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Daniel Lim & Lilian Quah – Nu Skin MLM Top Earner

nuskin top earnerDaniel Lim and Lilian Quah are a highly disciplined, dedicated, and hardworking Nu Skin Enterprise celebrities. The couple is one of the success stories among the many Nu Skin product distributors from Asia and a mlm top earner.

Daniel Lim and Lilian Quah currently has a healthy life that many people are dying for, and are living a life that they never even thought existed!

We all want to be a healthier us and we would ‘die’ to gather the secrets of those that seem to be doing just that.

But we are lazy people. We want a magic pill to take to make us thinner, a magic button to push that gives us unlimited funds, and a magic wand to wave to make all things better.

Not how it is though, is it.

If you want the good stuff, you have to be willing to work and sacrifice to get it. You can’t wish or hope for it, you have to do it.

Brad tells us more about it here:

Now that I have your interest…..on the the rest of the story.

Lilian Quah and Daniel Lim have one of the biggest and most dynamic Nu Skin Network marketing down line, which they have persistently built, (HARD WORK) since joining the NuSkin Business.

The couple believes that everybody can make it in life, but after first having faith in themselves and their mlm Company.

For instance, the couple’s high levels of self confidence and dedication have enabled them to become extremely successful in the multilevel marketing industry, and inspire thousands of others to change their attitude towards life.

The couple is currently riding high on the Nu Skin direct sales business. The only difference between this couple and us is the fact that they knew what they wanted early in life, identified their passions and made that ultimate decisionnu skin reviews to achieve time and financial freedom. Daniel Lim and Lilian Quah have achieved all these, while leading a healthy and stress-free life through the Nu Skin business; unlike some of us who are still undecided and financially struggling!

I can comfortably say that Daniel Lim and Lilian Quah are currently big time relationship marketing champions in Nu Skin MLM Business. Yes, they are true winners and what they make per month from NuSkin is a true revelation how successful they are in their business.

Daniel Lim & Lillian Quah are currently among the mlm top earners in Nu Skin Enterprises and as we write this article, they are relaxed in their living room waiting for their monthly passive income of $150,000 to hit their bank account and later a check of $1,800,000 per year. This is not all inclusive of any travel, car, shopping, and holiday bonuses the Company awards its top distributors.


Daniel Lim and Lilian Quah’s Journey in Nu Skin Enterprises

Daniel Lim and Lilian Quah had been hit hard by life and had had their share of financial struggles, just like any other ordinary family, before joining the Nu Skin Business.

The couple initially felt insecure about their future and was expecting the worst days to come. The family is grateful today for the type of life the NuSkin Enterprise has brought to them.

Lilian Quah and her husband’s secret to the massive success in Nu Skin business lies on the way they treat their down line and new distributors.

Daniel Lim and Lilian Quah uses mother-to-child type of approach to business. The couple says that a new distributor to them is more of a toddler that needs proper care and nurturing until they stand on their own feet.

Daniel and Lilian Quah knows that the more their down line members develop into good leaders, the more they also advance and their down line grows. That is how they get their rewards for their hard work and determination, although they enjoy doing so every day!

Think about that for one second. Every person that you bring into your down line, you nurture them until they are ready to stand on their own 2 feet.


Talk about building your ow success! These guys didn’t leave it to chance or happenstance, they took what they wanted and ran with it.

Daniel Lim and Lilian Quah consider themselves lucky to be part of the NuSkin enterprises business.

The couple says that Nu skin is an mlm company that is always in continuous research, making more and more discovering in the medical and wellness field. This makes Daniel and Lilian feel that their future is safe, because their company is fully aware of the future changes and uncertainties in the medical field. Daniel therefore says that it is very satisfying and comforting to learn that your mlm company always leads the way to ensuring that you are technologically updated.

This Nu Skin multi-millionaire couple and mlm top earners partly attribute their exponential growth in their business to the young generation they are working with. Daniel says that the youth in their home based business are technologically savvy and knows almost all market loopholes.

Daniel Lim and Lillian Quah say that this has helped them in a great extent in growing their down line, because the young distributors know how to utilize social media, and the internet in general, in bringing in more and more members into their Nu Skin down line. Daniel Lim also says that these young populations are currently achieving success in Nu skin business faster than many old folks.

Daniel Lim and Lilian Quah are however, having the time of their lives because their NuSkin enterprise business has no four walls to confine them, and no pre-determined structure to follow. This means that you have all the time in the world to do whatever you want and at anytime, but it also means that your Nu Skin business entirely depends on your dedication and effort. So, according to them, the Nu Skin business can either be fun or tough; depending on your attitude or approach to it!

Daniel Lim & Lilian Quah also say that many people quit Nu Skin enterprises pre-maturely, because they are not disciplined enough to be their own bosses and manage themselves.

This is, in fact, an important quality that every entrepreneur needs!

You have to have the drive to motivate and move yourself to action. Without it, you will be back punching a clock for the big boss man in no time at all!

Daniel Lim has some advice to newbies. He says that Nu Skin direct selling market is all about connecting with people, identifying their talents, needs and showing them how to achieve their aspirations through NuSkin multi-level marketing business.

To achieve this goal, you must be very knowledgeable and an all round individual; so that it will be easy for other people to approach you and tell you their challenges in business and life.

Daniel Lim and Lilian Quah also agrees to the importance of personal development before even thinking of developing others. The most interesting thing about newbies in Nu Skin network marketing according to Daniel Lim is that they quit before even establishing themselves in the direct sales business. That is how many fail and take their frustrations online, spitting every kind of negative thing about Nu Skin businesses, they can possibly think of!

Ladies and gentlemen, Daniel Lim and Lilian Quah says that if you ever have a dream of achieving success in any relationship marketing business, particularly in Nu Skin enterprises, then you must possess a must-achieve attitude. Because dedication paves way to commitment, achieving financial freedom is all about being devoted and having your whole heart in anything you do!

Daniel Lim and Lilian Quah have never grown tired while in their Nu Skin enterprise business. According to them, NuSkin is in their blood other than being their lifestyle. In fact, Lillian Quah says that they feel bad if a day passes by without them sharing the Nu Skin enterprises business opportunity to other people.

Daniel Lim and Lilian Quah are now part of the Nu Skin family and could not imagine how their lives would have been, without their God sent Nu Skin business opportunity. The couple is therefore very grateful to their sponsors and the Nu Skin Company for the wonderful products they have introduced into the market, and the continuous support they have given to their independent distributors.

Daniel Lim and Lillian Quah’s Awards and Accolades

Daniel and Lilian Quah are one of the most disciplined celebrities in Nu Skin Network marketing business today.

They are not only part of most successful group in Nu Skin, but they are also among the mlm top earners and an exceptionally wealthy couple. All of their achievements cannot be compared with the number of awards and accolades they have earned in Nu Skin enterprises.

To begin with, Daniel Lim and Lilian Quah have been in Team Elite Members for over twelve years in a row.

The couple is also Millionaires Club Circle members and has so far achieved five and ten million Club Circle membership awards.

The couple has also won numerous travel, shopping, and vacation bonuses severally in their Nu Skin business career. They are currently world renowned leaders and are still working hard to ensure everyone is equally successful in the competitive multi-level marketing business.

Daniel Lim and Lilian Quah are also very active in Philanthropic work!

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