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Dane Iorg – Synergy Worldwide


Dane Iorg is used to aiming high. Before his MLM career, he was a MLB star. He played with the St. Louis Cardinals and the Kansas City Royals, a team with which he won the World Series in 1985. As a matter of fact, Dane hit the winning run. Apparently, Dane has the winning spirit.


After retiring from the baseball, Dane began working in network marketing. It kind of makes sense, since he already possesses a hard work ethic and a commitment to doing his best. Dane chose to join Synergy Global, because he believed in its products and the opportunity for personal and financial growth. He credits his success to always having a positive outlook on life. Even when people told him that he would never play professional baseball, he ignored them.


Dane says that if you have a goal, you have to go after it and have a positive attitude that you will accomplish it, no matter what. He believes that anyone can make it in direct sales marketing if they are willing to share what they know and what they have. Dane doesn’t think that multilevel marketing is hard at all. The just of it is to tell customers about the benefits of Synergy products and business plan.


As I have written before about other top MLM earners have said, as an independent distributor, you have to become involved. Meaning, you have to attend training sessions, events, and weekly phone calls. Dane believes that the more you know, the better equipped you are to share information about the company.


Just like with his baseball career, Dane Iorg has enjoyed a very lucrative career with Synergy. He earns a residual income of around $100,000.00 a month, and he has earned the rank of Presidential Executive. Like fellow Synergy top earners, Dianne & Lorin Leavitt, Dane Iorg is a member in the Million Dollar Club. Dane sees Synergy as a MLM business he can grow with, he can have a future with. He loves the fact that the products improve people’s health, as well as offers a chance to become an entrepreneur.


What is Synergy?


I have written about Synergy International before, but I will give the information again. Synergy was founded in 1999 by Dan Higginson, who wanted to form a company where people worldwide could have better health and be prosperous. Additionally, he wanted his company to help those in their communities.


Higginson gave his company the name “synergy” to represent the idea of unity, as he believes that if people work together with integrity, quality, and stability, it will be better for the whole as opposed to the individual.


This was something new to me, but I didn’t know that the Japanese relationship market is one of the most challenging in the world. But it was no problem for Synergy Group. Moreover, the MLM company’s success didn’t go unnoticed by Nature’s Sunshine. The two joined force in 2000, and Synergy Worldwide is presently in over 25 countries, and it continues to achieve its goal to leave a legacy of delivering high-quality products and offering financial freedom around the globe. Synergy products and team members can be found in:


  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Denmark
  • England
  • Austria
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Poland
  • Vietnam
  • And Many Others!




Even during hardships in the economy, Synergy was able to prosper. Mainly this was, and still is, due to its exceptional marketing plan, unsurpassed preparations, and a stellar reputation. And it doesn’t hurt that Synergy is supported by Nature’s Sunshine, a company well-known for its superior herbal supplements, minerals, and vitamins.


Higginson says that the Synergy company can be your vehicle to the lifestyle you have consistently envisioned for yourself and your family. If you are seeking to not have a work schedule, if you want to spend more time with your children, and if you want to travel, you might want to start a home-based business with Synergy. This is a MLM company on the come up!




Synergy products are geared towards assisting you with having the best health. This company does its own product development, manufacturing, and testing. Synergy claims that it has the most advanced natural supplements in the industry, and it can prove it. All of the ingredients that are used in products are sourced by Synergy itself. To make sure that everything is in order with the products, everything is reviewed by NSF, a third-party auditor.




The downside is that the products are only available through multi level marketing, which to some folks, is not appealing. Also, some people have accused Synergy products of being overpriced. For example, Proargi9+ costs over $50, and there are those who say that you can get the same ingredients in less expensive L-arginine supplements.


Bonuses and Payouts


Synergy compensation plan is made for those who want wealth security. The first thing you will notice about the monthly payout is that it is 55% in commissionable sales (after Fast Start and Elite Rebate). Also, as an independent distributor, you have seven ways to earn money. Synergy wants you to get the residual income you desire; you have no excuse not to get it either.


Better Living


Dan Iorg says that after leaving pro-sports, he lost his energy and metabolism. He was looking for a way to get it back when he stumbled upon Synergy. According to him, once he started using the products, he knew he had found his solution. Today, his weight is under control, he has newfound vitality, and as an added bonus, he has financial success. Yep, it seems like Dan Iorg made the right decision to join Synergy Worldwide.