Carsten Ledule

Carsten Ledule is a record breaking PM-international mlm top earner and direct selling multi-millionaire. While majority of people die without setting any history in business in their whole lives, Carsten Ledule has done it not once but more than a hundred times in the pm multilevel marketing business. I also have to say that Carsten Ledule has managed to be a trendsetter, courtesy of his record breaking team in PM international.

Getting the opportunity to work with Carsten Ledule in PMinternational is breaking a record in its own style. Wait! Those are not my words, but proven utterances from the chosen few who had had the golden opportunity to work with this highly prolific network marketer in PM- international multi-level marketing business.

Carsten Ledule from Germany is a close friend to the PM-international CEO founder; Rolf Sorg. Mr. Ledule s also one of the company’s founding fathers and a seriously successful and wealthy PM- International product distributor. Is this the reason why he is so successful in PM International? I surely have no answer to this but hope his journey in PM-International will speak volumes about it.  This is a food for the thought, for now!

But, before we get our hands dirty, let me take this opportunity to give you a clue on how wealthy this PM International MLM Top earner and multi-millionaire is. So, without wasting any minute, please note that you will be reading a story of a very respectable international leader, making a recurring passive commission of $150,000 per Month, translating to a whole $1,800,000 per year. For your information, these earnings exclude the numerous awards and bonuses he has won in the PM Company.

The Journey of Carsten Ledule in PM-International

Carsten Ledule is one of the highest rated PM-international network marketing superstars. He is a renowned motivational speaker and an mlm expert in Germany that has graced almost all events, seminars and meetings organized by PMinternational.

Although Carsten is very successful and living a millionaire lifestyle, let nothing fool you that he accidentally found himself in those richness.

Carsten Ledule was a financially struggling family man before the Rolf Sorg idea came up with the award winning PM International Company. He had also been hearing success stories of MLM millionaires in other continents, just like you and saw the PMinternational opportunity as a gold mine, which he has of course mined almost all the Gold From! Rolf Sorg is glad to have Mr. Ledule in his Company; both as one of the founding members, mlm top earner and distributor.

Mr. Carsten Ledule has built one of the most successful and amazingly dynamic team in PM-International. He has broken and set new records that have so far been the reference point in PM-international. Carsten Ledule has also set very high standards in every single year and he is one of the major reasons why PM International direct selling company has been acclaimed globally in the mlm industry. For instance, Carsten’s team managed to make a record sale of EUR 4 millions in one month; something that shocked not only the management of PM International, but also turned heads of other mlm top earners from other countries in the world.

Carsten Ledule however stresses that his success is not as a result of sheer luck or chance, but a result of strong and well set out objectives and goals. Mr. Ledule however says that mlm success has never been and will never be a personal success, but a combined effort from several individuals and groups.

Carsten could not therefore fail to mention the assistance he received from his mentors and various professionals in his team. He nevertheless passes his gratitude to Dirk Theobald, Claude Simon and Martin Majhenic for their assistance.

Our MLM Top Earner today was taught to always put the interest of other people first in mlm, and that is what he is exactly doing. PM International promised to produce a futuristic group of products that would solve people’s life related problems using its unique Nutrient Transport Concept; and the company believes it has already set up the base with Carsten Ledule in front.

Carsten Ledule’s Awards and Accolades

Other than being one of the founding father of PM international, Carsten Ledule has led his company to becoming one of the best mlm companies in Germany and in the whole of network marketing industry. Mr. Ledule is partly responsible for the start, manufacturing, distribution and opening of PM International branches and offices in various continents of the world. But that cannot be compared with the benefits, awards and accolades he has received through the company!

To begin with, let us know at the back of our minds that Mr. Carsten Ledule is a lead distributor and MLM top earner in PM international. This simply means that Mr. Ledule has been a trendsetter in all the awards that the company gives out for qualifying to different levels in its distributorship. We should also not forget that that Mr Carsten has the biggest and most dynamic product distribution business in PMInternational.

Carsten Ledule together with other perennial top earners in PM international has won several bonuses to travel the world and won a number of free shopping bonanzas. For instance, Mr. Ledule won the “Ball Des Sports” tickets together with Ralf Wansch and Joachim Heberlein; who are also 2nd and 3rd top earners in the company. The top earners have also had the privilege to travel to amazing destinations in the world including Africa, Saudi Arabia, US and many others.

Last but not least, Carsten is one of the Top rated Team partner in PM-International, an elite club member, platinum president achiever and Bronze, silver and Gold Champions League club member in PM-International.

