Chandra Putra Negara

Chandra Putra Negara – Kangzen Top Earner


After reading the personal story of Chandra Putra Negara, it is not surprising why he is referred to as “Mr. Inspirator.” This MLM top earner truly is a remarkable individual. In addition to being a network marketer earning six figures ($120,000.00) per month, he is an author, life coach, and public speaker. Talk about someone with drive and ambition for someone who is only thirty-seven years old.


In his homeland of Indonesia, he is a legend. He is an independent distributor of Kangzen (, a direct selling business that specializes in health and beauty products. Even when he was younger, Chandra envisioned himself being successful. Well, it looks like his dream became a reality.




In his book, Badai Pasti Passes, he talks about how anyone can achieve inner and outer success. If you are wondering how accomplish your goals, his motivating and inspiring words can be of assistance to you. The one thing that Chandra mentions that I find quite interesting is that he says you have to have a good mental attitude in order to get what you want out of life.


Thank you! A lot times in life, your biggest enemy is you. You are standing in your own way. You are blocking your blessings. And it comes from your attitude. If you are always negative and doubtful, with non-positive thoughts running through your head, you are never going to get anywhere. You will accomplish absolutely nothing.


How can you?  Your negativity is what is holding you back, not the lack of opportunities. Instead, put some positive thoughts in your head. Close your eyes and see yourself becoming a success story.


I have said this before, but in order to live a fulfilled life, you are going to have to make some changes. It doesn’t just mean having good thoughts. You are going to have to change the people you hang around. I have learned in life that negative people aren’t too inclined to encourage anyone to try to achieve their goals.


I have found out that people like that (the negative ones) don’t like it when something good happens to someone else. This is why I said you are going to have to, as they say, get some new friends.


The thing is, when you go after your goals, you will meet new people. You will find yourself around like-minded individuals who, like you, are goal-oriented and ambitious. To be perfectly honest, this is the way it should be. If you are going into MLM, it is only right that you are around folks that understand that hard work and dedication is what it takes to make your independent business thrive.


Chandra Putra Negara certainly understands this. He states that, “Even if you are a genius, if you don’t have a good mental attitude, you will fail.” Yes, people, this is what is meant by mind over manner. You have got to be positive about yourself, the people around you, and about being the person you were meant to be. Strive for your dreams!


If you are in need of a positive and energetic person, you should go to Asia and hang around Chandra. He is encouraging, optimistic, and happy to learn many things. For those who know him, he has been this way since childhood. No wonder he is called, “Mr. Nothing Impossible.”




Chandra was born in Surabaya into a modest family. As a child, he was very thin, and he used to be bullied by the other children. To put a stop to this, as well as to protect himself, he started taking taekwando lessons. A sad part in Chandra’s life is when his parents became ill. In addition to taking care of his parents, he had to finish his college studies, as well as build the MLM business that was just starting.


This was only the beginning of a bad period in his life. The business went bankrupt, leaving a debt of $500 million dollars due to unscrupulous business partners. In 1999, his mother died. With all of these personal and business problems, how in the world did Chandra rise above it all?




I don’t know where he found the strength, but Chandra was able to turn his life around, and turn all this heartache into triumph. He prospered in the direct selling market, earning his first million at the age of 30. At the age of 33, he had traveled around the world, encouraging and motivating others. His reselling network has over 300,000 people throughout Indonesia.


You want to know how much his sales team makes. Well, more than 5,000 of his distributors earn on average $2,500 – $5,000 per year. His 50 top distributors make $10,000 – $30,000 per year. His branch partners make $30,000 – $80,000 per year.


The difference between Chandra Putra Negara and others is that he just didn’t sit around and dream. He put his thoughts into action. It is admirable how he turned suffering into victory. If he can, you can too.


I have written many times about MLM top earners who came back from adversity such as bankruptcy and poverty. A few lost their homes, jobs, and anything else they had. And some of these individuals had spouses and children. How horrible! I don’t know how you can muster up enough courage to keep going when your world around you is falling apart?


You have to dig real deep for that type of strength, and I truly admire those that can do so. I know how hard it is to stay positive when I am having a bad day, but to lose your home, business, and have a parent die, and you are trying to move on? I can only imagine.


But, this is a great testimony to the human strength. When you make up your mind that you will overcome any obstacles to get what you need and want in this life. That is the type of perseverance you find in individuals like Chandra Putra Negra.


I was wondering about the company Kangzen. Before writing about Chandra, I had never heard about this network marketing business. I was curious about the company that had helped to turn his life around. If you want to know what I found out, read on.




