Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson – Nikken Top Earner


When you speak of Nikken top earners, you have to mention Kenny Rossi and Dave Johnson. I have previously written about Kenny Rossi, so I think I will give some shine to Dave Johnson. Dave Johnson has earned the rank of Royal Ambassador with Nikken, thanks to his residual income of $95,000.00 per month.


Dave is responsible for the growth of Nikken, and he is the company’s number one MLM earner. With Nikken, Dave Johnson has earned ranked in the President’s Club, the Millionaires’ Club, 21 Club, and 60K, as well as a Lifestyle Bonus and a Home Bonus. Wow!




Before network marketing, Dave worked for a commercial lighting company. While the pay was good, the job gave very little satisfaction. Is this what most folks say about traditional, 9-5 jobs?


At 40, Dave was looking for the ultimate business, and he found it with Nikken. He has been with this direct selling business for more than 20 years. One of the biggest differences with Nikken and his past position (and I have written about this numerous times) is that he is excited about waking up in the morning and going to work. He says he doesn’t miss the days when he would say, “Oh, it’s Monday. I have to get to work to start the same old job.”


Working with Nikken makes him feel energized and enthusiastic. In the Nikken MLM business, what you do matters to other people. He feels gratitude and inspired by now marketing products he believes in and sponsoring people to achieve time and financial freedom. Dave loves the fact that he can touch a lot of lives.


Dave believes that people should join Nikken network marketing business, because he believes that people should be fulfilled. Dave lives by the philosophy that humans means more, meaning that we do more for others and stretch out our potential. He realized as he got deeper and deeper in with Nikken that the products are actually life-changing. The greatest gift Nikken has given Dave (according to him) is a sense of gratitude.


The fact that he has affected the lives of hundreds of people makes Dave Johnson very happy. Dave said something I don’t think I have heard before. He said that the psychological income is much more rewarding than the financial income. That’s a first for me!


Dave Johnson said that whoever you are, wherever you are, Nikken multilevel marketing business needs you! Regardless of your age, race, education, etc., you have something to contribute. Another drop of knowledge that Dave Johnson says is this: “Why be on a job when you can be on a mission?”


I am liking this intelligent and thoughtful man! He really lives by Nikken’s mission statement, which is, “To inspire individuals to discover a new way of life, and provide them the opportunity to live it by changing their lives through improved health and financial well-being.” Dave Johnson lives in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and has been married to his wife Valerie for more than 42 years. His children are: Ariel, Brian, Christy, Dani, Issac, Jared, Jarom, Melissa, Michelle, Nate, and Stephen.




Nikken multilevel business was established in 1975 by Isamu Masuda. His goal was to create a cure for the common ailment of sore feet, and at the same time, relax and energize people. He took his inspiration for his products from the pebbles you find at the bottom of a Japanese public bath. Adding magnetism to the product, and Nikken first item to market was called Magstep.


This product would serve as the basis for all of Nikken products, which is wellness solutions based on the natural world. But Nikken is inspired by more than just products. This relationship marketing business wants to help others feel great and provide an opportunity to get the fulfilled life they envision for themselves.


In 1989, the Nikken business came to North America, and in the years it has been in existence it has done remarkably well. This is because people are seeking new ways to feel good that doesn’t use traditional remedies. Folks today want to have optimal health via natural ingredients. Currently, people are really into holistic medicine. Nikken offers everything from a water filter to a magnetic necklace and bracelet.


There have been some Nikken complaints about the products not having any scientific backing to its claims. Moreover, there are some critics (I mention this before) who question the whole notion of using magnetic parts in the products to cure ailments, not to mention the high prices of the products.


With Nikken compensation plan, there are five ways to earn money:


  • Retail Profits
  • Wholesale Profits From Rebates
  • Performance and Leadership Bonuses
  • Residual Income
  • Incentive Programs


There has been a class action lawsuit filed against Nikken and Team Diamond Inc. in California Superior Court alleging that the company is an illegal pyramid scam. The suit accuses Nikken of overpricing, making it hard for distributors to sale the products.