Bonnie Taylor

Bonnie Taylor – 4Life Top Earner   Bonnie Taylor’s story is one that dreams are made of. It is her outstanding leadership style that embodies the togetherness and building people philosophy. Bonnie enjoys helping people achieve the time and financial freedom she enjoys. Her enthusiasm for life and for folks is contagious.   There is … [Read more…]

Edgar Mojica

Edgar Mojica! Yes, Edgar Mojica of 4life international is a Top MLM Earner and relationship marketing game changer! Though this is my opinion, it rhymes with various descriptions in the 4life research Company. According to the 4 life research and thousands of people in Edgar’s upline and downline, Edgar Mojica is born a dreamer, a … [Read more…]

Jeff & Michelle Altgilbers – 4Life Millionaires

Jeff & Michelle Altgilbers Culturally Diverse Millionaires! Jeff Altgilbers and Michelle Altgilbers are an amazing couple and 4life Research multi-millionaires. The family is popularly known as the colorful family in mlm, not because of their extravagant mlm millionaires’ lifestyle, but because of their cultural diversity and how they have blended well, showing the world that … [Read more…]