Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson – Nikken Top Earner   When you speak of Nikken top earners, you have to mention Kenny Rossi and Dave Johnson. I have previously written about Kenny Rossi, so I think I will give some shine to Dave Johnson. Dave Johnson has earned the rank of Royal Ambassador with Nikken, thanks to his … [Read more…]

Kenny Rossi

Kenny Rossi – Nikken Top Earner   I hear people loud and clear when they say that they going into network marketing, because they want to get paid what they feel they are worth. Anyone who has worked at a regular job knows that you rarely get paid for the amount of work you put … [Read more…]

Ahuva Simone

Ahuva Simone – Nikken Top Earner   One thing you can say about Ahuva Simone is that she knows how to make money. As a top MLM earner, she makes $100,000.00 a month in residual income with Nikken network marketing business. As a matter of fact, she is on the list of the top 200 … [Read more…]

Mac McDonald

Mac McDonald – Nikken Top Earner   Mac McDonald is a very special individual. He is a top MLM earner, making $95,000.00 a month in residual income. Since his time with the Nikken MLM business, Mac, along with his wife Pat, has earned many ranks, including:   Consultants of the Year Millionaires’ Club Heart of … [Read more…]