David Moses

David Moses – Zija Top Earner

David_MosesDavid Moses is an mlm top earner and a Zija international product distributor genius.

He is one of the best independent distributors in the world of network marketing, and maybe the only businessman who has never failed in any business venture he has invested in!

His unique mentorship tactics and super commitment in business has made a number of multi-level marketing companies beg him to join their top executive teams.

Zija International calls it a blessing to have him in their distribution line.

This is not because he has broken all sales record and earned Zija international a lot of profit, but because of his strong organization prowess and the incredible trainings he gives his down line.

He is however, a very humble man who is always ready to share and change the life of any individual, who wants to make a living through multi-level marketing business.

David Moses is one of the richest network marketing professionals in the world.

This is not because of the type of lifestyle he leads, but because of the massive success he has achieved in the network marketing industry, mostly with Zija International. He currently makes a passive income of over $200,000 per month and $2,400,000 USD per year.

It is estimated that David Moses has so far earned over $20 million USD in his mlm career.

He does however, have a number of investments that gives him good money but Zija International commissions beat them all. It is true that almost all millionaires you see today worked their way up, and this statement is true to David Moses.

Here is an overview of his family background.

Background of David Moses

David Moses is not only the most respected mlm top earner with Zija international but also a family man. He is married and has two beautiful daughters. The family currently lives in Toronto, Canada.

David Moses came from a modest family.

David was born and raised in England until when he was eight years old. His parents relocated to Canada with all their investments and acquired Canadian Citizenship. This is how David Moses found himself in Canada, where he had spent all of his youth and adult life.

David Moses finished high school in Canada and joined his parents in managing their family business, which was a home hardware store.  David still remembers how he used to fix glass windows later in the evenings and very early in the morning.

It is however, until later in life that David Moses left their family business and went to assist his brother in building a restoration collectible car business. The two brothers succeeded in building one of the unique and biggest collectible cars restoration business in North America.

This is where David Moses developed his interest and love for exotic cars.

The Journey of David Moses in Zija Network marketing Company

David Moses believes he was born to do network marketing. He was introduced into network marketing in 1989 while he was 27 years old.

David was on his way home after seeing his accountant that he decided to pop into an unemployment office that was in the same building and have a look at the newspaper job ads. This is where he saw a multi-level marketing presentation and decided to have a look at it. He quickly read through the ad and was very excited on the $100,000 per year business opportunity that was advertised there and learnt a lot as he read through the newspaper.

David arrived home so excited and coincidentally, his mother referred him to a friend who she thought will help him get a job in their company. David, to his amusement, found out that the Company his mother referred him to be was another network marketing company selling water filters.

It is there that David Moses felt like it was his destiny to work in multi-level marketing company.

Why Zija and Not Other Network Marketing Company?

David Moses decided it is Zija Company simply because he wanted security in his investment. David never wanted a company that he will wake up one day and find everything he has worked so hard for is gone for good. He also wanted a company that is there to stay so that his children will come to inherit and enjoy their father’s sweat, and continue investing in.

That is what David saw in Zija International.

David Moses says that he has a lot of trust in Zija Mlm Company because it’s owned by The Brailsford, one of the founding fathers of networking marketing in the world.

David says that Kenneth Brailsford was the co-founder of first multi-level marketing company in Utah, back in 1972.

The company was called Natures Sunshine Products, which is still in network marketing business today.

He says that Kenneth Brailsford was also the founder of Enrich International, before concluding that almost all big mlm companies trace their way back to Network marketing companies owned by Ken Brailsford in 1970 and 1980s.

David Moses also joined Zija because he always wanted to be associated with successful people like Kenneth Brailsford. He says that he had never failed in building an organization of his own but companies do fail and many of them had failed him several times.

He was however more attracted to the Zija products, timing, and its aggressive compensation plan.

He says that Zija had a well-developed structure to support their vision and that of its distributors.

David Moses finally joined Zija international because he saw the unlimited opportunity in network marketing. He wanted a company where he will help thousands of people make a seven figure or six figure incomes per year and also make an unlimited passive income.

David Moses still believes that Zija International is the best company to join today because of its exponential growth rate. David says that you can only grow with a company that grows and not the other way round!

