Craig Bryson

Craig Bryson is the ‘Father’ of Nu Skin Enterprises, and a ‘grandfather’ in the direct selling industry. I really feel privileged to cover his MLM story today and see it as an honor for you to read about him in our MLM Top Earners blog.

Please, feel at home and expect an inspirational and legendary story of our very talented NuSkin all time mlm top earner.

Let me start our discussion today by saying that Mr. Craig Bryson is the number one leader in the relationship marketing industry, and one of the most talented leaders and story teller in the world. Mr. Craig Bryson has either directly or indirectly touched the lives of millions of people in the multilevel marketing industry, and his epic videos are still an inspiration to many people today and will surely inspire millions others in the future!

Mr. Byron is the number one producer in Nu Skin business, and as a matter of fact, everybody in the Nu Skin enterprises is in his downline.

Craig Bryson has produced thousands of leaders in the direct selling business and he is the NuSkin top income earner of all time in the company, and maybe in the whole of the network marketing business.

Craig has however been described by some members in his worldwide downline as a genius, a stud, an true act, man of the people, likeable gentleman, a legend, an mlm ‘kingpin’, a great guy with big personality, a sponsoring machine, to name just a few.

Some of the lucky people who have attended his trainings when he was active and really kicking some ass in the network marketing industry say that Craig Bryson is a very talented leader, and an exceptional story teller who knows his stuff in-out.

In general, Craig Bryson is an awesome guy who knows how to lead, motivates, recruit and train. He is the man who put Nu Skin enterprises into the multi level marketing map and was part of the Nu Skin executives who ensured the smooth running of the daily operations in the Nu Skin Company.

Today, Mr. Craig Bryson of Nu Skin is one of the few successful mlm leaders with almost zero negative reputations, despite of the millions of reported mlm scam cases and pyramid scheme accusations, rampant in the network marketing business.

Craig is currently one of the richest MLM product distributors of all times, and arguably the best leader the industry has ever had. He is of course extremely wealthy and currently makes a recurring passive income of about $135,000 per month, and has so far earned way above $ 70 million USD; just from the Nu Skin multilevel marketing industry.

Craig Bryson’s Biography and journey in the Nu Skin Business is up next and surely worth reading!

Biography of Craig Bryson of Nu Skin Enterprises

Let me start by saying that I am surprised why such a legendary mlm superstar is rarely featured in various online publications as other relationship marketing celebrities! The question is, are we forgetting about our mlm founding fathers? Anybody who has been in Craig Bryson’s down line can surely assist us answer this question!

All in all, Craig Bryson is a winner and true leader is every sense and from every perspective. His family and personal life is however not an exception in this!

To cut the long story short, Craig Bryson was born and raised near San Francisco Bay area, California in the United States of America.

It is in fact not specified where Rick attended his elementary school and high school, but it is a known fact that he went to Ricks College before joining the NuSkin business.

Craig s happily married to the beautiful Kathy Bryson, with whom they continued with God’s wish of filling the world. Yes, they have together given birth to whole 11 children who are grown-ups now, and have their own families.

This is the reason why I was saying that Mr. Craig is a dynamite leader even if it is in his family or the mlm business. Craig is however the owner of OPTINI LLC, which is an independent NuSkin Business distributorship Company. Craig Bryson began his OPTINI LLC Company in 2009, after doing away with his other previous Nu Skin distributorship companies.

The Journey of Craig Bryson in Nu Skin Enterprises

As I said earlier, Craig Bryson is a name to be reckoned in both Nu Skin and the whole of the relationship marketing industry. Craig has been with Nu Skin enterprises since 1984, and he is today in semi-retirement mode, but still very influential in the mlm industry.

Craig was the first person to join Nu Skin business and he is as a result referred to one of its founding distributors, which is a fact.

In 1985, the Roney’s requested Craig Bryson to start the Nu Skin personal product distributorship network, because Craig had started showing signs of success within his first year with the NuSkin business.

