Clement & Anita Fu

Clement & Anita Fu – Amway Top Earners


If you are looking for a dynamic duo in MLM, look no further than Clement & Anita Fu. These two are presently Founders Crown Ambassadors (the highest pin in Amway) and Founder Council Members of Amway Global, one of the world’s largest network marketing companies. Before joining Amway in 1981, these two have typical office positions; Clement was a sales rep, and Anita was a customer service officer.


After reading their profiles, it is not surprising that they have been this successful. Clement & Anita realized that there was only so far they could go in their jobs. They wanted to more than just to earn money. They wanted careers where they could grow personally and financially.


This is why they took a chance with Amway. In their words ( I will paraphrase for you), Clement and Anita said that they didn’t want to be like other people who waited until they retired, only to realize how many opportunities had passed them by for a better life. They suggest that if you are willing to take risks, you will see unlimited prospects for personal growth, as well time and financial freedom.


They found what they were looking for with Amway. In order to have the wealth and stability you dream of (and who doesn’t, right?), you have to make the right choices today. And here is something else these two said that was very perceptive. You can have a good life, but with the right choices, you can have an even better life.


Like most top MLM earners, Amway has become a way of life for Clement & Anita Fu. That might the understatement of the year. As far as residual income, they earn around $100,000.00 per month. If you do the math, they make more than $1 million a year. Their philosophy is to “be meaningful” and share with others. These are the attributes they said are the foundation of their success.


Quality of Success


Clement & Anita Fu state that their Amway network marketing business has grown thanks to their willingness and devotion to helping their downlines. Some of their team members had never heard of Amway and had no experience in direct sales. Now, thanks to the training by Clement & Anita, they are leaders of their own teams.


According to this couple, in order to be a great leader, you have to be decisive, sensitive, ready to handle any crisis, and have a sense of purpose. If you possess these qualities, you can become a great independent distributor for Amway. But you have to be ready and willing to go the extra mile; rise above just what is required. If you want to be a part of the elite minority, you can’t think and act like everyone else. Wow, those are powerful words!


Clement and Anita Fu have established their Amway business in several countries, including Hong Kong, US, China, and Canada. It is quite obvious these two have a serious work ethic and a whole lot of positivity. Anita believes that their commitment to their Amway home-based business is the reason they can enjoy the splendor of life.


They devote time between working as entrepreneurs and taking leisure time whenever they want. When asked if the economy had any effect on their business, they replied, “Absolutely not. When we started with Amway, we set long-term goals, and we met them head-on.  Keeping the idea of giving back, Anita & Clement Fu established the CA Network in 1998, an organization that assists others with living better lives through network marketing.




Amway is one of the most well-known multilevel marketing companies in the industry. Amway reviews have always been strong, and even though they have been investigated on more than one occasion, Amway has been said to not be a MLM scam.


Amway products include everything from household items to water purifiers. Although it was at first Amway USA, this is most definitely no longer the case. This direct sales business operates in more than 90 countries and territories worldwide. Amway has leaders from all over the globe, such as Bill Britt, who was one of the most successful, yet controversial leaders in Amway. Like Clement & Anita Fu, he was a Crown Ambassador and Founder Council member. Bill Britt died in 2013.




The compensation plan for Amway works similar to other MLM businesses. To start your own home-based business, you have to sign up as an independent business owner. You earn money for every product you sell. If one of your customers decides to join Amway, you earn money from the products your sponsor sells to customers.


Your bonus and compensation grows with your business. You can earn not only retail income, but also monthly performance bonuses, leadership bonuses, and other rewards based on personal and group performances.



To help you along your way, Amway provides training, motivational readings, business management resources, and mentoring programs. To continue giving you support, there are sponsorships and events offered throughout the year. And as every top MLM earners has said, it is imperative that you attend these to get much-needed knowledge and support.


With Amway, you will never feel alone or like you can’t get an answer to your problem. So I guess what Amway is trying to say is that if you are ready to build your own business, it has everything you need. The rest is up to you.