Carole Taylor and Peter Oelmann

Carole Taylor and Peter Oelmann are one of the most decorated or colorful individuals and Couple in Isagenix international. Carol Taylor and Peter Oelmann previously held one of the most reputable professional jobs that our society almost worships today, but they left all that to invest in the business of their dreams! How sweet!

Let me start by saying that this couple is one of the mlm top income earners in Isagenix, the highest paid Isagenix network marketers in Canada, and probably one of the most successful mlm leaders on the globe.

Peter Oelmann and Carole Taylor have been in the network marketing business for over 36 years, and have produced more than 114 millionaires in their down line. I will also not fail to remind you that this couple in the first runners up when looking at all time top earners in Isagenix International, other than being extremely wealth.

Carole Taylor and Peter Oelmann are referred to as the Canadian Trail Blazers, simply because they have touched the lives of thousands of people using the mlm business opportunities. The couple is also one of the most determined MLM leaders I have ever written about!

Although the couple started their multi level marketing journey during the ‘mlm stone age era’, and when the direct selling business  was held with contempt, they have succeeded in turning faces, and showing the world the beauty of mlm entrepreneurship with their lifestyle.

If you are really interested in knowing how boring the relationship marketing used to be back then 1980s, then this is the couple you should visit. Carole Taylor certainly struggled making a living in the mlm business early in life, where she used to take advantage of the home parties, and spend sleepless nights on the phone, trying to take advantage of the low calling rates then at night.

All in all, Carole and Peter Oelmann are currently icons in Isagenix International. They are earning a residual income of $125,000 per month, and they are the second highest paid mlm top earners in the company, and they have earned more than $17 million since they started out with Isagenix business!

Journey of Carole Taylor and Peter Oelmann in the Network marketing industry

Even if Carole Taylor and Peter Oelmann are currently a couple and a happy family, their journey in the multilevel marketing business and Isagenix is a totally different encounter all together. To be fair and give credit where it is due, I will discuss the mlm journey of these Isagenix superstars separately.

Carole Taylor and Peter Oelmann in Direct Selling Business

Before the MLM Business…

Carole Taylor was a highly qualified laboratory technician by profession. Before joining the network marketing industry, she was a manager at one pharmaceutical corporate firm, where she used to oversee pharmaceutical tests and track their results.

But before then, Carol Taylor worked for 9 years as an administrator in a cancer research firm, before she was transferred to one of the pharmaceutical Companies in Canada, where she also worked as a coordinator in helping her Company investigate new drugs for international pharmaceutical markets.

Carol Taylor of Isagenix then became a senior Administrator in the pharmaceutical Company’s corporate image and translation, before being promoted to the position of a senior manager. Carol however called it quits in the pharmaceutical industry, at the time she was earning the maximum salary a health professional can possibly earn in Canada; so as to venture in the multi level marketing business.

On the other hand, Carole Taylor’s husband; Peter Oelmann was a highly rated engineer before joining the relationship marketing business. Peter holds a bachelors of Science degree from the prestigious McGill University situated in Montreal, Canada.

Peter Oelmann therefore brought a wealthy of engineering experience and approach into the Isagenix network marketing business. Before that, Peter was a chief Engineer and The Head of the Engineering Department at Johnson and Johnson Company in Canada, and also built one of the most successful Engineering Companies that specialized in Water Filtration equipments in the same area.

On top of that, Peter Oelmann was a well established entrepreneur in the real Estate Development business, before he even decided to join the Isagenix mlm business.

Carol Taylor and Peter Taylor Joining MLM business…

Although Carole Taylor had a very successful medical and pharmaceutical career, she always wanted a job or business where she can be able to be her own boss, work when she wanted and make more extra money.

All those were however Carole’s long term goals, but the real motivation came from his sick father. So, while Carole was still working in her pharmaceutical company, her father became so ill. Carole’s father ailed from a number of maladies, including kidney failure complications that eventually claimed his life.

But during her father’s last days in the world, he used to insist on the importance of living a health life to avoid many expenses in life. This is the main reason as to why Carole Taylor started to look for ways of leading a healthy lifestyle hence joining the network marketing business.

It was however until April, 1980, when Carol Taylor first heard of the network marketing business opportunity, she therefore resigned from her managerial job and enrolled into the business without any hesitation.

Carole was however not a happy woman at this time. Carole had lost her dear father and had had one of the most devastating divorces in the history of marriages; according to her. In short, Carole was on her own, stressed out and frustrated; but felt free to shape her own future.

At first, Carol Taylor felt very nervous and afraid to approach people and talk to them about her network marketing business, provided that some even knew of her recent divorce and the stress she was going through.

All in all, Carole invested some of the savings she had got when working as a pharmacist and she was good to go; but not as easy as it sounds!

