Carol & Ken Porter – #1 in MonaVie

Carol & Ken Porter – MonaVie Superstars

ken-carol-porter-monavieThe mlm industry has produced many millionaires, but none is like Carol & Ken Porter.

I am comfortably saying this, not just because they are mlm top earners but because of their big wonderful family, mlm business approach, and inspirational journey to being mlm millionaires with the late entry MonaVie mlm company.

The couple is an undisputed ‘make money with mlm’ millionaires, and are a highly sought after motivational speakers and mlm coaches.

Carol & Ken Porter are a typical example of a couple that has achieved a lot of success in the mlm business. I am saying this confidently because their monthly and yearly earnings speak for themselves!

In fact, they currently make over $250,000 per month and over $3 million per year with MonaVie.

That is some nice CHA-CHING!

The beauty of this is that they just make this while involving themselves in different activities.

Have you ever heard or seen somebody who get paid for being idle?

Then continue reading and see it for yourself!

But before I discuss how they manage all this, it is important I shed some light on where Carol & Ken Porter come from, shall we?

The Background of Carol and Ken Porter

Carol & Ken Porter have a family history similar to that of any other ordinary family!

Ken met Carol in college, fell in love and got married, 30 years ago.

Carol & Ken Porter currently live in St. Georges, Utah in the United States of America.Porter family

The couple is blessed with seven children: two boys and five girls.

WHOA!!! And I thought I had it rough with 3!!!

The names of their two sons are Jaxon and Brae, while the five ladies are Mahala, Madi, Jayden, Taryn and Kierston.

Mr. and Mrs. Porter have also adopted two more children, and are currently living with the rest of the family in their world class home in St. Georges, Utah.

How awesome is that!?!?!

I must say – these guys must REALLY love kids! 9 in total!

Carol & Ken Porter like having fun with their children, since they have little to worry about in life anyway! If they are not travelling to any part of the world, they are busy having fun at Zion national park in St. Georges or better still having a party with their neighbors at their heated swimming pool in St. Georges.

Carol and Ken will invite all of their neighbors and their children to their palace, so that they can closely monitor what their children are up to, who they interact with, and what challenges they face in their interaction process.

How admirable!

I wouldn’t mind being their neighbors….would you?

The Porters, who are MonaVie’s mlm millionaires, also define success as the ability to be close to your family, spend quality time with your family and afford to give them everything they need. Carol agrees that they can afford this type of lifestyle, thanks to the MonaVie mlm business.

Carol & Ken Porter attribute their success to high level planning and not just luck.

Carol & Ken Porter’s Journey to MLM Millionaires

Where are Carol and Ken Porter Currently?

Carol and Ken Porter have so far earned over $35 million with their distributorship.

The couple is in a very successful group consisting of top mlm leaders such as Orrin Woodward, Brig Hart, Onyx Coale, Steve and Gina Merrit.

Carol & Ken Porter currently have more than 3 million customers and product distributors in their down line. They have a strong client base in the United States of America, Europe and Asia. They have also managed to make more than $2.5 billion in sales using their well-established down line, since they made a decision to support and work with Dallin Larsen in 2004.

Where Did Carol & Ken Porter Start Their MLM Business?

Ken Porter was a stockbroker before joining the mlm business.

Ken had over 1000 customers in his business and he lived a comfortable life just like other ordinary civil servant.

It was only in a day that the inevitable happened to him.

He woke up one morning, went to work as a routine, only to find the company closed for good!

Imagine the shock of that!

You get up, doing your normal routine, you head into work only to find that you are no longer employed! No warning, no nothing!

Ken Porter was shocked, got frustrated, and immediately knew that he quickly needed a replacement for his income.

Ken Porter remembered some of his clients who were distributors with Nu Skin telling him how they live a comfortable life, with a lot of free time and got interested in the business.

Ken Porter saw the lucrative opportunity in mlm network but was too proud to ask any of his clients for sponsorship.

So he decided to call the Nu Skin head office by himself for registration without being sponsored by anybody.

The Nu Skin mlm company referred him to a lady who registered him. But challenges and frustrations never end in the world!

That lady who was supporting him soon detached herself from him and left him in a state of dilemma.

I have been there personally myself. You get a sponsor that promises you the world on a silver platter and then, without any type of warning, they completely sizzle out!

Life turned out to be rough but his desire to succeed and live a comfortable life never gave him a chance to quit. He simply took each challenge that came into his life as a stepping stone and sojourned on.

Ken and Carol Porter later decided to join another mlm company called Rexall.

Ken_Porter_CheckStill chasing that dream!

He also worked harder this time round until he was named of the top distributors in the company.

After working there for more than four years, Ken decided that Raxall was not the company of his dream. He then joined USANA in 1991 and that is where the couple started to see real success in the mlm business.

USANA had an incredible business model and a wonderful compensation plan that tempted them to move from Unicity.

Carol & Ken confess that they still receive residual income from this company after leaving it for over 20 years now.

Carol & Ken Porter’s Journey in MonaVie…

Carol & Ken Porter joined MonaVie because they trusted the owner of MonaVie; Dallin Larsen, and knew he was best at anything he did.

They were now more confident since they had tested the waters with USANA.

Carol & Ken Porter were confident of MonaVie simply because they knew how hardworking Dallin had been.

Dallin Larsen is a former marketing manager for USANA and had played an integral role ensuring that the company achieved the success that it enjoys today.

So when the couple joined him in building MonaVie in 2004, they had every reason to be optimistic of success.

Will you take such a risk with your time and money like Carol & Ken Porter?

That is definitely a point of discussion in a different day!

Carol and Ken Porter attribute their success in mlm MonaVie to their strong philosophy of developing relationships.

Ken works harder in building strong relationships with other mlm millionaires than doing what all other ordinary mlm distributors do, Marketing!

