Danny & Diane McDaniel

Danny & Diane McDaniel – AdvoCare Top Earners


I will be the first to admit when I am not familiar with something. This is definitely the case with AdvoCare. They say you learn something new every day. Let me share with you the AdvoCare global business with you.




AdvoCare was established in 2004 by Charles Ragus in Carrollton, TX. This network marketing company provides nutrition, energy, weight-loss, and sports performance products. Today, the headquarters is in Plano, TX.


The AdvoCare MLM business has over 50,000 independent distributors. Charles Ragus died in 2001, and in 2007, Richard H. Wright became president and CEO. The company holds membership with the US Direct Selling Association (DSA) and took part in the 2010 DSA Code of Ethics Communications Initiative.


AdvoCare compensation plan works similar to any other network marketing business. As an AdvoCare consultant, you earn residual income for every customer purchase. You also earn commissions for each customer that becomes a distributor for AdvoCare and every purchase that his or her customers make. Your downline is where you get your continuous earnings.


There are four ways to get involved with AdvoCare. If you come aboard by being a retail customer, a wholesale customer, a distributor, or a business advisor. There is also the rookie bonus you can earn right after you enroll as a distributor. You are rewarded $500 when you earn residuals for three pay periods, sign up three new distributors, and earn $3K in PGV.


If you are an independent distributor looking into becoming debt-free, AdvoCare offers the Debt Buster program. The simple, yet effective plan works by eliminating one debt at a time, including credit cards. The concept is that with every credit card debt you get rid of, you have more money to aim at your other debts.


From 2009 to 2013, the company sponsored the Independence Bowl. AdvoCare also partnered with major soccer team FC Dallas and became its jersey sponsor (2012). The professional sports facility in West Virginia, The Greenbrier, has changed its name to AdvoCare Sports Performance Center.


The objective for AdvoCare is to give everyone a healthy lifestyle, as well as financial and time freedom. The name AdvoCare was created by Ragus to showcase his commitment to being an advocate who cared about people prospering financially and physically.


AdvoCare Products


AdvoCare offers more than 80 products in health and wellness, including:


  • Trim
  • Active
  • Well
  • Performance Elite
  • Skincare
  • 24 Day Challenge


With the motto, “We Build Champions,” AdvoCare works endlessly to creating entrepreneurs and a successful business model for personal growth. In order to prosper in AdvoCare, individuals need to deliver hard work, devotion, loyalty, integrity, and respect.




AdvoCare product reviews have been mixed. One of the biggest AdvoCare complaints are that most customers didn’t like was the cost. The customers, who were health and fitness buffs, stated that they could have bought commercial products and received the same results. In their words, AdvoCare isn’t a bad system; it just isn’t worth the money.


Most people seem to like the 24 Day Challenge (AdvoCare’s most popular product). According to them, it served as a springboard to eating right (leaving the junk food alone). Moreover, several people said that without the program they wouldn’t have been able to stick with a health regimen.


On the other hand, a registered dietician has said that you should be wary of any health products that seem too good to be true. Also, it is important to know that no pills can replace the vitamins and nutrients you received from fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and lean meats. There are story of people who have suffered rashes, severe constipation, and even kidney failure.


The individuals who are in favor of AdvoCare say that you have to adjust the supplements (in the 24 Day Challenge) so that they work for you. For example, if you don’t like caffeine, don’t take the supplement packs that contain it.


Another question that has arisen with AdvoCare products is the claim of delivering much-needed vitamins and minerals. One registered nurse and licensed dietician states that the product, AdvoCare Spark, doesn’t pay attention to the importance of nutrient synergy and bioindividuality.


According to this individual, vitamins and minerals work together to give the body what it needs to be healthy and strong. The problem ensues when these nutrients are put together in an energy drink without regard to how a careful balance of each of them is needed in order for the body to work effectively and efficiently.


When I was doing my research, I didn’t see anything online about an “AdvoCare pyramid scam” or “AdvoCare pyramid scheme.” Like I said before, be that as it may, I don’t blame anyone for trying to find a better life for themselves and their family. If anything, I admire people who take a chance in having a more fulfilled life.




Danny and Diane McDaniel


I see that there are plenty of MLM companies that are getting into the health and fitness sector. Since everyone is getting into looking and feeling good, it makes perfect sense.


When Danny McDaniel got into AdvoCare 18 years ago, he was a head coach. His dream was to be the most-winning head football coach in the state of Texas. According to him, he really wasn’t looking for AdvoCare.


With a masters degree, he was making only $35,000.00 annually, working 80-90 hours per week. Diane McDaniel only made $28,000.00 annually working for a mortgage company. The couple was $35,000.00 in debt, in chapter 13 bankruptcy, and daycare was raising their children.


