Clay Jackson

Clay Jackson – Vemma Top Earner


I know I say this all the time, but I am just being honest. When I am not familiar with a MLM business, I will let you know with a quickness. With that being said, I didn’t have a clue about Vemma until I started running across top MLM earners who were enrolled with the multilevel marketing company.




Vemma is a relatively new multilevel marketing company. It has only been in the industry since 2004. The Vemma network marketing business, which is based in Tempe, AZ, focuses on offers nutritious beverages, energy drinks, and weight loss supplements. It must be doing something right because Vemma nutrition products made the company over $220 million in 2013. They are distributed in over 50 countries through direct sales marketing.


Now for the downside, and there is plenty with Vemma. This network marketing company has been accused repeatedly for operating a pyramid scheme. According to the media, business analysts, and even some former distributors, the Vemma scam consists of using college students as independent distributors, promising them endless residual income which doesn’t come to fruition.


In 2014, Vemma Italia was fined by the government (AGCM) for what it perceived as running an illegal pyramid scheme. The problem was that it was encouraging its consultants to recruit as a means to earn money, instead of product sales.


This year, a lawsuit was filed against Vemma for operating an illegal pyramid scheme. It currently is operating under an injunction. A monitor is watching over all of its function, making sure the company is in compliance. Vemma is prohibited from enrolling new recruits, offering rewards for purchases, paying commissions, and tying sales to MLM.


Wow, I don’t know what to say. Because even with all this, Clay Jackson managed to earn $107,000.00 a month in residual income, earn the rank of Royal Ambassador, and form a Global Elite Team.  He has become a millionaire entrepreneur, thanks to Vemma.


Vemma’s goal is to make sure that everyone is healthy. The way it wants to approach this is by creating products filled with vitamins, minerals, mangosteen, aloe vera, and organic green tea for optimal wellness.


That’s about all I really know about Vemma. The compensation plan is pretty much the same as other direct sales company. You make money when you sale the products. If one of your customers becomes an independent distributor, you earn bonuses for every product he or she sells. There is a loyalty program, but you have to order a certain amount of products for six consecutive months.


Dig Deep


I want to interrupt my article on Clay Jackson and Vemma for a moment and talk about what to do when you don’t feel like doing nothing. I know for me, I don’t care what needs to be done, there are just those days when I just want to crawl under the covers and not do anything. The thing is I know I have things to do that are time-sensitive, but it’s like I can’t fine the energy to move.


This is the part in which I am supposed to tell myself to buckle down and get with the program.  I need to dig deep. But the truth is, I am drained physically and emotionally. So what do I do?


I believe there are times when some tough love is in order. When I get in one of my moods, I tell myself, “Get your behind up and get moving.” I don’t sugar coat it or anything.


We all want to be motivated and inspired. But there are times when you need to give and receive a real dose of reality. I believe for those folks who came to MLM when they were broke, they have everything to gain and nothing to lose, so they took a chance. On the real, they also wanted to eat and keep a roof over their head, plain and simple.


I don’t know about you, but I have been broke and hungry, and it isn’t a good feeling. You will take a chance on something new, because what else do you have to do? I know it goes further than that, but the bottom line is that you don’t want to be broke anymore.


I wonder sometimes about the people who are millionaires with MLM. I know there have been days when they just didn’t feel like talking with no one on the phone, making connections for sales, or attending a video training event. It is just the same with a regular job. There are just days when you are like, “Hey, I am not feeling this. I am calling in sick. I don’t feel like being bothered with no one.”


The difference, though, is you do what you have to, even when you don’t feel like it, to get to where you need to be. What I mean by this is you can’t get six-figure monthly incomes on your “feelings.” You get it by doing what is necessary to get it. It really is that simple. If you want a home-based business, then you are going to have to do things, complete tasks, when they need to be done.


Moreover with network marketing, you have a team that depends on you; you are a leader. Ergo, to be blunt, nobody cares about how you feel on a certain day. As a leader, your feelings are not even supposed to be in the picture. What your focus is on is guiding your team members on product sales and hitting their goals.


I believe that a lot of times, people let their feelings get in their way. Folks are always talking about “I feel, I think” etc. I don’t know about you, but unless your “feelings” are going to have a positive impact on my life, I really don’t want to hear it. You are more than welcome to keep your “feelings” and opinions to yourself. I can, and would rather, do without both.


Keep On


Multilevel marketers are folks that look out for each other. I know I sound like a broken record, but I am just in awe every time I see them interact with each other. I don’t know if their displays of affection are genuine or not; I don’t judge. But I do know that the level of care these individuals have looks real.


This is why network marketing all over the world is able to attract people left and right. Quite simply, they know how to talk to people. There is no way that you can have a nasty disposition and think that folks are going to spend their time and money dealing with you. It just really amazes me when folks have the worst attitude, the worst customer service, and think that people are going to frequent their business.


Then they get mad at everyone else when their business tanks. I am sorry, but I have no sympathy for people like this. This is what you have created.


That’s why I tell people who know how to run a business and give remarkable customer service to keep on keeping on. I like hearing about people who home-based business is flourishing. They know how to handle their business. These individuals have short-term and long-term goals they want to accomplish; their feelings and moods take a back to them.


As I have gotten older, these are the folks I surround myself with. People who talk intelligent, speak positive, and care about more than their personal possessions. The folks close to me are friendly, funny, and fabulous…LOL. They are more than their hair and handbags. Now, this doesn’t mean they don’t look good; they are fine…LOL. But their make-up is more than that. You can be smart, intelligent, attractive, and nice, all at the same time.


It wasn’t always like this for me, though; I have no problem telling on myself. I use to be a tad shallow. All I cared about was other’s opinions and how I looked. That was it. I didn’t care about the world to the point I wouldn’t even recycle, because I just didn’t feel like it. In other words, I was very selfish.


Then I started meeting people who talked about the greater good of this world. They were doing volunteer work, like Feed the Hungry, Habitat for Humanity, and Amvet. They were happy about what they did. I started to think that maybe I should start doing volunteer work too. Honestly, I knew my attitude and behavior was straight stank…LOL. I wanted to change.


So, I started making dishes for a local church when they hosted Feed the Hungry, and I loved it. To see people enjoy my food, it was truly heartfelt. I tear up now when I think back to the first time and to hear people tell me “thank you.”


Next, I started donating clothes and items I didn’t want to Amvet. If you notice, I didn’t say raggedly, torn-up clothes and broken things. I said stuff I no longer wanted. My attitude before was that if I donated my things, people wouldn’t appreciate my nice things.


I had to realize that it wasn’t my place to judge or decide who would appreciate anything. My point in the process was to give and give from the heart. That’s it; the end.


I am glad I got over me. I cringe to think how I would be if I didn’t. I see people day in and day out who haven’t gotten over themselves. They are some horrible and unhappy individuals, let me tell you. I give many thanks and feel truly blessed to be where I’m at today.