Spencer Hunn

Spencer Hunn – ACN Top Earner Do you want to be happy? I know I do! The reason I ask is because I was listening to a song that asks this very question (btw, I love this song). The song goes on to say that you want to be happy, but if you keep on … [Read more…]

Jeff Weber

Jeff Weber – ACN Top Earner   Jeff Weber is in great company with the all of the top MLM earners at ACN, like Danny Volonino and Max Knowles. Jeff has been with ACN, he was working 80 hours a week, making about $2500 a month as a bartender. He wasn’t getting much sleep, and … [Read more…]

Dominique Cano-Flores

Dominique Cano-Flores – ACN Top Earner Boy, I will tell you something ACN network marketing business sure knows how to produce a lot of MLM top earners. If you have been to my MLM blog before, you know I have written personal profiles on a good number of ACN top earners, including: Craig & Chelsea … [Read more…]

Get the Wife On Board Already!

Craig & Chelsea Kotter – ACN Top Earners Before Craig Kotter began with ACN, he was looking for something that he could do for himself, but he had absolutely no idea in what direction he should go. He was in college, and he wasn’t happy. Craig wanted to be a business owner. So, when a friend … [Read more…]

Who needs a college degree when you have this?

Matt Rasmussen – ACN Top Earner  Matt Rasmussen was just like any other person in the world. He believed that a college degree would be his ticket to earning a living. He got a degree in accounting and economics. He wanted to be able to make more money when he looked for jobs, so he … [Read more…]

Jennifer & Darin Dowd

Jennifer & Darin Dowd – ACN Top Earners Darin Dowd has been a hard worker all his life. Although he operated his own business for 10 years, it left him little time for his family. Jennifer Dowd was busy as well, raising their four children. Besides family time, the couple needed to earn more income. … [Read more…]

Danny Volonino

Danny Volonino – ACN Top Earner   I want to spend a little time talking about something I said in a previous blog. I was talking about taking a self-assessment, and you have to ask yourself if you are living a life that is worthy of your time and energy. If not, you have to … [Read more…]

Al Thomas

Al Thomas –ACN Top Earner   Some people just have an entrepreneurial spirit. This is the case with Al Thomas. This is why he hasn’t worked for no one but himself as long as he has been on this earth. He has never worked for a boss or with co-workers.   But no everything has … [Read more…]

Debbie & Geoff Davis

Debbie & Geoff Davis – ACN Top Earners Before hearing about the first MLM, I had never heard about wealth building. The only time I ever heard about wealth is when there was an article or a television segment on a famous television personality or athlete. I had no idea that there were “ordinary” folks … [Read more…]

Shane & Dana Douglas

Shane & Dana Douglas – ACN Top Earners   Are you ready to earn to be free? Have the time and money to live the life you deserve? If so, you might be interested in starting a career in MLM. Multilevel marketing can give you the money and time to do what you want to … [Read more…]