Collette Larsen

Collette Larsen is the heart and soul of USANA network marketing business. Many independent product distributors know her as MAMA USANA, but that is not why she is so special and treated dearly by many in the MLM industry. Collette, an approximately 59 years old, divorced mother of five and now grandmother of twelve knows how to love, live and learn through life events. This is the main reason why she has emerged to become an outstanding direct sales genius, not only in USANA business, but also in the whole of the MLM industry.

As a matter of fact, Collette Larsen has one of the most humbling stories in the history of USANA relationship marketing business, and maybe the whole of direct selling industry. Her story has not only touched the lives and hearts of thousands of people, but has also made them work extremely hard so as to bring a positive change into their lives. I seriously feel that we are equally privileged and fortunate to read her story here today. Therefore, count yourself lucky if you are reading Colletta Larsen’s story here for the first time in your life!

I know you at this point you are wondering how special Collette Larsen can be to the point of being referred to as the mother of a really big relationship marketing company, I wish you will be patient enough until you finish reading her story. But for now, it is important to note that Colletta is happily remarried and lives a millionaire lifestyle with her HUGE family; courtesy of USANA Health sciences.

For your information, the USANA home based business has enabled her earn a completely passive income in form of recurrent commission of approximately $150,000 per month and $ 1,800,000 per year. Please, exclude all the bonuses and treats she and her family have received in their USANA MLM business. This in summary is a tear dropping story that demands you make yourself comfortable before continuing!

Biography of Collette Larsen

Collette Larsen is a world-class multilevel marketing professional and a corporate trainer with a very successful MLM business that operates in more than 14 markets in the world. She is a world beater who knows how to touch the lives of different types of people from various backgrounds. But that is just her professional life my friend!

On her family life, Collette Larsen is a divorced mother of five and a happy grandmother of twelve gorgeous grandchildren. Although Collette Larsen had experienced one of the worst and expensive divorce cases on earth, she has been strong even if it left her devastated and financially sinking.

Collette, now an USANA multi-millionaire was blessed with three boys and two beautiful girls before the divorce. She however succeeded in having custody of all of her five children. The children’s names are Zachary Ross, Dax Ross, Sharlie Kattenbach, Justie, Lexi(who passed on in her youth life) and Ric  Mazey’s daughter and second husband to Collette.

As I have said in the paragraph above, Collette had a rough time raising five of her children as a single mother with peanuts wages. If you are a parent out there you surely know how hard it is to fend and pay bills for five children. To make matters worse, Collette Larsen’s two eldest sons were in their adolescence and the two young girls were suffering from severe Cystic Fibrosis, which later claimed the life of one.

Mrs. Larsen was born and raised in Idaho. She graduated from Madison Senior high school back in 1970s and moved on with life. It is after high school that she met her husband who is soon to be ex-husband with a catastrophic divorce.

Other than the little education Collette got in Madison high school, she also acquired some extra leadership skills by attending numerous personal growth seminars and educating herself by reading hundreds of books. She believes education is endless and that is what she stands for today. Collette however calls her life lessons “School of Soft Knocks”.

Mrs. Collette Larsen later in October 6, 2005 got married again to Ric Mazig, who they have lived happily together up to now. Ric calls himself a lucky man, and you surely know what that means!

Collette Larsen’s Journey in USANA Health Sciences Business

Collette Larsen’s Life before USANA Business

Colletta Larsen was in total ruins before she joined USANA Network marketing business. For those who never had time to read her biography above, she was a divorced mother of five children with a secretarial job that paid her peanuts.

The divorce case emptied all her savings and she was left devastated although she at last won the case. To add the salt into a fresh wound, she had serious medical expenses for her two younger daughters; Sharlie and Lexi who were suffering from Cystic Fibrosis, and she had nobody to run to.

Collette says that her life ship was not just sinking and but sinking hard and very fast. She had no option other than to take two jobs so that she can be able to manage to pay her glaring bills. Colletta Larsen therefore worked as a secretary where she used to be paid $8 USD an hour so as to ensure they do not get evicted from their house and manage her adolescent boys. She was totally bankrupt, with no credit card and was emotionally torn apart.

Colette Larsen Joining USANA MLM

Colette Larsen joined USANA MLM business in April 1994. She never however joined USANA Company out of her wish, but was pushed to join by her suffering daughters.

Miss. Larsen was busy looking for alternative medicine that could help cure her daughters’ ailments when she discovered the USANA products. She never even knew that the USANA Compensation plan could also allow her to earn some extra cash out of using their products! When she learned about this, it was almost a week and she had to try it out so that she could at least get some extra cash to cater for the expenses of her sick daughters.

Colletta Larsen’s two daughters responded well to the USANA Products, a result that forced her to begin using the USANA products on a regular basis. It was however in May 1994 that she checked her mail box and found a check of $100 from USANA network marketing company. Collette Larsen was so astonished and over excited at the same time that she went full swing into the business.

Collette Larsen’s Life in and after USANA network Marketing Company

Before we jump into the life of Mrs. Larsen in USANA multilevel marketing business, it is important I let you know that Collette lost her daughter Lexi to Cystic Fibrosis after being in USANA Business for a year and had her second daughter Sherlie successfully operated.

So, back to the story…

Colletta Larsen says that everything has changed in her life since joining the USANA Company. The only thing that is still the same her family is the love and affection she had to her five children. She had successfully cleared her debt that was approximately a million dollars and she is now living in a house that has everything she ever dreamt of in life.

Colletta tearfully recalls her daughter Lexi squeezing her hand and thanking her for everything she had ever done to her life while promising to take care of her, before she died. It was a very painful experience that she always cries about.

Colletta nevertheless, is an USANA Top earner and one of MLM Top earners in the network marketing industry. She is a renowned business coach and a respected grandmother.

Colletta Larsen Awards and Accolades

Colletta Larsen is a perennial USANA Top earners and Multi-millionaire in the home based business. She is the longest serving product distributor in USANA Business and her Larsen Global Alliance Inc business is the largest and most dynamic business in USANA MLM Company.

Colletta Larsen and her son and business partner Zachary Ross have been USANA’s top distributors and mlm top earners in several years in a row, winning various awards and bonuses.

For instance, Colletta Larsen and her son have gone beaten all the odds to emerge mlm top earners and distributors in USANA Company as from 1995 to 2008 in a row; apart from the year 2001.

Mrs. Colletta has therefore been the USANA Top Earners and Distributor of the year 13 times in a row, defying all the odds such as the USANA illegal Pyramid Scheme Allegations, USANA scam advises and various USANA Complaints in USANA China, USANA US, and USANA Asia to be where she is today.