Dave Savula

Who is Dave Savula and What is LegalShield?

is legal shield a scamDave Savula! Dave Savula! Dave Savula!

When I hear of this name, all I see is a LegalShield Top Earner and real relationship marketing Money King!

Dave is a really daring genius, and that is what this article is all about!

He entered a completely new and strange company to him, despite all the pyramid scheme and MLM scam advises and eventually made a killing, without even looking back!

Is that not wonderful?

I would certainly think so, even if it is just in my opinion!

We have heard podcasts, presentations and even videos that entrepreneurship can surely earn you financial freedom and a decent life, but that is easily and readily forgotten within a short period of time. All we currently need are inspirations from mlm top earners like Dave Savula to get us started, and I am simply here today for just that!

So, do you really want to know what Dave Savula did with his life and in Legal Shield network marketing?

Do you even know where he came from and all the struggles he went through before becoming a multi-millionaire; a well respected public speaker and a highly sought after motivational speaker he is today?

Then this is a God sent opportunity for you to fully know him inside-out, and most definitely, to be inspired to take a bold step towards achieving time and financial freedom in your life!

I know you all know that Mr. Dave Savula is an mlm top earner in the unique LegalShield Company and makes a residual income of over $166,000 USD that translates to $1,992,000 a year. That is why I will not bother you by repeating that because it is common knowledge, in my opinion.

However, the question’s on who is Dave Savula?

Where did he come from?

Where did he live?

What is LegalShield?

Why Dave Savula today?

His journey in LegalShield MLM and all the awards and accolades Dave has won will be covered here in finer details, ladies and gentlemen!

Please be my guest!

Here is Dave’s family background, to begin with!

Background of Dave Savula of LegalShield

Dave Savula is LegalShield’s top earner, a multi-millionaire, a very responsible father, and a loving husband to Beverly Savula. Dave has been blessed with two handsome sons; an elder son who is also called David, while Michael in their youngest.

David has a business degree from Georgia State University, while their lastborn Michael also has a degree from The University of Georgia.

The most interesting fact about Dave Savula’s sons is that they both got married in 2001.

David wedded Joy in the month of July, while Michael married his beautiful wife, Ashley, in the month of November the same year.

Dave Savula is not only a Legal Shield top earner but also a proud grandfather. By that I mean, David and his wife Joy, are the source of Dave and Beverly Savula’s happiness, having given them a grandson.

Dave Savula and his beautiful wife Beva, as he likes calling her, grew up in one small town in Ohio State. The two in fact, attended the same high school and lived in the same street. The Savulas say that that is where their love life plane took off and finally landed with both having marriage rings in their hands, and a successful, beautiful family, thereafter.

Dave was an American football champion in high school and an admirable athlete. He inspired his Ohio school to becoming champions back in 1959 and still follows all of their fixtures and Ohio state team results. Dave occasionally receives congratulatory messages when his former team wins.

Dave and Beverly Savula have a very beautiful and prestigious home in Lakewood, Ohio City in the United States of America, adjacent to the Lakewood Lake. Dave Savula says that they bought that property using the LegalShield earnings and are really proud of the company.

I have to admit that I have never ever seen as beautiful a home, as that owned by the Savula! Feel free to visit them or watch them documenting their home on YouTube!

All in all, Dave Savula has everything he ever imagined of in his life and he is proud of his achievement and very grateful to the LegalShield Corporation. Mr. Dave loves ducks while his beautiful wife adores elephants.

What a combination of hobbies!

The Humbling Journey of Dave Savula in LegalShield

When Dave Savula first heard of LegalShield in 1984, he was utterly shocked and thought the individual who was telling him all that was simply joking.  The idea of a whole family getting legal protection from top notch companies with the price of a cup of coffee a day never ever clicked in his mind. He, at first, dismissed it as a big joke of the year, without knowing that it is a real business opportunity, that will at one time, make him a multi-millionaire.

Dave Savula was, however, curious of the business opportunity, simply because seeking legal advice from a lawyer then used to cost 100’s of dollars an hour, let alone hiring one for a case. He thought it to be a really interesting business opportunity and surely it was.

Dave did some thorough research about the company, and eventually decided to give it a try in 1985.

Dave Savula became a LegalShield member in 1985 and enjoyed the Legal Shield experience for 7 years before becoming an associate in 1992. Dave Savula was very determined in LegalShield direct selling business that he pioneered the LegalShield sales approach that is being used in the company, even today.