Carol experienced several challenges at first, simply because she had no prior experience in the mlm business, and many people always thought of the multilevel marketing business as a scam, back then. All those, coupled with inferior telecommunication machines, and a family to support made life unbearable to Carole, but she never let go.

Carole worked extremely hard, built a strong team for several months in her mlm business and finally started to see the fruits of her hard labor. Carole Taylor eventually started making $5,000 per month back in 1980s, which she says was a fortune during that period.

To cut the long story short, Carole was doing extremely well in her MLM business and started to live the life of her dreams, when the inevitable happened!

The FDA filed a law suit against her mlm company for allegedly violating the food and Drug policies in their advertisings and product marketing methods.

The mlm Company Carole Taylor worked for eventually won the lawsuit, but the damage had already been done. The media at that time coupled with the initial negative attitude people had towards the network marketing businesses transformed the allegations into gospel truth, frustrating the product distributors and prospect product distributors during that period.

As a result, the business Carole Taylor had worked so hard for lost momentum, because a lot of distributors she had recruited pulled out of the business, while majority of the remaining became inactive. This was a slap on the face of Carole Taylor, who became so stressed out once again and almost lost hope in the mlm business.

Carole Taylor however says that although the Company gained momentum later, she had exhausted all her resources to enable her invest back into her business. So, she had to look for a totally different business opportunity and that is what she did later on!

Carole and peter Oelmann Joining Isagenix international…

From this point going forward, it will be difficult to mention Carole Taylor and Peter Oelmann separately, because they joined Isagenix as a couple and a family.

Before the now wealthy lovebirds joined Isagenix, Peter Oelmann had met Carole Taylor and they were already seeing each other. Peter Oelmann says that he met Carole out of the network marketing business. Peter became so impressed with the multilevel marketing business opportunity Carole presented to him, and immediately fell in love with her.

So, when the Isagenix business opportunity came by, Peter Oelmann and Carole Taylor were already re-married and ready to start investing in the Isagenix business opportunity as a family.

Carole and Peter Oelmann were so impressed about the revolutionary products Isagenix company brought forth, but their investment had a more professional approach because Carole had been in the network marketing business for more than 10 years.

Carole therefore studied the Isagenix products and the company’s Binary compensation plan carefully, before advising her husband Peter to join her.

Peter Oelmann on the other hand decided to test the Isagenix health supplements and body cleansing products using his own body. This is because Peter was already over-weight; weighing over 200 pounds by the time they started out their Isagenix business.

To wrap up their confidence on the Isagenix network marketing company, Carole Taylor analyzed the management of Isagenix Company, their history and payment methods because she had been bitten once!

Above all, Carole Taylor and Peter Oelmann were encouraged to enroll in Isagenix business more than ever, when their sponsor shed off 26 pounds within a very short time, using the Isagenix products.

The couple therefore enrolled into the Isagenix business and worked extremely hard, divided management roles between themselves. Peter Oelmann brought his ability to be attentive for a long period of time into the business, arranging schedules and his high organizational prowess, while Carole was in charge of phone calls and time management.

As the couple continued working hard Isagenix international business and using the Company’s products, Peter easily lost a whopping 30 pounds of weight. This even became a strong marketing point for the Isagenix Company, making him a poster boy in many of the company’s adverts.

Carole and Peter Oelmann eventually built one of the largest Isagenix downline in Canada and North America, and rose to become one of the top earners in Isagenix Global Company.

Carole Taylor and Peter Oelmann have so far been in the Isagenix business and the network marketing industry for more than 36 years, and are still active in business. The couple is however considered the second all time mlm top earners in Isagenix, having earned commissions worth $17 million dollars.

Nevertheless, the couple is still active in the Isagenix MLM business, and they are currently making a passive income of $125,000 per month, as they continue travelling in North America, building their Isagenix business and having fun!

Awards and Accolades

Carole Taylor and Peter Oelmann are arguably the best mlm business partners in the world. For those of you who still think medical professional and engineers are the most satisfying professionals in the world should hold their peace until they read this story!

All in all, let us look at some of the awards and accolades these engineer and medical professional have won to proof right my point that entrepreneurship is for everybody!

Peter Oelmann and Carole Taylor have won almost all awards in Isagenix International. Some of the most important ones they have in their names include: Isagenix presidential award, Founding Isagenix executives, 8 star crystal executive, 8 star golden circle millionaires, team success millionaires, 17 star platinum award among many others.

The couple is also an MLM Hall of Fame celebrities, while Carole Taylor has won the Isagenix woman of the decade award in 2012.

Carole Taylor and peter Oelmann have also won countless bonuses and vacation trips to exotic places in the world, and are currently living a life that many people just imagine of in the world.

Lastly but not least, Carole and peter Oelmann of Isagenix are aged, but they look way young because of living a stress-free life and living a healthy life as Carole Taylor’s father advised her before her death!