Craig Bryson had decided to invest in Nu Skin Enterprises because he had confidence with the Nu Skin business opportunity, its products and vision. So, he took the challenge without any question.

Mr. Craig Bryson of Nu Skin started his journey of shaping the current Nu Skin enterprises by recruiting, training  and marketing the Nu Skin business opportunity and products to his family, friends, people around Provo, Utah and then started travelling from one country to another; expanding his business empire.

After some two years of serious marketing, Craig started to really know the benefit of generating a recurring passive income, because he was the first person to receive a commission check from Nu Skin Business.

The most interesting fact about Craig however is that he used to be paid twice! Yes, Craig Bryson used to act both as a Nu Skin business administrator and product distributor.

Nevertheless, Craig is one of the best business story tellers the world has never seen. And this was a plus in his Nu Skin business moving forward.

Majority of people used to accompany their friends to Craig Bryson’s Nu Skin meetings and seminars so that they can listen to his unique approach to MLM Business, but eventually found themselves recruited in Nu Skin business, out of admiration.

Craig used the face to face approach to building his team and in some cases took advantage of parties and hotel meetings, provided the modern internet technology was not available.

Craig Bryson has so far produced a lot of podcasts and Nu Skin marketing videos that have gone viral online. If you really wish to know how a great story teller Craig is, listen to some of his training videos on YouTube.

Some of these videos are: Nu Skin Leadership Training, Nu Skin Team Elite Training, and Advanced Leadership Training among others.

Craig Bryson is currently in a semi-retirement mode, but he is still one of the most influential mlm Top Earners in Nu Skin business. Mr. Byron is currently the longest serving Team Elite member and his services are frequently used by Nu skin Corporation both as the main speaker in various Nu Skin events and in launching of its new Nu Skin Technological programs.

For instance, Craig Bryson was one of the main Nu Skin MLM leaders who launched the Nu Skin’s NuVu technological advancement tool in a stand-alone room at New Port, California.

Craig Bryson has however been with Nu Skin enterprises all the way for good and during the bad times. For instance, Craig was one of the Nu Skin respondents in a case that involved the violation of the FTC laws by the various Nu Skin individual distributors in 1994. The case however ended with the respondents fined a fee of $1.22 million dollars payable to the American Federal Trade Commission, the same year.

Mr. Bryson is however still one of the most influential and famous leader in the network marketing industry. He always encourages other mlm leaders to be enthusiastic in the multilevel marketing business and to always support their teams.

Craig is probably the only individual product distributor who has managed to have over 1 million members in his Nu Skin business downline, leave alone the many that moved to other network marketing businesses.

Some of the important quotes I managed to get from his YouTube videos are:

“Sponsorship only exists because people use the products for a long period of time.”

“There cannot be a long term business, unless its products find a place where consumption is continuous.”

“Anybody can be an expert in any area, if you are willing to invest in at least 10,000 hours.”

Craig Bryson therefore concluded his training videos by agreeing that he is an expert in MLM, simply because he spent enough time to learn about the industry.

Craig has however travelled to almost every part of the world, and it is believed that almost everybody in Nu Skin Enterprises is in his down line. Are you in Nu Skin and not is Craig Bryson’s down line? Please let us know!

Award and Accolades

Craig Bryson is a leader of leaders and one of the most successful product distributors, not only in Nu Skin but also in the whole of the network marketing industry.

Craig, being the first distributor in Nu Skin has tested at least every award and accolade in Nu Skin Enterprises. He has also won hundreds of bonuses and vacation trips to all parts of the world, courtesy of his successful downline in Nu Skin.

Craig Bryson is currently a thirty times team elite member in Nu Skin Business, a number one producer in Nu Skin, A blue Diamond holder in the company and a $60 million dollar circle member. Craig has also been an executive member in Nu Skin business since 1986.

Lastly but not least, Craig Bryson is an incredible recruiter who has had it all in the network marketing industry. Count yourself lucky if you have ever met him or you are in his downline.