Paulo & Denise Cosiello

Paulo & Denise Cosiello – World Global Network   Paulo & Denise Cosiello must be feeling real good about right now. I bet they are feeling good every day of the week. They have recently hit the $125,000.00 per month mark at World Global Network as independent distributors.  They have also earned the World Global … [Read more…]

Mongi Errahal

Mongi Errahal is a special MLM leader, not only in Wor(l)d Global network business, but also in the whole of network marketing fraternity. We have heard that the multilevel marketing business is an industry with all calibers of people, but Mongi Errahal confirms this today, beyond any reasonable doubt. We have seen people quit their … [Read more…]

Lamia Bettaieb – Leading Lady

Lamia Bettaieb – Top Woman Earner in World Global Network Have you ever been given a chance to introduce an icon or a dignitary in a congregation? Did you experience a certain form of confusion or fear on where to start from and where to stop? How did you introduce her to the audience? I … [Read more…]