He says that although world players in the mlm industry do not come from MonaVie, he works hard to ensure they are in good terms.

Ken has now a long list of mlm top earners from other mlm companies, and he says some of them have become very good family friends and business partners.

Awards and Accolades

Carol & Ken Porter have achieved almost everything possible in the world of MLM marketing. The couple is a member of the millionaires club and millionaires Hall of fame.

No easy feat there mind you!

They are a highly respected couple, one of the few millionaires that are almost perfect in parenting and making money.

There is no award that they have not achieved in MonaVie; they are currently the holders of the highly recognized and respected Black Diamond Accolade.

Carol & Ken Porter are very humble but not with money!


MonaVie is a multi-level marketing company that manufactures and distributes blended fruits and concentrates made from vegetable juice.

Other products manufactured and distributed by MonaVie Mlm Company include Purees and Powders.


An Overview of MonaVie Company

The MonaVie LLC was founded by Dallin Larsen, a former senior executive officer in two MLM companies namely USANA and Dynamic Essentials.

He later started the Monarch Health Sciences in 2003 whose sole role was to distribute weight loss supplements and diet products.

The Monarch later launched MonaVie juice in early 2005, which also founded MonaVie, Inc in the same year.

MonaVie is a privately owned MLM company located in South Jordan in Utah.

The newly formed MonaVie Company played an integral role in the whole process of distribution, bottling and the marketing of all MonaVie juice products.

The company also owns a charity organization called the More project in Brazil.

The weight loss products and the diet supplements MonaVie produces are distributed by individual distributors who in-turn receive commissions as they sale those products. The Non-employed distributors are also encouraged to spread the word about MonaVie products and recruit new distributors. By doing this, they build their down line or parlance where they can earn a lifetime income as long as his/her referrals remains active in the product distribution.

An individual distributor will earn more if their down line also recruits others.

MonaVie Productsmonavie-products

MonaVie MLM Company produces carbonated energy drinks, blended fruit juices, dietary products and dietary supplements. MonaVie Mlm Company has one of its popular juice products called MonaVie Kosher. The product is certified by the Jewish dietary laws as being healthy by the chief Rabbinate in Israel and the North America’s Orthodox Union.

The main ingredient of the juice is the acai berry. Which is determined to be a super fruit offering all kinds of healthy benefits to the user.

I personally used to be involved in MonaVie and drank the juice myself. It is very good and good for you. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of energy that I gained just from drinking the juice.

There are loads of health benefits as well!

What are the key benefits of MonaVie Essential?
Promotes overall health and longevity
Protects your body at the cellular level
Fights oxidative damage and aging
Offers potent antioxidant protection against free radicals
Provides nutritional benefits for all ages
Delivers the antioxidant capacity of approximately 13 servings of fruits and vegetables in just four ounces

How To Make Money With MonaVie

There are few people who make real profit as per the MonaVie executive vice president Henry Marsh.

He said that it is only 14% of distributors who achieve this dream.

It is approximated that it is only 1% of distributors who earn a sensible income and only 10% are able to make over $100 dollars a week.


Yes – these numbers are all true. This is also the reason I left MonaVie. I spent more on drinking the juice then I did selling it or recruiting others to sell it.

I do have a cool t-shirt from those days though!

Research also shows that almost 60% of distributors drop out of the business.

Yup – I was one of those!

It is only 0.001% who make more than $3 million a year and only 2% who makes approximately $29,000 annually.

Other distributors take home less than $2000 dollars a year.

The general average earnings of all distributors are approximately $40 per week, while the average of top 7 earners is about $3.5 million per year.

But that is the cream of the crop – the TOP earners!

MonaVie Product Research

MonaVie says that its juice has important Polyphenol antioxidants gotten from Acai and other blends of fruits.

Research has shown that polyphenol are excellent antioxidants in drinks.

The European food safety Authority and the United States Food and Drug Administration have shown that the polyphenols have no food value in human beings after digestion. They also suggest that Polyphenols are metabolized and later excreted but are not absorbed after digestion.

The MonaVie mlm company has since its inception locked horns with several companies and foods and drug controller authorities in United States of America and other parts of the world.

The company has been the defendants and the accused in several lawsuits. The most significant one was their lawsuit against Imagenetix for making a false advertisement on MonaVie products and the Zrii mlm company.

The MonaVie multi-level corporation has also been sued by Imagenetix.

One of the law suits that were highly publicized was one led by television stars Dr. Mehmet Oz and Oprah Winfrey against 40 mlm companies that sold acai products.

Unfortunately, MonaVie was part of the lawsuit.

Oprah and Dr. OZ as they are popularly known, sued these companies for claiming that the two are using products produced by the 40 mlm companies by imitating their voices.


Other lawsuits have also been filed against individual distributors and other mlm companies for various conflicting interests.

The conflict between MonaVie and Amway caught my interest the most!

Amway filed a lawsuit against MonaVie because its distributors used Amway Company’s name to market MonaVie products.

The former Amway product distributors were also accused of violating Amway product distribution contracts.

MonaVie has also received tremendous success and is still one of the companies that is doing well in mlm industry in United States of America, Europe and Asia.

It is also churning out a lot of millionaires and giving other mlm companies such as Amway and Herbalife a run for their money.

It has been viewed as a pyramid scheme by several individuals and corporation, but it is still strong and flourishing in the mlm business.

Forbes magazine has been vocal in this pyramid scheme allegation, but that is their opinion as any other company, can freely give their opinion about a company and its products.

All in all, MonaVie is a multi-level company that has given financial independence to so many people in the world, and is therefore trusted by many.

The saying, many cannot be wrong justifies all these claims!

Do you have any experience with MonaVie?

Tell me about it below!