Chris and Debbie Atkinson

Chris and Debbie Atkinson of Ambit energy is a living proof that life can change with the snap of a finger!

Oh yes, you can change that financial insecurity, alcohol, drug addiction or better still let go the stress that you have accumulated into your life, by just making one right decision at the right time. Ladies and gentlemen, that is what Chris &Debbie Atkinson of Ambit Energy are all about!

If you came here wondering who this Chris Atkinson is that you are frequently hearing funny stories about, then relax, because you have finally arrived at a one-stop shop not only for your mystery man but also for all the MLM Top earners.

In short, Chris Atkinson is an Ambit Energy multi-level marketing business superstar and a multi-millionaire who was unfortunately known for all the wrong reasons in the world!

Chris Atkinson was a perennial drug addict, a ‘liquor professor’, an irresponsible father and a human being who was as broke as hell! I cannot imagine a 38 years old man depending on his mother for food, clothing and shelter. Arrgh!

Strong feelings aside! The same highly despised man in the streets of Houston, Texas is currently a renowned author, sought after motivational speaker, business mentor and a celebrated Network marketing money man. Oh my God! It is funny how life can change within a blink of an eye!

How Chris Atkinson and his wife Debbie Atkinson managed to bring a sudden change into their lives is one of those tales that are filled with anger, pity, laughter, admiration, envy, and outright generosity. What I am trying to say here is that this is a very emotional story that is full of mixed feelings.

Before I proceed to giving you their tear dropping background and journey in the Ambit Energy network marketing business, let me start by saying that Chris and Debbie Atkinson are currently extremely wealth.

Yes, the couple who got married in 2008 make a monthly recurring passive income of about $139,500 per month, just from the Ambit energy multi-level marketing business. I do not want to mention what they have made from their Amazon best seller book called: It’s Never Too Late: Creating the Life Of Your Dreams, because it has given them a lot of undisclosed cash.

The Biography of Chris and Debbie Atkinson of Ambit Energy

Chris Atkinson initially lived and still lives in Houston, Texas with his mother and his only son before joining the Ambit Energy mlm business.  Chris was a perennial lawbreaker who always found himself in and out of prison.

Chris Atkinson is now married to Debbie Atkinson. Debbie was  a Nurse by profession and a talented motivational speaker.

Chris Atkinson met Debbie Atkinson via the Ambit Energy business opportunity. In short, Chris called Debbie to tell him about the Ambit energy network marketing business opportunity, Debbie finally agreed, joined and made Chris his sponsor and mentor.

It was during that time that they became very close friends that graduated into a love affair. Debbie and Chris Atkinson eventually proposed at one of the Ambit Energy Conventions and they later married and became a couple.

Chris had one son while Debbie had two grown sons. Their three sons are Bobby, Ryan and Joseph. The most interesting fact about this family is that all of their sons are in the Ambit Energy network marketing business, and all of them have achieved the Executive director’s rank. This makes the Atkinsons one of the highest paid and mlm top earners family in Ambit Energy.

The couple and their sons are full-time in Ambit energy and their life if full of fun!

The Journey of Chris and Debbie Atkinson in Ambit Energy

Early Life of Chris and Debbie Atkinson before Ambit Energy

As I stated earlier, Chris Atkinson was totally bankrupt and a perennial criminal. He always found himself in and out of prison for minor mistakes such as alcoholism, drug use and trafficking, among others.

Chris was equally broke and struggling to even pay his bills. Chris recalls having filed bankruptcy and receiving 3 foreclosures before joining the Ambit energy network marketing business.

In spite of all that, Chris had a dream of living a financially free life in future. He however saw the mlm business as the only way he can use to achieve his dreams in life.

That however never happened. Chris invested in over seven network marketing companies, but only managed to achieve the highest amount of $1000 per month. This amount was not even enough to pay his bills and fend for his family, leave alone saving some of it.

Debbie Atkinson on the other hand was working on two jobs to just make her ends meet. She was working for more than 60 hours a week, but she was well off when compared to her husband Chris.

Debbie worked full time as a nurse in one of the emergence room clinics in Texas and she used to make a six figure income in a year.

Debbie Atkinson was however a divorced mother of two sons and she was always busy; rarely having time to be with her sons.

Joining Ambit Energy…

Chris was a frustrated and a financially unstable man before joining Ambit energy in 2006. He had almost lost hope in life when he accidentally pumped into Steve Thompson who was in Ambit Energy mlm business.

