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Joe & Gloria Hadachek – AdvoCare Top EarnersJoe Hadachek is advocare a scam

Joe and Gloria Hadachek are a couple of AdvoCare Top Earners with this MLM business that
they have called home. They reside in Dysart, Iowa and we are gong to have a little looksy into their lives.


Who is Joe and Gloria Hadachek?

The first thing that Joe & Gloria Hadachek will tell you is that they are living the dream life, thanks to AdvoCare network marketing business. Most people say that they don’t have time for this or that, but MLM has given these millionaires the time and financial freedom they are looking for.

Joe and Gloria Hadachek have done it right.

They are Platinum Distributors, Hall of Fame, Spirit of AdvoCare.

They joined this direct selling business in 1998, and they have earned over the span of their relationship marketing career well over $7 million.

Their residual income is right around $95,000.00 a month. Nice!

Before joining the AdvoCare MLM business, Joe Hadachek was a college football coach. Since he spent every waking moment at the fieldhouse, Gloria Hadachek felt like a single mother to their three children, Trev, Tate, and Tori. The load of dealing with everyday life was on her, as Joe’s focus was on football.

Advocare compensation plan

For the hours he got paid, Joe worked hard because of his love for the game. However, at the end of the month, it wasn’t always a great time.

Also, Gloria was working part-time as an emergency management coordinator and going to school to finish her college degree.

She felt that after she got her degree, she would get a better job.

Joe & Gloria thought they would be set for life, but it didn’t turn out that way.

Gloria wanted to get her degree, because it was a life goal as well; she would be the first person in her family to graduate from college.

This is what these two love about AdvoCare.

It lets people fulfill their dreams; go on that dream vacation, have that dream home, possess that dream bank account.

Joe has been blessed to coach his two sons in football, and Gloria is coaching their daughter in soccer. And these two still do AdvoCare!


How to get started in AdvoCare

Gloria & Joe Hadachek came to know about the AdvoCare multi-level marketing business when their sponsor introduced them to professional strength coach Dave Redding and other coaches at a convention in Nashville, TN.

They were attracted to AdvoCare due to the number of athletes and coaches who used the sports performance products.  The endorsements and the backing of the Sports Advisory Council gave AdvoCare products credibility for these two.



How did AdvoCare help?

Advocare-productsAfter using the SPARK products, Joe didn’t crave a six-pack of diet soda.

When he used the Post-Workout Recovery, he recovered quicker in the weight room.

Gloria tried the Metabolic Nutrition System, and she lost 18 lbs. in less than six weeks.

All the top MLM earners say that in order for you to be successful in your MLM home-based business, you have to believe in the products and the company.

Gloria and Joe prove how true this is.


Can I get an AdvoCare Discount?

To get the AdvoCare product discount, Joe & Gloria enrolled to become advisors.

They weren’t looking to become entrepreneurs, but the idea of earning an extra $200 a month would pay for their products.

When they accomplished this, they raised their monthly goal to $500 a month, and this would pay for their automobile.

To do this, all they spent was two hours a week marketing AdvoCare products to folks who want to look, feel, and perform better.

After Success School, Gloria and Joe Hadachek decided to work on their home-based business full-time.

does advocare work

How to be successful in AdvoCare

Founder and CEO Charlie Ragus says that family, faith, job, and then AdvoCare.

This is when Joe says that he realized he needed to change his priorities. They never spent any time together as a family.

To grow their home-based business, Joe & Gloria did weekly mixers, team phone calls, and weekend trainings; they earned more than $100,000.00 a month.

Not surprisingly, both quit their jobs.

For Joe, to quit coaching was quite emotional, but he knew it had to be done in order to put his family first.

Joe & Gloria started working AdvoCare as a husband and wife team, and in 2000, their direct sales business flourished.

Now, they had more time to spend with their children, and they didn’t have to work long hours.

Additionally, they have traveled to such places as New Zealand, Australia, and Maui. Gloria, Joe, and their children go on family vacations, spending quality and quantity time together.

Financially, they can help take care of their community, donating to their church and school.

Gloria even started a small business that helps the less fortunate in their hometown.

When people ask them why they still work for AdvoCare, they tell them because they have an obligation to fulfill; they have team members who need to reach their goals.

What a testimony!



What is AdvoCare?

AdvoCare was established in 1993 by Charles Ragus. Interestingly, Ragus played briefly for the Kansas City Chiefs in the 60s.

At one point, he was a MLM distributor for Herbalife.

In 2001, Ragus died at the age of 58.

His direct selling company offers health and wellness products for weight management, energy & sports performance, and nutrition. The products are marketed around the US by over 50,000 independent distributors.

Richard Wright, a former chief of staff for US Representative Jim McCrery, currently serves as CEO.


AdvoCare Compensation Plan

 The AdvoCare compensation plan works basically like all others.

You earn retail profits and commissions from the product sales of your team members.

So, you basically you earn money the same way you would with any other direct sales business.

Nothing much out of the ordinary here!


Is AdvoCare a Scam?

Over the years, there have been a number of AdvoCare complaints, and some of them have been legal matters.

In 2009, a Dallas court awarded over $1 million in damages against AdvoCare for making deceptive trade practices and unfairly cancelled agreements with two distributors. AdvoCare appealed, but lost and had to pay the plaintiffs’ court costs.

AdvoCare  stopped marketing the product KickStart Spark, which was geared towards children 4 to 11 years of age. Pediatricians became concerned about this product when they learned the caffeine amount.

Furthermore, AdvoCare didn’t win any brownie points with parents when it started marketing its products at school events.

Eventually, the company did stop and said they wouldn’t sponsor any more school events.

There are also reports that distributors are telling people they are health experts when marketing the products, which is a big no-no.

Moreover, some dietitians question the fact that, if the people who were successful with AdvoCare’s weight management products, that they would have loss weight anyway, since they changed their lifestyle to a healthy one.

Overall, Joe and Gloria have changed their lives and the lives of many others. They have fought the naysayers and the bad press surrounding this company.

Personally, I do not want to put my future in the hands of others, like the folks over at Vemma did! I would rather take matters and my future into my own hands.

Which is what I did. You can see more proof here!

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