Carol & Blake Tillotson

Carol & Blake Tillotson – NuSkin Top Earners


Before joining NuSkin, Blake Tillotson was employed as an electrical engineer. His wife, Carol, was finishing her degree while raising their three children. They first got introduced to the NuSkin business by Blake’s family, who were already independent distributors.  Carol & Blake Tillotson were skeptical about getting involved. After all, their plates were full with school, work, and children.


Five years later, Blake and Carol decided to give multilevel marketing a go. It was one of their best decisions. In a short amount of time, their team grew rapidly. As with most folks that first sign up with network marketing, they soon realized that having a home-based business requires a solid work ethic and dedication. But Carol and Blake soon realized that taking care of their downline was the way to get the time and financial freedom they desired.


Because of Nu Skin, Blake & Carol have the lifestyle they have always dreamed of. They were able to be there for their children, attending their activities and helping them with their homework. Moreover, their children were able to attend the college of their choice. Carol and Blake Tilllotson are grateful to NuSkin for the wonderful business opportunity that gave them the chance for personal and financial growth.


Carol & Blake Tillotson have done quite well for themselves. They are millionaire entrepreneurs, and they make around $95,000.00 per month in residual income. In the more than 19 years they have been with the NuSkin MLM business, they have earned the ranks of 1 Star TE Platinum (2010) and 20 Million Dollar Circle.


Blake and Carol will be the first to tell you that it wasn’t always easy. But they say you have to persevere and not give up. There will be obstacles when you are working in direct selling, but you have to not let them get you down.


Nu Skin


I have written so many times about Nu Skin network marketing business. I guess that’s because it keeps creating so many top MLM earners. Founded in 1984 in Provo, Utah, NuSkin offers personal care and beauty products, as well as dietary supplements. In 1990, NuSkin went international and now markets its products in over 50 countries. In 1996, NuSkin was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Today, this successful direct selling company has over one million distributors.


The goal of NuSkin was to develop innovative products with good and natural ingredients. Not to mention the business opportunity that will allow individuals to build their nest egg with long-term wealth. NuSkin has been in the MLM industry for a long time, and it is no surprise that it is a one billion dollar enterprise. Nu Skin is showing the world that it has the best people, product, and opportunity in network marketing.


With the economy being a rollercoaster, NuSkin wants to provide a focused business opportunity marketing anti-aging products and a profitable compensation plan. NuSkin wants to be the number one MLM health and wellness business in the industry.


Nu Skin is all about giving back to the community. Its Nourish the Children organization has handed out more than 400 million meals to children in need. This initiative is supported by the sales of VitaMeal purchases and donations from NuSkin consultants and employees worldwide. Other organizations NuSkin works with includes United Way, the Food & Care Coalition, and the Children with Cancer Foundation.




What has separated NuSkin from its competitors all these years is scientific innovation. The technologies and formulas used have enabled us to come up with real solutions that deliver amazing results. NuSkin is devoted to researching and development; it frequently collaborates with leading research institutions. The end results are products enhanced with anti-aging; skin care for the next generation.


NuSkin product reviews are high and low. There are loyal customers who love the products and rave about how the facelift and mask products take years off their skin. Then, there are those that say you can get better products at cheaper prices. One NuSkin complaint that I saw over and over again was the billing process. Customers state that they are continuously billed for auto-fill services even when they didn’t get their consent. When they tried to call customer service, it was a waste of time.




NuSkin compensation plan works similar to other multi level marketing companies. You earn money from retail profits. If one of your loyal customers decides to become an independent distributor, you earn commission from the retails sales of his or her team members. This is where you continuous residual income comes from.




NuSkin has been the subject of many legal issues. In 2014, shares of NuSkin stock dropped drastically when the Chinese media market accused the company of running an illegal pyramid scheme. In 1990, the FTC investigated NuSkin for making false advertisement. Additionally, the FTC investigated NuSkin for its MLM practices. In 1994, NuSkin paid $1 million and signed a consent decree prohibiting it from making unsubstantiated claims about its products.


In recent times (2014), NuSkin was the subject of a securities fraud class action suit that was filed on the behalf of investors who purchased or acquired stock between 2013 and 2014. Also in 2014, the Chinese government fined NuSkin $540,000.00 for making false claims about its products.


I didn’t know this, but China has the fastest growing market in multilevel marketing businesses. In spite of all this, NuSkin has been chosen as one of Forbes 100 Most Trustworthy Companies (2010).