Corbin and Holly Roush

Corbin and Holly Roush is a very enthusiastic MonVie multi-level marketing couple and multi-millionaires in that matter. Their life history and journey in MonaVi is a blend of corporate world frustrations, coupled with a sudden turn of events, when a stay at home mom; Holly Roush finally rescues her husband; eventually making him a famous millionaire, free from stress of making money for others. This is definitely a story of a mother whose single but bold decision has completely changed the life of her family. I know you have been watching and hearing such stories in movies and songs; now it is time to read about it and get inspired!

Corbin and Holly Roush shows us why we should not always think of money when we hear of mlm entrepreneurship success stories. For instance, Corbin and Holly Roush says that their whole lives have totally changed since joining Mona Vie mlm. The MonaVie business opportunity has enabled them have many new friends and a good time with their children and other family members. Their self-confidence is currently unrivaled and they feel totally fulfilled in life!

Back to the money and fame…

Corbin and Holly Roush are one of the top earners in mlm both in Mona Vie and the whole of relationship marketing business. They are mlms celebrities in Monavie USA and have a much diversified organization that has opened branches in Monavie Australia. They have succeeded in building a stream of recurring commissions from MonaVi and they now make over $160,000 per month and more than $1,920,000 in a year. Here is this couple’s Biography!

Biography of Corbin and Holly Roush

Corbin and Holly Roush are former corporate workers turned Mona Vie multi-level marketing celebrities. Corbin Roush is married to Holly Roush and they have together been blessed with three bouncing boys. The family currently lives in a property that is worth $1,450,000 USD, in Tulsa, Oklahoma is the United States of America.

The couple is now a full stay at home parents and MonaVie network marketing millionaires after they resigned from their respective corporate jobs, with of course Holly Roush leading the way. Corbin and Holly Roush are always enthusiastic in whatever they do, and live a life full of freedom; with a lot of fun and travelling.

The family had spent all of their lives in USA, but they are now able to travel to any part of the world at any time, thanks to their successful Monavie business. They are now leading the way in showing their three sons what it is like to be an mlm entrepreneur.

Corbin & Holly Roush’s Journey in MonaVie

Corbin and Holly Roush are one of the most successful couple in the industry of network marketing with one of the top mlm companies in the world. The couple has discovered a way to mix business with their family, friends and acquaintances. They are now millionaires who are experiencing fun at its peak, although it wasn’t easy at first as many mistakenly think!

Corbin Roush used to work at one of the corporate sales firm in United States of America for 14 years. He was the best sales person in his department and the whole company, but there was nothing to show for it! Corbin Roush worked really hard in his corporate world job, but nothing good came out of it!

Instead of the company giving him a pay rise, it cut his salary at the end of it all. He became so mad at this but it was a lesson well learnt about the American corporate world that he highly detests today. One of the lessons he learnt from his corporate career is that the corporate world of America nowadays no longer cares for your interests, but their own.

Holly Roush on the other hand spent her first six years working as a pharmaceutical sales person. All was well until the family responsibilities came by. Corbin and Holly Roush became a big family after having their third son and somebody had to always stay at home to look after the three boys, and it was always to be Holly Roush as many other wives from other ordinary families do.

There was then a perception that there was very limited opportunities that stay at home moms could use to earn a living, and Holly Roush found herself in that line of thinking. She knew she desperately needed to do something to earn a living, but it was very clear that she had no time to go back to her pharmaceutical corporate career. This is a dilemma that most stay at home mothers encounter, so if you are one of them and you are reading this article, then count yourself saved today!

Holly Roush after some extensive research stumbled upon one company that sold a very nutritious product, which she in fact loved. So, she decided to give it a try by selling the network marketing product to her friends, neighbors and family members who wanted to be healthy and BOOM! She was into business.

Corbin Roush on the other hand was then never interested in that business opportunity because he thought it to be tedious and takes a long time before you are in fact paid a very small commission. The company happened to be MonaVie and it is the same company that has totally changed their lives. Stay tuned for Corbin Roush’s reaction, after seeing the results of the Mona Vie business opportunity!

Holly Roush finally ended up making the kind of money her husband; Corbin Roush made in his busy corporate job and eventually doubled it. Corbin was left breathless for some few days before he surely came to accept the fact that his wife actually makes double his salary just from home, and with the entire busy schedule she has.

Corbin Roush said enough is enough and resigned from his ungrateful corporate job. Then the miracle happened, their MonVi earning doubled not once but twice. They were so excited but little did they know that that is just the beginning of becoming relationship marketing superstars. The family has now tested it all and cannot imagine a life without their Mona Vie business.

The family is a now a living prove that financial security is not working for somebody else, but making your own decisions on issues that directly impact on your everyday life. Corbin says that nobody should rely on the government, stock market or any corporate company for their daily bread. He however adds that nobody should also slave away in the corporate world of America for decades, before being recognized by a promotion that comes with very little additional pay. “Set yourself free by becoming your own boss!” That is his words to you!

MonaVie is More Than Money…

Corbin and Holly Roush feel that they are more than free and wealthy with Mona Vie business opportunity. The couple says that they are in fact happier than they ever imagined in life and have a look at life from a totally different perspective. Corbin and Holly Roush say that the Mona Vi network marketing business not only gave them financial freedom, but also made them better people in life. The MonaVi direct selling business has for instance made them build a strong relationship with their downline and up line and has tremendously improved their leadership skills.

Holly Roush says that Mona Vie business is all about loving other people, and is surely rewards you just to do that. According to Corbin Roush, success in Network marketing business is leading by example.  He therefore has a goal of making sure that all his friends reach where he has reached today in MonaVi, and be better leaders.

Final say from Corbin and Holly Roush about Mona Vie…

Corbin and Holly Roush believe that to build a business that makes you and all other people in it money is a dynamic that cannot be found in any other business, mostly in the corporate world. The couple says that MonaVie business simply opens up the world for you. The business does not have any manager or boss to answer to and there are absolutely no pay limits, because it does not come with any titles. He adds that the better your team performs in MonaVie, the better you perform and earn, so MonaVie business is a team effort and that is what matters most in life!

Corbin and Holly Roush have sworn never ever to go back to their corporate businesses. They will instead concentrate on teaching their children on how to be independent by starting their own businesses. The couple’s final advice to us is not to let anybody decide how worth we are!

Corbin and Holly Roush’s Awards and Accolades

Corbin and Holly Roush are one of the most successful direct selling couple in the history of Monavie relationship marketing business. They are network marketing multi-millionaires in Mona Vie and are among the few couples who are in Millionaires’ club members and hall of fame mlms stars.

They are currently one of the most sought after motivational speakers and multi-level marketing business mentors in MonaVi international. Corbin and Holly Roush are proud achievers of Black Diamond executive award and have won themselves a yellow jeep with their Monavie business. Have I told you that they have their own organization called Corbin and Holly Inc.?  If not then you should know!

The couple’s Mona vie direct sales business has made them travel to various parts of the world, facilitated by the monavi top achievers promotional bonuses. Corbin and Holly Roush are in short riding high in the MonaVi network marketing business and love the fact that they are at last free to do what they want to do in life! I call this the power of mlm entrepreneurship!