Steve Thompson and Chris Atkinson exchanged their personal contacts and Steve promised to call him soon. One day, Steve Thompson; an Ambit Energy consultant called him to tell him about the new business opportunity he had found.

Chris Atkinson in fact hanged on him, upon hearing that he was telling him about a network marketing business, simply because he never wanted to hear anything to do with multi-level marketing business, anymore.

Mr. Thompson could however not take no for an answer. He called again, explained to Chris about the Ambit Energy compensation plan, and eventually invited him to a meeting with the Ambit Energy executives in Dallas.

Chris Atkinson of Ambit Energy mlm business finally agreed to go, but he never had money to fuel his car. So, he called his friend to tell him about this business opportunity and to accompany him to Dallas. Chris however told his friend to come and pick him up, because he simply could not be able to fuel his car to enable him leave his house.

The two finally attended that meeting, were impressed by the Ambit Energy compensation plan and the whole of the Ambit Energy mlm business idea.

Chris Atkinson borrowed some money from a friend and eventually enrolled into the Ambit Energy under Steve Thompson.

One day, Chris Atkinson was at home making calls and spreading the Ambit energy business opportunity when he finally called a very busy lady. Her name was Debbie and she was working as a nurse in an emergency clinic.

Debbie at fast was not interested in the Ambit Energy business opportunity, claiming that she was very busy and had zero extra time to invest in a relationship marketing business.

Chris Atkinson however just like his sponsor could not take no for an answer, he called her now and again until Debbie finally decided to give it a shot, but part-time.

Chris Atkinson eventually became Debbie’s sponsor, mentor and close friend, as time went by. And as it is expected they started to have a connection outside the Ambit Energy mlm business, without knowing that they were a multi-millionaire family in the making.

Success in Ambit Energy…

Chris Atkinson by that time had made enough money to support his family and pay his debts and was living a completely different life under the Ambit energy business opportunity.

Debbie on the other hand was still struggling with his nursing career, but worked in Ambit Energy multi-level marketing business fifteen to thirty minutes in a day.

Debbie Atkinson had a dream of making at least some few extra hundreds of dollars in a month to help in settlement of bills for her family. This however changed when she attended an Ambit Energy seminar that featured Chris Chambers and Mr. Thompson. She discovered that other consultants were really making a lot of money out of the Ambit Energy business, while she is settling for a few bucks.

Debbie therefore decided to put extra effort in her Ambit Energy network marketing business on her way home from the meeting, and she surely did. Within six months, Debbie Atkinson was making a lot of money that was way above what she was earning in her nursing career.

She was excited, called her then, close friend, lover, mentor, sponsor and soon to be husband; Chris Atkinson to tell him about her excitement.  The good news from Ambit Energy pulled them closer, but they never imagined that they would be a husband and wife in some few months coming.

Chris& Debbie Atkinson are now married and make a hell lot of money from the Ambit Energy MLM business. They are currently use every available time to relax and thank God for the Ambit Energy network marketing business opportunity.

Chris Atkinson always laughs when he remembers and compares the $6.45 in his name to the millions of dollars he is making today.

The family is now living in their dream house in Houston, Texas and has opened their Debbie Atkinson DBA Princess Energy business, where they hold the Houston House Leadership seminars in The League City, Texas.

All of their three sons are also executive directors in the Ambit energy mlm business and the family is in short eating, walking, driving, flying, sleeping or even dreaming Ambit Energy business.

Awards and Accolades

Chris and Debbie Atkinson Family is one of the most inspirational Ambit Energy top earners story I have covered so far. They have won countless numbers of achievements and awards, and are still strong and working extremely hard in their network marketing business.

Some of the achievements Debbie and Chris Atkinson have accomplished so far include 20k, 50k and 100k down line members, 1 million and 5 million dollars club members, Regional Consultant Fast Track promotion, Founders Leadership award winners, Ambit Choice Award Winners, Crystal Sphere Award winners, Thompson Leadership Award winners, Co-Founder Impact award winners, Texas Top Recruiter, Ambit Choice award winners among many many many others.

Chris and Debbie Atkinson have also made numberless inspirational podcasts and attended multiple events in all parts of the world.

Some of the events the couple has attended include the Five Star Cabo spring of 2011, Five Star Club Trip at Nassau Fall in 2009 and many others. Chris and Debbie Atkinson has also attended all ambition seminars from 2008 to 2016.

All in all, Chris and Debbie Atkinson are currently one of the most sought after motivational speakers, and their Book: It’s Never Too Late: Creating the Life of Your Dream, has changed the lives of thousands of people in the world.