David Imonitie

David Imonitie is a symbol of how successful one can be through hard work and determination. He is one of the few Organo Gold mlm top Income earners, who has worked his way up from an innocent and hopeless college dropout. David is currently a legend in the world of network marketing; with words such as a coach, leader and mentor frequently used to describe him in meetings and seminars.

David Imonitie is a Christian, believer and a dream big type of mlm top earner. His “YOU BECOME WHAT YOU THINK” philosophy has inspired and changed the lives of many people in the industry of direct sales. He loves what he does and believes that everybody can make it in life, through hard work and believe.

The same believe system David teaches about and determination has turned his life around within a short duration of two years. He is currently near the top of Organo Gold direct sales business, earning recurring commissions of over $175,000 per month and a gross annual income of $2,100,000. He is in top 60 lists of all-time top mlm income earners in the world, and looking forward to touching the lives of 10,000,000 people in all parts of the world. Will his dream come true? Please join me in reading his mouth watering journey to networking marketing stardom, and the reason why I personally feel that he can achieve his ambition!

Biography of David Imonitie

David Imonitie is an Organo Gold relationship marketing multi-millionaire from Nigeria. David was born and raised in the United States of America, before his family relocated to Nigeria, when he was old enough to travel. It is in Nigeria that David Imonitie spent his first 10 years of his childhood life.

David Imonitie was born in a Christian background, where both his father and mother were pastors. It was until 1993 that David Imonitie Jr, his mother and their two sisters moved back to the United States of America. David was very disturbed when he watched his mother struggle to raise the three of them for 3 years.

David Imonitie moved to Houston, Texas immediately after graduating from high school. David attended one of the colleges in Texas, before dropping out of school.  David Imonitie of Organo Gold then had a daughter when he was just 20 years old. He confesses that his daughter was one of the driving forces to the network marketing business success he is enjoying today. He says that people will eventually work harder if they have people they love, and who are directly depended on them.

David learnt business from his mother, who he loves and respects so much. Imonitie Jr is living with his extended family in Houston, Texas to date.

Journey of David Imonitie in Organo Gold Network Marketing

David Imonitie has gone through a lot of challenges before becoming one of the top income earners in Organo Gold. David started out in Multilevel marketing company by starting his own mlm company, which eventually failed to materialize. During this period, David still lived with their parents in Houston, and used to drive an old Chevy Malibu.

David Imonitie, Jr. joined Organo Gold, worked for four years and eventually quit after achieving only 32 credits in the company. He however went back to Organo Gold, fired up after he became close to his friends and mentors couple; Earlene Buggs and Mr. Holton. It then took him approximately 5 years to be counted as one of the highest income earners in Organo Gold relationship marketing business.

David Imonitie therefore attributes his massive success in Organo Gold mlm to the dynamic help of the Buggs. David has now combined their mentorship with his own philosophies to inspire thousands to bringing a positive change into their lives. Many individuals and couples currently lead a financially stress free life, out of the coaching and mentorships of the Organo Gold celebrity multi-millionaire; David Imonitie.

David Imonitie Jr of Organo Gold works on the “do it first” philosophy, before letting others do it. Mr. Imonitie believes that every dream can be achieved through hard work and persistent dedication. David’s childhood principle of you become what you are thinking about has proved very useful in both his then poor, and now wealthy multi-millionaire lifestyle.

David Imonitie is currently very successful in Organo Gold and the whole of network marketing business. David was not excellent in class but has learnt a lot and become wise through sharing and helping others achieve their dreams.

David Imonitie, a Nigerian come American citizen is very successful in Organo Gold mlm, just by helping others achieve their dreams. He believes that success bounces back to people who help others succeed in life, and that is what network marketing is all about.

David has for instance, helped thousands of people earn six to seven figures income in his team. David Imonitie Jr measures his success in Organo Gold not by the number of millions of dollars he has in his accounts, but by the number of people he has helped to achieve both time and financial freedom in their lives.

David Imonitie on Organo Gold Scam

David Imonitie believes that network marketing business is a viable business just like any other traditional businesses. The only advantage with Organo gold network marketing business is the fact that you can be able to build your business from home with little to no investment at all!

David Imonitie also concludes that the case is totally different in traditional businesses, where you will need thousands of dollars, before one set up his first business venture. David Imonitie Jr echoes other millionaires’ sentiments that every business has its own challenges and it is only the strongest that survives in entrepreneurship.

David Imonitie’s Direct sales Philosophy

David Imonitie Jr is a believer in everything he does. He was raised to know that anything can be achieved through believing, since he was young! He initially thought that believing is being selfish, but he later came to know that he was totally wrong.

David of Organo Gold decided to do some research about believing before putting all his trust in it. Imonitie came to trust on the power of believing later in life when he separated the word believe into ‘be’ and ‘live’ as he loves doing to any other words. He came to discover that when you live, then you are loved by God and when you stop believing, then it is the opposite. David Imonitie however wants everybody to know that God created us to believe and achieve the best feat possible in our lives!

David Imonitie has a dream of helping 10,000,000 people achieve financial freedom through Organo Gold before he retires from the relationship marketing business. Our Organo Gold multi-millionaire was very instrumental in bringing Organo Gold green tea and the Organo Gold coffee revolution to Nigeria and the whole the African continent.

David Imonitie Awards and Accolades

David Imonitie is one of the most successful business coach and mentor. He is also one of the top-most direct sales representatives from Africa. David Imonitie junior has been featured in several electronic and print media platforms both online and offline. He has for instance been featured in the reputable magazines such as “The Gold Standard”, “Success from Home” among others. David is also a celebrated mlm celebrity in the Business for Home platform.

David Imonitie joined hands with one of the leading success coaches; Jim Rohn, Les Brown and Johnny Wimbrey to write a very inspirational book called “Multiple Streams of Destination”. David has also been featured in the “Conceive, Believe, and Achieve Your Way to the Next Level”, audio interview that was produced and presented by Jerry Clark. The audio is a touching interview on how David Imonitie overcame all the challenges in life to be one of the top income earners in Organo Gold relationship marketing.

Mr. Imonitie is currently a top earner in Organo Gold with a  team of over 100,000 active individual product distributors in all parts f the world. His commitment and ‘do it first attitude’ has helped many achieve the financial freedom that majority of them need in life. A meeting with David Imonitie of Organo Gold will most definitely inspire you! Peace!