Chandra started his career with Kangzen multilevel marketing business in 1999. Kangzen, also known as KK Indonesia, is a Thailand-based multilevel marketing company. It operates in Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Cambodia. The company is a member of the Thai Direct Selling Association (TDSA) and the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA).


When Kangzen was established, Indonesia was going through an economic crisis. Unemployment was everywhere, businesses were folding, and the poverty rate was at an all-time high. Kangzen in Thailand was already thinking about expansion. The products that are offered include: skin care, health care, household appliances, and food/beverages.


Therefore, Kangzen in Indonesia was founded by distributors who took the initiative and formed a company. This company was going to help bring Indonesia out of their predicament. It worked. During the first eight years, Kangzen prospered and had to open several branch offices around Indonesia.


Since 2007, over 250,000 have partnered with Kangzen. Of those 250,000, more than 4,000 have earned rank as leader, ruby star manager, pearl star manager, emerald star director, diamond star director, and crown star director.


These individuals make millions every year. They vary in age, background, and financial status. This goes to show that anyone can be a MLM business success as long as they work hard, set goals, and follow the business model.


The success of Kangzen (KK Indonesia) is not only in its outstanding management team, but also in the fact that everyone at the company shares a common goal, which is to be successful and help others do the same.


Kangzen has produced a number of well-off entrepreneurs who are thriving financially and personally. One of the biggest pulls of working with this business is you don’t need a large amount of money to get started. Since the beginning, the vision of CEO Dr. Andrew Ho has been to make as many Indonesian people as he could entrepreneurs, bringing them financial and time freedom.


There it goes again. Multilevel marketers concern for the people around them and the community. I know I keep writing this, but I truly find it refreshing. How many corporate businesses care about the community and the people who work for them?


I can tell you it is very few. And they surely don’t care about you being financially free. They care about their companies making money, but you? That falls under, yeah, well, whatever….


The sincerity of Kangzen wanting their independent distributors to do well in Vision Go 1% is evident in the intense training programs and seminars. The aim is for Kangzen consultants to become more intuitive, creating more business opportunities. This company consistently launches new innovative products, new product promotions, and leadership tours for encouragement, motivation, and inspiration.


The company continues to renovate their business model to be more competitive in the MLM industry. Kangzen, KK Indonesia, wants all its independent distributors to strive in network marketing.


Kangzen Compensation Plan


The compensation plan at Kangzen works similar to other MLM companies. As an independent distributor, you earn residual income on your direct selling efforts. If you recruit others into becoming distributors for Kangzen, you earn bonuses on every customer sale they acquire.


I notice that the simpler the way to earn money is, the more likely people are willing to join. When you are not doing well financially, you have enough to concern yourself about. You don’t want to have to join over hoops to earn an income. Kangzen truly believes that it is helping the economy and can continue to do so. It is nice to have to inspiring stories in one article: the one about Chandra Petra Negara and the one about Kangzen (KK Indonesia).


I mentioned before about the vision of the Go 1%. I wondered what it was, and I found out. The Go 1% is a plan by Kangzen with the goal to train 1% of Indonesia’s population into becoming small business owners. Additionally, Kangzen is working on becoming IPO. It wants to increase the income of Indonesians through Kangzen.


This company is committed to bettering the lives of Indonesia and its people. They believe, and it is its mission, that without dedication, it is impossible to accomplish any vision. Motivation and efforts are necessities in order for goals to be reached. We all could do better if we remembered this!




During his MLM career, Chandra has earned many accolades. He has already hit the $20+ million mark. Also, he has earned the position of Top Rank of Chairman Platinum Millionaire in Kangzen’s compensation plan. Those who know Chandra say that it isn’t any surprise that he is thriving like he is.


Chandra’s story is a testament that confidence, focus, and hard work will change your life story from a negative into a positive. But it all depends on your mental state. Even when you have hit bottom, if you think negatively all the time, you will be wallowing in your own bitterness.


It is understandable to be bitter. Who wouldn’t be? But to just sit around complaining solves nothing. What Chandra is saying is that you should use that bitterness and anger to motivate you to get up and make changes in your life.


This is what Chandra did. He used his sadness and unhappiness to spur him into making sure the needs of his business and his distributors are always met. His unselfishness and courage is the reason why he is the prosperous businessman he is today.


Everyone he has come into contact with tells of how he is such an inspiration to their lives. We all could be so blessed as to have a Chandra Putra Negara cross our paths. How much more enriched and fulfilled our lives could become.