That was their biggest issue: they had a 5-year old and a 2-year old they rarely saw (they have since had a third son). Moreover, they never had any money to do anything. The couple never went on a honeymoon.


They never had taken a vacation. There were so many dreams that Danny & Diane McDaniel had in life, and none of them were becoming real for them. Not only couldn’t they see a solution for their present situation, they had no money for the future.


After joining AdvoCare in 1997, Danny and Diane earned $6,500 in their first month. They currently earn $110,000.00 monthly in residual income and a seven-figure income annually. As with all top MLM earners, Diane says that the question isn’t “Why do you still do AdvoCare?” She said that network marketing isn’t what I do, it’s who she is.


AdvoCare is a part of her and her husband, to the point where you just go out and share your story and products. They enjoy sharing the opportunity with others so they can enjoy the time and financial freedom they have been blessed with. Danny & Diane McDaniel are Double Diamond Distributors and in their career with Advocate, they have earned well over $19 million.


They went into relationship marketing for their boys. They were going to be wealthy, but they weren’t going to sacrifice their children in the process. What their sons can enjoy now is much more important to them than the high earnings. Now, their children can take part in top-notch sport training camps, see the world, and have access to what they need to have personal growth.


What is most impressive to Diane & Danny is the work ethic and drive that their children possess, which they got from their parents. They made working together in AdvoCare successful by balancing family and work. Diane and Danny went to corporate events and other larger functions together. But on a daily basis, while one is working the business, the other is working family.


Diane likes the fact that anyone can accomplish their goals with AdvoCare, whether he or she wants to be one of AdvoCare top earners or not. There are many benefits that attract people to the relationship marketing company, whether it is better health, great weight loss, or becoming financially free. AdvoCare brings solutions to many people on many different levels. As Diane says, “There are numerous issues out there that people are looking for solutions.”


According to Danny, everything starts with ordinary. He and Diane lives in an ordinary home, drove an ordinary car, have ordinary jobs, and was making a high bankruptcy payment. So, the McDaniels know that everyone who is living the ordinary has a deep, deep desire to live the extraordinary. There comes a day and time when each person on this earth has to ask themselves if they are ready to do what it takes to go from ordinary to extraordinary. AdvoCare can be your vehicle. The choice is up to you.




Danny & Diane believe that AdvoCare is a life-changing network marketing business. Regardless if you want to become healthier, or set up a retirement fund, you have come to the right place. You can look better and feel better (physically and emotionally) with the AdvoCare business.


Like with most folks, they have seen people start off on a part-time basis and end up going full-time, quitting their job and setting up their own home-based business. Danny said that although he enjoyed coaching, he had to asked himself was he worth more than the $35,000.00 a year he was earning.


I can hear some folks saying that he should be glad that he had a job. The man never said he wasn’t grateful for being employed, but he wanted something more. And quite frankly, there is nothing wrong with this. As a matter of fact, there is a time in your life when you need to take inventory of where you are in life, and where you want to go. If more people did this, they could alleviate a lot of unhappiness and heartache.


My favorite part is that Danny & Diane said that they enjoy the fact that they have to answer to anyone’s demands for their lives, and they can make their children their priorities. I am so not mad at these two.


I am going to tell one of my stories; I promise it will be short, but it exemplifies this point. I was working with this single, divorced mom, whom I will refer to as Mary, who had twin boys in their first year of college in the south (we were in the north). These two were her only children, and like any mother, she was proud of her sons, but she was also nervous of them being so far from home.


So, when they first started college in September, she talked with them once a day, and sometimes it was at work. This doesn’t seem odd to me. What parent wouldn’t want to speak with their college children at the beginning of their freshman year on a daily basis. Especially to make sure that they have what they need.


Well, our supervisor, whom I will refer to as Vicki, didn’t take too kindly to this. Besides running phone logs on every incoming and outcoming call on all of our desk phones (mine included), she kept tabs on how long each phone call was. Furthermore, she thought nothing of walking up behind you in your cubicle and listen to your phone conversation while you were on the phone.


When Mary was on the phone with her sons, Vicki would walk up behind Mary and yell in her ear, “GET OFF THE PHONE!!” I am not making this up; this is a true story.  There were many days in which Mary would be in tears.


So, that’s why I have no problem when people tell themselves, “I am better than this.” I don’t know when in our society it became okay or considered “normal” to be downtrodden. Really? Seriously?


If you don’t have a problem or issue, you are asked, “What’s wrong with you?” I remember one of my relatives once told me, “I like it when people suffer.” Needless to say, I don’t communicate with this person. What a horrible disposition!


Danny & Diane McDaniel say the same thing. You have to investigate your life and decide what your self-worth is. Are you being compensated for your value? If not, it might be time for some changes!