CiCi Weller

CiCi Weller – Jeunesse Top Earner


CiCi Weller was born in Shanghai and received a bachelor’s degree in computer programming from Shanghai University. It is no wonder she is successful in network marketing; she has a strong background in marketing and public relations. In addition, CiCi has been recognized as a strong leader and one of the top sales representatives for Japan Life, Inc. in Greater China.


In 1999, CiCi Weller moved to the US, and she became a television hostess for NATV. She is popular in the Asian community, and she is often invited to host and perform at various events. Moreover, she has received many accolades from singing contests in the US and China.


CiCi also has achieved greatness in the multilevel marketing industry. Well, that is no surprise, since she earns $95,000.00 a month in residual income. CiCi Weller has reached the rank of Double Diamond Director with Jeunesse multilevel marketing business.


Why Jeunesse?


CiCi Weller was married in China, but her marriage ended in divorce. So, she moved to the US. Most people from other countries come to the US for the “American Dream.” CiCi came to the US for an entirely different reason. She was ashamed about being a divorcee. When she got here, she started attending church, and she felt welcomed.


CiCi became a TV host, a spokesperson for numerous products, and singer. Unfortunately, she lost her job as the TV host because the owners were in a bitter fight with the board members.  Just that quick, she lost her job, car, home, and her income. In the midst of all this travail, CiCi wanted to start an organization, so she established the World Peace Foundation. She only had $1.61 in her pocket.


A friend told her that she would get the license for her. From 2002 to 2010, her non-profit served the homeless, single mothers, and immigrants. In 2010, her friend wanted her to join Jeunesse. She told her no, because she had an organization to run. She was a Christian and she felt her calling to serve Jesus through her organization.


Finally, CiCi and her husband decided to attend a meeting. It was her husband who became interested in the products, especially since that are geared towards anti-aging. He felt that as long as people grow old, they will want products to keep their skin from looking the same way.


CiCi believes that people are suffering physically, spiritually, and financially. She also believes that people are hungry for something, whether it is products that will make them look and feel young or money that will garter continuous six-figure residual income. Moreover, CiCi states that people are hungry to find themselves.


CiCi came to realize that money is a necessity, like water, air, and food. Now, she doesn’t have to worry about money, and she can do a lot of meaning things.




I have written on my blog before about Jeunesse MLM business when I profiled Tina Hu, another Jeunesse top earner. Jeunesse was established in September of 2009. Founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis made sure that Jeunesse begin on 9/9/09 at 9:09, because the number nine represents longevity. Randy and Wendy didn’t just want to survive, they wanted Jeunesse to prosper.


Beside a wonderful compensation plan, Randy and Wendy worked endlessly to offer the world the most high-quality products in the health and wellness industry. Jeunesse has thousands of people who are a part of the company’s movement to improve the financial status of those looking to create a better economic status for themselves and their family.


Like many of the other multilevel marketing businesses, Jeunesse is looking to empower individuals and to have these same individuals turn around and help others. One way that Jeunesse accomplishes this is by having distributors participate in its philanthropy projects, like Jeunesse Kids and the MORE Project. Jeunesse Kids actually works with two organization, Feed the Children and Adopt a Village Program.


Jeunesse currently has more than 30 offices worldwide, and its distribution is connected to over 100 countries. Distributors set their own schedule and their own goals. Whether you are seeking part-time income, or you are looking to set up your own home-based business, Jeunesse direct sales business can help you to achieve your goals.


As an Jeunesse consultant, there are six ways for you to earn money, as well as earn luxury travel rewards, and climb the 15 prestigious ranks within the Jeunesse network marketing company. However, Jeunesse lets you know right on its website that you are not guaranteed to become a millionaire. If you know anything about MLM, then you know that it takes commitment and hard work to get to the top.




Jeunesse has been accused of being an illegal pyramid scheme with unproven products. But then again, so has every other multilevel marketing company. On the other hand, to join Jeunesse, you need to pay over $1,200. Ouch! Next, I read that founder Randy Ray and Jeunesse was investigated by the Florida State’s Attorney General. Lastly, there are said to be many state and federal complaints on Jeunesse. I don’t know how true this is, but as I always say, joining a MLM business is really up to you.