David Wood and David Sharpe

David Wood and David Sharpe! Yes, this is a clever duo but wait until you hear their reputation! If online illegal pyramid scheme accusations and negative comments could kill, these two Empower Network (EN) bosses would have been straight in hell, BURNING TO NOTHINGNESS!

Ask Brad Campell why he left EN business and you will be inspired by his Empower Network review and his new viral business opportunity!

But if it was the other way round, these arguably zero to hero gentlemen would have been straight in Heaven, seating next to God and marveling at their inspirational journey on planet earth, while surrounded by a beautiful angels. Sound sweet though, Hah!

Who are really these highly publicized David Wood and David Sharpe, you are maybe tired of hearing online?

David Wood and David Sharpe are BLOGGING AND INTERNET MARKETING GENIUSES. Yes, I know some of you are already frowning, but I at least sincere on what I am saying unlike many of you, hehee!

But, before you start crucifying me and branding me an Empower Network Affiliate, let it be known to all that I am neither an EN associate nor have I been paid to promote them in any way!

So, why call them geniuses in the first place, with all the numerous negative reviews online!? The Daves as they are popularly referred to are the CEOs and Founders of arguably one of the most unique blogging and Internet marketing platform on the web.

Their company utilizes a multilevel marketing approach to business and it is one of the ground breaking internet marketing company that has helped thousands of people start a successful internet business from home, while equally making haters haul all the insults to the duo for reasons which are best known to them.

So, at least they have tried to do something to humanity, leave alone the alleged ripping off of its affiliates, hehee!

Various Top bloggers and record breaking internet marketers have given contradictory statements about the Empower Network Company and its owners David Wood and David Sharpe.

So, I do not intend to take you back to that confusion! But my biggest worry is, why is nobody trying to feature their inspirational story and where they started from to be the eight figure mlm income earners they are today?

Okay, why is everybody interested in Empower Network reviews, Empower Network scam, or tearing the Daves into pieces. Do they deserve such treatments even if their EN Company directly touches on the hearts of bloggers and internet marketers? It is however a proven fact that anybody who want to successfully market other internet marketing businesses uses EN business as a bait; meaning that David Wood and David Sharpe are unquestionably super famous, hehee!

With all that aside, ladies and gentlemen, let me take this opportunity to inspire you with David Wood and David Sharpe’s family history and journey in the Empower Network MLM business. But if you will ever need a better business opportunity without any controversy, then take a few minutes to watch a video on top of my page, where you will meet with Brad Campell; the founding father of the latest mind blowing business opportunity that everybody can replicate!

All in all, welcome to the David Wood and David Sharpe’s inspirational story. To begin with I think they are simply an amazing marketers and special business partners who make approximately $150,000 per month out of the blues! This means that they make about $ 1,800,000 per year. Should I add that they are everything in Empower Network marketing Company! Of course they are! Let us look at where they came from!

Biography of David Wood & David Sharpe

David Wood

David Wood of Empower Network was a super poor gentleman who lived in a van. According to him, he was not living life but surviving. But that is his part of the story. If you ask the internet third eye community, it is a documented lie preached from the EN pulpit!

The Haters say that his false poverty testimonies are intended to lure people into joining his Empower Network multilevel marketing scam company!

As much as I am equally undecided on who is really making a genuine point, I have to admit that both sides of the story are utterly convincing.

With all that said and done, Empower Network llc describes David Wood as a visionary leader, an inspiring speaker and master marketer. Whoever who wrote this description says that David has an irresistible charisma, personality and the heart of the people attitude that has made him be trusted and cherished by many people online today.

Empower Network also say that David Wood brought love for its affiliates, a whole process of building an online business and first had experience, which lacks in many businesses today.

So, have you ever met David or interacted with him? Does the description from his Empower Network fit him? I am just waiting to hear from you!

For those who have never met David Wood and hope of meeting him at one time in life, look closely to any beach near you, and you might find yourself swimming or sun bathing with this Empower Network relationship marketing superstar; to your surprise!

