Keep it in the family!

Johnny Chia – MonaVie Top Earner It’s been a minute since I talked about the MonaVie MLM business. I believe the last time was when I wrote about Charlie & Debbie Kalb. Now I have a new top MLM earner from MonaVie by the name of Johnny Chia. Not only does he earn $95,000.00 a … [Read more…]

Charlie & Debbie Kalb

Charlie & Debbie Kalb – Top Earners in MLM   I realize that I have been writing some serious, albeit truthful blogs as of late. I was re-reading them, and I was thinking, “I hope everybody is getting my point.”  The blogs weren’t meant to be preachy or be a killjoy. If they come across … [Read more…]

Calvin Becerra

Calvin Becerra of MonaVie is a twin brother to Brandon Becerra and a very wealthy network marketing superstar. Calvin is one of the most successful recruiters and leaders in the field, the first youngest millionaire club member and the presidential Diamond rank achiever. Calvin is a very humble and young multi-millionaire in the competitive relationship … [Read more…]

Scott and Sue Olsen

Scott and Sue Olsen were and still are the backbone of MonaVie network marketing company. Ask Dallin Larsen; the CEO and Founder of Mona Vie about this multi-millionaire couple, and you will surely know why Scott and Sue Olsen are considered to be the cornerstone of MonaVi relationship marketing company. Because it is not possible … [Read more…]

Corbin and Holly Roush

Corbin and Holly Roush is a very enthusiastic MonVie multi-level marketing couple and multi-millionaires in that matter. Their life history and journey in MonaVi is a blend of corporate world frustrations, coupled with a sudden turn of events, when a stay at home mom; Holly Roush finally rescues her husband; eventually making him a famous … [Read more…]

Shelley Ke & Victor Xu

Shelley Ke & Victor Xu – MonaVie’s Rising Stars Shelley Ke and Victor Xu are one of the fastest rising stars in the MonaVie Network marketing business. Nothing has prevented this couple from ensuring that they are at the top of their multi-level marketing game! Yes, not even their geographical location has killed their dream of … [Read more…]

Steve & Gina Merritt

Steve & GIna Merritt – MonaVie’s gem Gina and Steve Merritt were MonaVie Network marketing millionaires before they even knew it! Their story and journey to millionaire’s status is however, quite touching. Steve Merritt’s story is centered on a bare foot skier and world champion, who had an initial dream of making just a few … [Read more…]

Carol & Ken Porter – #1 in MonaVie

Carol & Ken Porter – MonaVie Superstars The mlm industry has produced many millionaires, but none is like Carol & Ken Porter. I am comfortably saying this, not just because they are mlm top earners but because of their big wonderful family, mlm business approach, and inspirational journey to being mlm millionaires with the late … [Read more…]