Bottom Line

Carsten Ledule is an extraordinary and record breaking PM-International direct selling celebrity, doing extraordinary things as he strengthens his team’s strengths while weakening its weaknesses! Working with Carsten Ledule is breaking a record in itself!



PM-international, which should not be confused with Philip Morris International, is a top notch direct selling company with its main headquarters in Luxembourg Germany.

The PM international company is a global player in the manufacture, transportation and the distribution of Beauty cosmetics and nutritional supplements. In short, PMinternational is a beauty and wellness Company just like many other Network marketing companies on the globe.

Other than its main offices in Europe, PM international has also opened its continental headquarters offices in Singapore in Asian continent and in Florida in America. This Germany based mlm company however operates in more than 40 countries, with thousands of individual product distributors.

PM-International was founded in 1993 by Rolf Sorg in Germany, and it has been in operation for more than 20 years now.

Here is a brief History of PM International…

I am going to arrange the events that have taken place since the company started its operations in 1993 and give a historical summary at the end. I hope you will enjoy…

In 1993, Rolf Sorg founded the PM-International in Luxembourg Germany as PM Cosmetics GmbH. Please note that it is in the same year that the company opened its first subsidiary in Poland.

PM-International officially began its journey of expanding to other parts of the world, after signing a Cooperative agreement with Lawrence Thompson in 1994. The company however launched its first ever Fitline nutritional supplement in 1995.

The company spent the next year marketing its fitline, before launching its first sports catalog in 1997.

PM-international continued with its expansion, recruitment and product distribution plans from 1997 to 2000. The company then founded the scientific advisory board in the same year and subsequently introduced an online platform that its distributors could use to market their products to various parts of the world.

PM international’s new look, their new online presence and the scientific board bore fruits when it was included in the top 100 list of medium sized companies in Germany, for the first time. The PMInternational executives and staff became so motivated that they intensified their expansion plans, opening their first branch in Asia and creating the European Logistics Center in Speyer. The PM international expansion meant that they needed a larger facility to store their products before distributing them to other branches. This led to this PM network marketing company opening a second Logistic Center in Speyer in 2004.

PM International then registered its first product patents in 2005 and changed its identity from a limited company to a non-listed Stock company.

Rolf Sorg’s PM International opened an administrative center in Switzerland in 2011, and went ahead to open a second administrative center in Speyer in 2012. This was in preparation to the celebration of their 20th Anniversary, an event that took place at the SAP arena in Mannheim, Germany in 2013.

One year after celebrating its 20th anniversary, PM International was listed in the top 100 list of Global direct selling News, where it took position 43. The Company also opened its headquarters in Singapore in 2015 and has bigger expansion plans in future.

In short, PM International is a individual’s dream of helping others stay fit and lead a healthy lifestyle. The company begun its operations in 150 square feet rented house in a warehouse space, before relocating to the modern facility it has today.

Mr. Rolf always had a dream of owning an international business, an idea that pushed him to put together a team of top notch medical teams, dieticians, beauty experts, food technicians and biochemists in creating what he calls a unique Transport concept for the PM-International business.

PM-International Products

PM International has three categories of product lines. The first and most popular product line is its Nutritional supplements, this is followed by its cosmetic products and its Fitline and Sports products line.

Pm-International believes that they have the right Nutrient supplements to conquer the stress and poor diet in the lives of people today.

PM-International Compensation Plan

PM-international just like other multilevel marketing business does not sell their products directly to their final consumers. They instead use independent distributors who sell the PM international products to their final consumers without any middlemen or wholesalers.

The PM-International company also gives its distributors an opportunity to earn hefty commissions from the sale of their products, and the sale of products made by the people they recruited among many other bonuses.


PM-international has won numerous awards since its inception in 1993. Some of the awards that the company has won include INETCOO Company of the year award in 2013/2014, the top 100 sized company in a Germany nine times in a row, named a top innovator company in 2014 and took position 43 in the top multilevel marketing companies in the world.

The Executives and the PM international company believe that their relationship marketing company is unique and worth trying because it is just a family business, operate internationally, its debt free, has a unique Nutrient transport concept, has 43 patents, it is innovative, socially engaged, voluntary quality controls, produces its products according to the GMP, their products are safe and it is a number one reference products for sportsmen and women.

Lastly but not least PM-International MLM claim that the company is fair, safe, certified, judiciary confirmed, has unique incentives such as its car incentive and enable its distributors has a secure retirement through its network marketing approach to business.

All in all, PM-international is an active participant in charity work. The company partners with World Vision to improve the lives of thousands of children in all parts of the world.