Dave and his wife Beverly Savula have enrolled thousands of new members in the LegalShield business and helped almost all of them become financially stable and get amazingly, affordable legal services. The couple has, as a result, become Legal Shield top earners and is highly respected in the company.

They currently live a luxurious, multi-millionaire lifestyle with plenty of time and money to share with friends on any issue.

Dave Savula’s Awards and Accolades

Dave Savula is a renowned motivational speaker who has been very instrumental in training new and prospective sales associates in LegalShield USA and LegalShield Canada.

Mr. Savula has been honored with the Dave Savula Lifetime Achievement Award for his dedicated time and effort as full time Legal Shield associate for over 25 years.

Dave Savula was also acclaimed as the first ever million dollar mlm top earner the company has ever had since its inception 40 years ago.

Dave has also achieved a Diamond 7 associate in LegalShield, which the company says is the highest ever achievement a sales representative can reach in LegalShield Inc.

He has also won numerous other awards and bonuses, enabling him to travel to exotic places in the world, and share dinner and vacations with the company’s top management.

Dave Savula is surely a LegalShield multi-level marketing Leader, multi-millionaire, and a hero worth to be followed!


Now, what is LegalShield Inc.?

LegalShield Inc. is a direct sales and network marketing company that sells legal products and services in Canada and the United States of America.

The company started its operations on the 8th of August, 1972, as a motor Sportsmen’s club, but has since then grown to being listed in the New York Stock Exchange, and back to being a private company.

LegalShield changed its name to Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc. in 1976, before making its first public offering in 1984. The company was then bought by MidOcean Partners for about $650 million USD. The new owners of the company therefore changed the company from being a public corporation to a private company, eventually putting a stop to its listing in the New York Stock Exchange in 2011.

MidOcean also changed the name of the company from Pre-paid Legal Services Inc. to LegalShield Inc..

The LegalShield Company has emerged to be one of United States of America’s leading legal safeguard providers for small businesses, families, and individuals. This is true because LegalShield provides identity theft plans, at very affordable prices, more than many other companies in the US and Canada. The company enables members of the family to receive identity theft coverage at a cost that other law firms charge for a single person.

LegalShield has taken roots in Canada and United States of America covering over 3.7 million lives and 1.4 million families across North America. The company also has more than 34,000 companies offering the LegalShield plan as an insurance benefit to their employees.

LegalShield USA and LegalShield Canada enables its members to have access to experienced attorneys with just $20 USD per month, on legal issues that impact their small businesses and families.

Unlike any other law firms, LegalShield has its offices in more than 49 states and in over four provinces in Canada, which its subscribers can call at anytime and at any length of time without being worried about the high call per minute charges.

LegalShield claims to have all calibers of Attorneys, with over 19 years of experience in various popular legal matters such as Estate planning, family matters, consumer protection, tax, Business and financial issues, benefit disputes, real estate, auto issues, and many more.


How does LegalShield work?

LegalShield is a relationship marketing company that has a well-structured prepaid legal service plan, which the company then markets through multi-level  marketing channels using its network of over 7,000 independent attorneys both in Canada and in the United States of America.

LegalShield Corporation has also partnered with Kroll Inc. in marketing an identity theft monitoring system and its restoration services.

LegalShield Inc. has two ways in which it transacts its business. One is through its network marketing channel and two is through its business to business model, where employees earn from the dividends from the pre-paid services.

LegalShield is a subscription service that enables an employee of the company to be paid through monthly deductions done on the accounts of their subscribers, while they receive the legal services wherever and whenever they want them.

The company offers legal services to individuals, families, and even small business.

LegalShield Inc. Subsidiaries

LegalShield has its head offices in Ada, Oklahoma, with several subsidiaries in other states and cities.

For instance, the Pre-Paid Legal Casualty Corporation operates in

  • Arizona
  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Illinois
  • Georgia
  • Nebraska
  • Montana
  • Wisconsin
  • Tennessee

LegalShield corporation however has three subsidiaries that varies individual states. For example, the company has National prepaid Legal services of Mississippi, Inc., Prepaid Legal Services, Inc. of Florida and the Legal Service Plan of Virginia, Inc.

The main reason why LegalShield decided to have some subsidiaries was to enable the company to comply with the variation of insurance laws in the different states of the United States of America and Canada, where it operates.

