Rigo Yepez

Rigo Yepez – Ambit Energy Top Earner   If you are wondering who Rigo Yepez is and what is Ambit Energy, then read on. His rags-to-riches story will give you inspiration. If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you know I love a good motivational story of individuals who have worked hard, … [Read more…]

Chris and Debbie Atkinson

Chris and Debbie Atkinson of Ambit energy is a living proof that life can change with the snap of a finger! Oh yes, you can change that financial insecurity, alcohol, drug addiction or better still let go the stress that you have accumulated into your life, by just making one right decision at the right … [Read more…]

A Millionaire Friend That Changed His Life

MLM Top Earner in Ambit – Ray Montie Ray Montie is one of the few people who can comfortably stand at any congregation full of millionaires in any part of the world, and tell them that he is also a success story as an MLM top earner in Ambit Energy network marketing consultancy! Ray Montie’s … [Read more…]

Philip Eckart – Ambit’s Top Earner

Philip Eckart is a highly self motivated individual, renowned mlm entrepreneur, father, husband and a respected mlm top earner. He is a graduate who really detests formal employment for reasons which are well spelled out and factual, as we are going to see later. He is an Ambit Energy second top earner after Steve Thompson, … [Read more…]

Steve Thompson – Ambit’s Millionaire

Steve Thompson – Ambit’s Millionaire The mention of the name of one of the most prolific multi-level network top earner; Steven Thompson, is enough in summarizing the meaning of the word achievement in business. Steve Thompson is a genius and super human being; if you allow me to say so in my opinion. Wait! Allow … [Read more…]

Brian McClure – Ambit’s Top Earner

Brian McClure – The Top Earner in Ambit We are going to dive into Brian MClure and see what this Ambit is all about. What is it? Who Brian McClure is? How is he successful in this little known company named Ambit? We will get to all that in a few moments, but first, let’s look … [Read more…]