David Moses says, for example, that Zija has grown from a small multi-level marketing Company selling products worth $500,000 USD per month to a medium sized company that makes a whopping $11,500,000 per month out of the direct selling of products.

David Moses make money with zijaDavid Moses is a very inspiring speaker and trainer. His method is easy going and normally uses story line to drive home his point.

This mlm top earner loves sharing his difficulties, personal stories, triumphs, and challenges when training his down line, and this has assisted him in building a bridge between him and his audience.

David says that people need to know what you have gone through to be where you are today so as they can identify with you or replicate your methods.

Although we normally see challenges retrogressively, they are fertilizers of creating a firm foundation that will ensure you become successful in network marketing.

David Moses’ Greatest Challenge As An mlm Top Earner

David Moses agrees that there are many challenges that mlm top earners go through in network marketing. He however pinpoints personal development as his biggest challenge so far.

He says that for you to be successful, you must invest as much money and time on personal development, the same way you invest in your business.

David Moses says that without doing that you will end up losing direction thinking that you have reached where you are supposed to be.

David Moses, therefore, never forgets where he came from and the mentors who made him what he is today. He regularly goes back to them for advice and mentorship.

David Moses has had continuous success stories where each achievement is bigger and greater than the former.

He says that he has been able to achieve all this because he is very passionate about what he does; which is most obviously network marketing.

He invests a lot of time and money in relationship building and prospecting business model. David is always on the look-out for anybody who needs help in succeeding in multi-level marketing.

David believes that if we invest handsomely in building, inspiring, empowering, and advancing others, then we will most definitely advance our businesses, and believes that you can get what you want by helping others get want they want.


David Moses is very successful in Zija international.

He now has everything he needed, mostly time and financial freedom. He is however, still on the look out to sponsor more people and train them until they start earning seven figure commissions from Zija.

David Moses’ Favorite Quotes

  1. “The only wisdom you need to have is knowing that you don’t know anything.” this will make you teachable.
  2. “Failure defeats losers but inspire winners.” By Robert T. Kiyosaki
  3. “Failure is the Fertilizer of success.” David Moses
  4. “People often Say that Motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing-that’s why we recommend it daily.” Zig Ziglar

David’s Awards and Accolades

David Moses has been number one in almost all the companies he has business with, since starting his mlm career. He has also been at the top management of a number of multi-level marketing companies for a good part of his career.

David is currently the mlm top earner in Zija international and is the highest rated product distributor in this Zija network marketing business. His multi-level marketing businesses have made sells worth over $1 billion US dollars for the short time he has built it.

He has the first Crown Diamond Elite achievement in Zija international. This means that he has achieved everything that can be achieved in Zija and he is a trendsetter in the mlm business world. David is the top earner in Zija and has a global distribution network of over 200,000 all over the world. In short, David Moses is a really special one in the world on multi-level marketing.


zija logo can you make money in zija

An Overview of Zija International Company

Zija International is an American network marketing company that was founded by Kenneth Brailsford in 2005. Zija multi-level marketing company is built on products made from the Moringa tree, and has its headquarters in Lehi, Utah in the United States of America.

The Background of Zija International

Zija international business idea began with Kenneth Brailsford watching a video documentary about a miracle plant that is grown in foreign lands. He became so interested when he saw many people being healed by just taking a piece of this tree.

Ken_BrailsfordMr. Brailsford became so anxious about this unique nutrient rich tree that he could not even concentrate on anything else. Ken started going round asking all the relevant questions and learning very fast from biochemists, biologists, and Pharmacologists from all parts of the world.

Kenneth Brailsford worked closely with a much respected clinical pharmacologist, botanical researcher, and author of “the Miracle Tree”; Monica Marcu, Ph.D. Mr. Ken also worked very closely with a biomedical scientist called Dr. Joshua Plant, who helped him develop new methods of maximizing the health benefits of Moringa Tree.

It is through this extensive research and consultation that led to the development of Zija’s Moringa based products that include natural energy drinks, nutritionals, a number of skin care products and weight management systems.

Kenneth Brailsford is a highly respected pioneer of the nutritional supplement business, and he is also the father of the popular Herbal encapsulation, and later founded Zija International.

Products Distributed By Zija International

Zija International is an mlm Company that specializes in skin care products, weight management systems, energy and performance products, and Liquid Nutritionals.

