Danny Volonino

Danny Volonino – ACN Top Earner


I want to spend a little time talking about something I said in a previous blog. I was talking about taking a self-assessment, and you have to ask yourself if you are living a life that is worthy of your time and energy. If not, you have to tell yourself, “I’m better than that.”


I know some people who say this sounds arrogant and conceited. That is sounds ungrateful. As I said before, I don’t understand this belief in our society that you shouldn’t want better. If you do, you are label a phony or trying to be bourgeois.


I remember when I said I wanted to go to college out-of-state so I can see another part of the US and meet other people, folks started asking me if I thought I was better because I didn’t want to go to the same universities that everyone else was going to. Truthfully, no I didn’t. I have always been the type that is a “free spirit.” I enjoy trying new things, regardless if it is white water rafting or sushi.


For my way of life, I have met people from all over the world who had added joy and knowledge to my life. I have met a man who was a Vietnam refugee living in Paris to a woman who earned her MBA from Harvard (and graduated number two in her class with honors). As I have gotten older my feeling is this: if I am uppity, nerdy, or whatever other name you want to call me, then so be it. As a famous comedian said, “If people are hating on you, you must be doing something right.”


This is why I am so drawn to people who are adventurous. Folks who will travel just to get a life experience. I remember when I graduated from college, and the night before my undergraduate ceremony, I found out that the one graduate program I had applied to I didn’t get in. So here I was, the night before a highlight of my life, and I found out that I wasn’t going to graduate school at my first choice of programs.


Was I upset? Heck yeah, I was mad as all get out…LOL. But the important part was, I didn’t stay upset. I went to my parents’ home, and I re-grouped. I started applying to other grad programs, but the problem was that I would need to find something to do for a year.


I was in the Midwest, and I had never been to the West Coast, specifically the Pacific Northwest. I had heard how beautiful it was, the trees, the coast, and I wanted to see it. So, I started looking into schools in that area, and I found out that they didn’t have any that were in my area of concentration. However, there was a one-semester language program that taught Portuguese and Swahili.


Yes, I applied. I packed up my things, and I moved to Oregon. Of course, I needed a job, and soon after I got one at a hospital in the admissions department. While in Oregon, I got accepted to a grad program in the Northeast (in another state I had never been to). My point is that I didn’t stay stagnant when things didn’t work out or didn’t go my way. I didn’t blame the school that didn’t accept me, or anyone else. Although, the next time I applied to grad programs, you best believe I applied to more than one…LOL.


Here’s another thing I want to point out. Even now, years later, I believe I was, and still am, able to adapt to new environments and new people easily because I am receptive and eager to make connections with people.  I remember one my professors said, “Life is all about making connections. You don’t have to like everyone, but you need to be able to connect with at least one person in your lifetime. If you go through this life lonely and unhappy, then it’s your fault.”


When I read about top MLM earners, I love to hear about their ability to travel around the world. That’s my thing: traveling. I would love to have a career in which I travel all the time and lived out of a suitcase. I know, some of you, are like, “What?” But I am serious, I love going to different cities, countries, even to the heartlands, and just seeing a new part of this earth.


Don’t let people, their opinions, their hangups, become yours. That is not your burden in this life. Your life will have enough drawbacks, and you don’t need to bring nobody else’s into it. Boy, now that I have talked about traveling, and I getting that feeling I usually get when I want to take a trip….LOL


I bet Danny Volonino didn’t listen when he told folks that he was getting into network marketing. It  is a good thing he didn’t, or he would be a Senior Vice President at ACN. Furthermore, like his friend Al Thomas, he is a member of the 2015 Circle of Champions.


As an independent distributor, he earns $110,000.00 per year. For the last 18 years in the multilevel marketing business, he has assisted thousands in experiencing the time and financial freedom that he takes pleasure in.


He is a successful entrepreneur, he helps people tap into their God-given talents. As a Christian, he is truly thankful for everything he has, and he considers it a blessing in being able to use his discernment to making wise decisions for his home-based business.


Danny Volonino got started in the ACN multilevel marketing business after suffering injuries in an auto accident in the 90’s. While recuperating, a friend talked to him about becoming an ACN consultant. He liked what he heard, so he enrolled with the company.


At first, Danny was doing fine. But it wasn’t until he met ACN’s founding team that he decided to aim high. When he asked them about his future with ACN, they were more than willing to not only answer his questions, but provide him with the tools needed to reach his goals. They also explain to him that being successful in the ACN network marketing business requires personal growth.


Today, Danny instills these attributes in his team members. His objective is to keep as many ministries around the world active. He also wants to help as many people as he can survive in this economy. He said that he looks forward to bringing people hope, and with ACN as the vehicle.


Life Lessons


Danny says that even though we all have challenges in our life, we can choose to either make excuses or make money. For him, he didn’t let his health problems stop him from being all that God intended for him to be. Before getting involved with the ACN MLM business, he worked for Kodak. When they downsized, he was laid off, and he found himself on unemployment.


He opened his own business, but his health issues prevented him from giving his company all the energy needed to run, and he ended up losing his business. Although these were low times in his life, Danny realizes that these situations were preparing him for the greatness God had planned for him.


His trials are his testimonies as a motivational speaker. He loves teaching others what to do to be a successful entrepreneur and have a successful home-based business. Danny started surrounding himself with other ACN leaders.


He truly believes that the key to being prosperous in relationship marketing, and in life in general, is to have positive, God-fearing, pleasant people around you. According to Danny, you need to be around folks whose word is positive and true. From grass roots to large crowds, Danny loves speaking to people about changing their quality of life. He has spoken to crowds in not only the US, but Spain, Italy, Hungary, and the Netherlands.




ACN is the top direct selling company in the MLM industry that provides energy, telecommunications, and other services to residences and small businesses. The services are offers through independent distributors. The company was started in 1993 in Concord, NC, and today provides services in 24 countries on four continents.  The revenue for ACN exceeds over $600 million.


ACN compensation plan is typical of the MLM sector. As an independent distributor, you earn a bonus for every service your customer signs up for and pays on time. If you customer decides to become an independent distributor, you earn a bonus. Moreover, you earn a bonus for every customer and service your team member is able to secure. This is where the continuous residual income comes in.


Danny Volonino believes that everything happens for a reason, and he is thankful for the good and bad in his life. It has made who he is and created the blessed life he enjoys today. Are you ready to receive your blessings?