Fatih Yazici

Fatih Yazici – MegaHoldings Top Earner In my earlier blog posts, I have written about Mega Holdings consultant Enes Olgun being a MLM top earner. Well, I am going to introduce you to another Mega Star with Mega Holdings, Fatih Yazici. This millionaire entrepreneur, who lives in Istanbul, Turkey, earns $100,000.00 a month in residual … [Read more…]

Enes Olgun

Enes Olgun – Mega Holdings Top Earner Enes Olgun is considered a network master. There has got to be some truth to it, especially since he has hit the mark of $130,000.00 a month. Not bad for someone who’s not even 30-years old. He has been with the multi-level marketing company Mega Holdings for five years. … [Read more…]