Some of the Zija products in the market today includeZija-Products

  • xmprotein
  • xmam
  • xmburn
  • smartmix
  • xmpm
  • xm+ energy mix
  • supermix
  • daily tea
  • xm3 energy drink
  • premium tea
  • anti-aging night repair
  • rehydrating mist
  • daily moisturizer
  • eye serum
  • creamy face cleanser
  • body oil
  • zija oil
  • spa masque, among others.

The most interesting fact about all Zija products is that they are made from the Moringa plant.

Zija International Business Model

Zija international is a network marketing or multi-level marketing company just like Amway, Organo Gold, and many others. The company does not sell its products directly to consumers but through independent distributors, otherwise known as affiliates.

For one to be enrolled and become an independent distributor with Zija International, then you have to buy a certain amount of products from the Company. You can then now distribute it to consumers at a slightly higher price to make some profit.

An independent distributor can also enroll and train other consumers and make sure they enroll under his or her name.

By doing this, you will be earning recurring commissions out of any sales they make and the sales made by the consumers they enroll into the Zija system.

The more people you enroll and mentor, the higher your rank will be, which also means more money.

Zija international’s philosophy is to give its product distributors good health, financial freedom and a lot of free time to do what they want.

is zija a pyramid scam

Is Zija International an Illegal Pyramid Scheme?

Various Zija reviews have accused Zija international of incorporating a business model that is similar to that of an illegal pyramid scheme.  The various publication, individuals, and companies have had their say on Zija and majority of them believe it is a big illegal Pyramid scheme in the making.

Zija international’s compensation plan has also been criticized in recent days.

It is argued that this Moringa tree nutritional company has a compensation plan that is centered towards recruiting new members and not the selling of its products.

Zija’s products are sold at exorbitant prices, and customers that sign up in this multi-level marketing company are forced to buy a lot of products at the unimaginable prices for them to qualify for commissions.

In fact, you must buy these Moringa tree products from Zija for you to be recognized as their member and independent distributor.

Zija international always defend its over priced products by telling customers that their products are very useful in the body and over exceptional value to consumers.

The company however has a very fluffy and flat marketing language, mostly when stating the health benefits of Zija products.

For instance, its independent distributors vaguely suggest that the Zija products improve vision, mental clarity, digestion, and the general well-being of the body.

Zija distributors have also been quoted saying that the Zija products reduce fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, aging, and arthritis, without showing how that is possible.

The company has been branded a zija scam, because its leaders and trainers frequently and openly tell its down line to use personal anecdotes to convince many people to register with the Company.

Distributors are asked to use everything possible so as to enroll new members into the illegal pyramid scheme in their trainings.

For example, other distributors falsely make claims on how the Zija products helped them cure certain body illnesses and brought them a number of health benefits.

Zija International has also been found to lack documented scientific evidence showing Moringa health benefits and how it can cure or prevent various diseases.

Zija has however had success among the unsuspecting religious groups such as Amish and Mormons. Zija international has been criticized in this regard for promoting Moringa or Morenga products; as others call it, as an alternative to the conventional cancer therapy for Sarah Hershberger.

The Zija International leader Kenneth Brailsford is also one of the most respected Mormon, who was fined $100,000 USD by the NASD in 1988 for illegally manipulating Stock in the market.

Mr. Kenneth Brailsford also found himself on the receiving end in 2001, when his Nature’s Sunshine Company was officially warned by FDA after violating the Federal law’s Food, Drugs and Cosmetics Act.

The Zija review sites also state that the reason why Zija has experienced exponential growth in revenue for the past few years is because it succeeded in recruiting and converting Fortune High Tech Multi-level marketing Company distributors after it was closed in 2013 by SEC when it was found to operate an illegal pyramid scheme. Mr. Paul Ornerson; the Founder of the banned FHTM was barred from taking part in any network marketing business for five years. Paul Orberson however, used his wife’s identity to build arguably one of the biggest network marketing businesses in Zija international, before he succumbed to kidney cancer.

I know for a fact that the Moringa plant holds many beneficial things for the body. I do not know this because of Zija but because I have grown, crushed, and made my own moringa leaf capsules to take for my own personal use.

It is hard to really know the truth about these products and their claims.

How would you tell a difference?