For example, there are some US states that consider legal services as service products while others consider it as an insurance product.

LegalShield also has a subsidiary called prepaid Legal Care of Canada Inc. that operates all over Canada.


The History of LegalShield Inc.

The origin of LegalShield dates back to July 11, 1969, when one man, by the name of Harland C. Stonecipher, got hospitalized after being involved in a tragic motor vehicle accident. The government authorities investigated the matter and found the other party guilty of the accident, but the guilt party filed a lawsuit against him, claiming that he was responsible for the accident.

Mr. StoneCipher was therefore forced to hire a lawyer to follow up on the case and go to court to attend to the hearings of the case. The case took a long time and he, as a result, depleted all his savings, since he was not able to go to work.

Mr. Harland C. Stonecipher was so stressed out that he decided to do legal research so as to know other legal expense plans in the industry. He then discovered a legal void that needed to be filled and that is how he came up with The Sportsman’s Club, which later changed its name to the Prepaid Legal Inc on August 8, 1972.

The club was initially created to offer legal reimbursement expenses to its members.

Prepaid legal became so successful that it decided to use the multi-level marketing, network marketing or MLM approach to business in 1983, and eventually became a public company the following year. The company was then listed in the NASDAQ market system in late 1984.

The growth and journey of prepaid Legal never stopped there.

In 1997, the company went ahead and bought a personal development satellite channel called TPN or The People’s Network. The company again developed itself for two years, before moving to the American Stock Exchange. Prepaid Legal was listed on the popular New York Stock Exchange in 13th of May, 1999.

LegalShield Lawsuits

LegalShield has both been plaintiffs and defendants in several cases involving various eternal affairs of the company, its clients, government bodies, and private firms, since it was named Prepaid Legal and when it changed its name to LegalShield.

In 2001, the Attorney General of Wyoming warned and subsequently sued LegalShield of misleading its customers on its multi-level marketing business opportunity. As a result, LegalShield, when it was still called PrePaid Legal, were fined $4,000 USD in lieu, reimbursed the state of $1,000 and later refunded the $2,000 USD its individual distributors had used to subscribe into the mlm business of the company.

In July 2001, the SEC popularly known as Securities and Exchange Commission, forced Prepaid Legal to desist from disclosing commissions they paid out to its members as assets, and instead term them as expenses, just like other insurance companies in the US.

After the Wyoming Attorney’s law suit n 2001, other similar law suits followed in the same year. The company, however, won one of the cases, but unfortunately lost to many other serious cases.

The most popular case that was highly published in various media outlets involved a previous Prepaid Customer who sued the company and eventually won the case. The customer together with 400 others was awarded a total of $9.9 million USD. The then CEO and Founder of PrePaid Legal was quick to take the lawsuit to social media, stating that the lawsuit was abusive and frivolous.

It was however revealed, that PrePaid Legal filed a report to the SEC indicating that over 25% of its individual distributors and sales representatives at least sold more than 1 insurance plan per year in 2005, but they never reveal that information when recruiting new sales representatives.

In October 2009, PrePaid Legal was subpoenaed by the US SEC for several documents that include the stock repurchase documents that the company started in 1999. The company said that it is in a mission to repurchase the $27.4 million shares that are owned by the PrePaid executive. The SEC then went into media houses reporting that their mission on demanding for the documents is to just find and file facts about the company.

Prepaid legal also received a notice from the FTC, with claims that its sales representatives use false statements to lure people into subscribing into their services, against section 5(a) of its regulatory act. The FTC completed its investigations on prepaid Legal without filing any lawsuit against the company.

It was however in early 2011, that Legal Shield agreed a partnership with other entities that were formed by the new owners of the company; MidOcean Partners that eventually led to the company changing its ownership from public to private, and changing its name from Prepaid Legal to Legal Shield on June 2011. The company then appointed Rip Mason to serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the newly formed Legal Shield multilevel marketing company.

It was however, officially announced that the prepaid company was re-branding and would change its company name to LegalShield a few months after a proposal was passed on changing the company’s name.

In 2014, Jeff Bell who was serving as one of the Company’s executive officers was appointed the Chief Executive Officer of LegalShield International. The then CEO, Rip Mason became the Chairman of the Company’s board.

Now you at least know what this company is all about, time to make a decision!