Carol and Alan Lorenz – Herbalife

There is no family that is exceptionally inspiring as the Lorenz’s life in the multi-level marketing industry.

This couple is of divergent professions, but knows want they really want in the world of MLM business.

The family comprises of Carol Hannah and Alan Lorenz; popularly known as Carol and Alan Lorenz in Herbalife mlm business.

Alan Lorenz was a professional divorce lawyer while Carol Hannah was a model based in Toronto.

Sounds like a pretty good life to me. Not like a lot of our Top Earners who start off at such paltry beginnings.

They have both abandoned their careers to become one of the best Herbalife distributors and one of the Herbalife top earners of all times. Caution!!

Their humble journey to becoming multi-millionaires might also tempt you to quit your professional job, hehee!

Alan and Carol Lorenz have risen from the humble professional life to becoming the 4th best Herbalife product distributors and 19th best in the overall mlm top earners in the whole world.

What an achievement!

The most humbling part of the couple, is that they are able to make $300,000 per month and over $3,600,000 a year while doing very little work, like making a marketing YouTube video, traveling, or just watching their favorite TV program; which is in fact described as work in the millionaires world. Hahaaa.

Their success in life has, however, not come easily as they had blatantly struggled on the way.

Let us now see where they come from; maybe they live in our neighborhoods and yet we don’t know.

The Historical Background of Carol and Alan Lorenz

Alan Lorenz was born and raised in United Kingdom, went to Cambridge University where he studied law; specializing in criminal and divorce law.

Carol Hannah is a Toronto based former model.

Carol is married to Alan Lorenz who is a lawyer turned mlm entrepreneur with Herbalife international.

She had been in the modeling business for over 10 years while her husband had been practicing law for over 15 years.

The couple have also involved themselves in a variety of businesses, where they have gained little and lost a lot of money.

Carol Lorenz’s modeling career came to an abrupt end when she fractured her leg after falling when doing catwalks at Dusseldorf in the United States of America.

What a heart-breaking set of events!

Or so one would think!

I am sure you have heard the saying that things happen for a reason. Who knows, maybe Carol and Alan would have never gotten into MLM had she not of broken her leg.

It may be a blessing in disguise. We will continue on and see.

Carol and Alan Lorrenz’s Journey to Herbalife Top Earners List

Alan Lorenz and Carol Lorenz are a husband and wife team & successful family; Alan was a professional lawyer while Carol was a very beautiful and highly talented model who lived in Toronto.

Alan was also a businessman who ventured into different types of businesses, other than practicing divorce and criminal law.

Their business ventures were however a win-loss situation, where he sometimes made profit, while sometimes making a heck of a lot of loss.

It is, however, after losing a $100,000, that he invested as a start up in a dance studio, that he said enough is enough.

100 grand!!! That is a lot of G’s to loose.

I would be in tears if I had of lost that much, but it seems to me that that was the catalyst that Alan used to catapult himself into a greater destiny of financial freedom.

He, therefore, started looking for a more lucrative business opportunity that was less risky, gives him humble time, and made a lot of profit within a short period of time.

Their financial situation worsened when Carol had an unfortunate accident when she broke her leg while cat-walking at the Dusseldorf catwalk competition.

Their extravagant way of life was suddenly disrupted, leading to the couple becoming highly stressed out, and gained a lot of weight in the process.

They do, however, thank their God for the mlm opportunity of making money with Herbalife at the moment.

Life became so difficult to them, so much until Alan met Julie Disler in 1979.

Julie Dislier was a personal development couch who recruited Alan in her system as one of her first two students.

It was later, in 1984, that Alan again met Julie Dislier in a club, looking beautiful, younger, thinner, and healthier.

Alan Lorenz was surprised how healthy she looked and then decided to ask her. She told her about Herbalife and how their products were healthy, powerful, and of course the business opportunity that came with it.

Alan was so excited that she introduced Carol into the business and went to try out their products on weight loss.

Alan and Carol Join Herbalife

Lorenz Herbalife millionaires

Alan & Carol Lorenz
“Our Business became a global success organization.”

Alan lost an impressive 7 kilos (or 15 pounds) of weight in just 20 days of using the Herbalife product.

He developed real trust in those products, went for more and started marketing them, although some members of his family thought he has gone crazy; a successful lawyer involving himself in a Herbalife scam was beyond their comprehension.

In one incident, Alan recall going to join his two brothers for lunch with a t-shirt with a big badge of black, white and red writings of Herbalife readings, saying

‘loss weight now, ask me how.’

His two brothers refused to share a table with him, claiming that he has gone nuts, and yes, he had really gone nuts with the Herbalife products and making money with Herbalife.

I am sure his two brothers are no longer ashamed of sitting next to him. He could have his chest full of badges promoting Herbalife, and I am sure they wouldn’t mind.

In fact, they probably would be wearing their own. lol

He in fact made over $2,000 dollars in revenue in their first two months and knew in his heart that he was in the right track to the long awaited financial freedom.

Which isn’t a whole lot in the bigger picture, but it was enough to get Alan’s juices flowing and see success with Herbalife.

Alan and Carol have since then risen the ladder of mlm top earners to becoming one of the most respected and honored Herbalife product distributors in all parts of the world.

Alan uses the online business platform to build his business and to inspire people on where they have come from and where they are going.

You will find a variety of videos on YouTube explaining how to be successful in the mlm business, and achieve financial freedom just like the Lorenzs.

Bottom line is this…

Carol and Alan Lorenz are mlm multi-millionaires elite members in Herbalife, two dozen members of the Chairman’s club; which consist of Herbalife distributors who make more than a million dollars sales in a year.

No small feat to accomplish, that is for sure!

Other Herbalife Millionaires include Abraham Benitez & Raquel Cortez, Enrique & Graciela Varela, and Tae Ho Kim, the top 3 Herbalife money makers.

They are also members of the president’s club, which is made up of Herbalife distributors who earns more than $250,000 in commissions a year.

The couple is so respected by Herbalife International that you will find a big picture of Carol and Alan getting out of a very long and white limousine in Herbalife Headquarters.

Carol Lorenz has served as an executive’s vice president in charge of communications, sales, and distributor operations.

They have also invested in various businesses in all parts of the world; the most prolific one being in the real estate industry.

They wanted an opportunity to earn and have financial freedom and that is what they have exactly achieved and still doing.

So what are your goals in achieving the financial freedom as Alan and Carol have done?

Tell me about it below!