becoming one of the mlm top earners in his new mlm company called Jeunesse Global.

Calvin first achieved the Royal Black Diamond in July 2012, where he received a check of $100,000 before achieving the prestigious Presidential Black diamond executive in November 2012, received a classy mercedez benz and a check of $300,000 as a result.

Lastly but not least, Calvin Becerra is still in the direct selling business hall of fame and  the sky is the limit, to say the least.