If you do not see him, just know that he is travelling to or in one corner of the world teaching people how to transform their lives, while we are here online making ridiculous topics about him and his Empower network business.

David Wood is currently extremely rich and lives in a world class property in Costa Rica, where he runs his business from. But that is according to the various media outlets online and offline

According to the Empower Network official website, the EN business has its headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida in the United States of America, and I wonder how he runs his business from Costa Rica and he does not manage the Company all alone!

David Sharpe

David Sharpe on the other hand was a bonafide bad boy, criminal, gangster, lawbreakers or whatever you call a person who does not love the law. In Short, Dave Sharpe was a drug addict, a drunkard, a drug peddler and an equally poor fellow

Even if he had all that negative social orientation, he was lucky to own a home, unlike his friend and Empower Network business partner, David Wood. But his home was no better than living in a van like Mr. Wood, hehee!

Mr. Sharpe used to live in a dilapidated 400 square feet house, which was more of a bus stage than a home! By this I mean it was close to the road and full of noise and distractions from the yelling passersby.

David Sharpe never felt like going back home from his peanuts paying construction job. The problem however was not with his house then, but with her daughter who used to look at him with an innocent face, full of question marks!

One of those simple questions that Dave Sharpe failed to get answers was, is this what life has to offer? David dreaded every time his eyes met those of her daughter at home, out of shame and unfulfilled life they were leading.

If you have attended one of Empower Network seminars, meetings or trainings in Miami, Denver or San Diego, then you must have heard it all from David Sharpe himself.

In Summary, David Wood and David Sharpe are one of the most inspirational video marketers I have ever come across. As a matter of fact, the Empower Network affiliates have even taken advantage of their marketing prowess. All they do is write a very good article that will direct you to David Wood and David Sharpe’s YouTube channel and videos. Once you click that link and watch one of it, you will find yourself squarely subscribed to Empower Network, like yesterday!

Journey of David Wood and David Sharpe in Empower Network MLM Company

David Sharpe and David Wood started the Empower Network marketing business in October 2011. The duo started the Empower network direct selling Company out of frustrations and to share their multi level marketing experiences with the world; using a unique platform and business opportunity.

The mention of initial involvement in MLM business has been a point of contention in various online platforms, and a red flag to the otherwise known ashes to riches EN founders.

But that will surely not prevent me from letting you know how their Empower Network plane took off!

The mighty Empower Network business idea was born in a filthy hotel room is one corner of the United States of America. Yes, the idea was born in a serious meeting, a meeting of two crazy men. The term Crazy might be soft, but use any that will suite your description best.

But they seemed crazy because the meeting was a combination of a drug trafficker, a drunkard and a homeless dude who never even knew what his next meal will be like!

David Wood and David Sharpe had a crazy goal of starting a new network marketing business that will kill the traditional multilevel marketing business, and they achieved exactly that in my opinion!

The two gentlemen appeared to be jokers in the first place, but at last set a target of having only 2000 affiliates within their first month, but things turned out differently.

David Sharpe and David Wood registered 10,000 affiliates within their first month of launching their business, and my friend, things have never been the same since then; other than the hyped controversy, Empower Network Scam advises and even others coining David Wood Scam titles.

Empower Network Review / David Wood Review/ David Wood Scam/Empower Network Pyramid Scheme

The above titles are what you will ever find online when searching for information about David Wood and David Sharpe. The EN founders are the Kings of relationship marketing controversy and Empower Network pyramid Scheme accusations. They have been scrubbed clean by bloggers and several internet marketers, but they don’t give a damn!

Some even say that they are perennial conmen and deviants who live in Costa Rica to avoid the long arm of the US government, while others say that Empower Network does not even have a real product to market. One of David Wood scam advisers also claim that the Daves were already millionaires in Amway before starting EN Company. The writers of those publications therefore claim that the David Wood and David Sharpe are using poverty as a bait to lure unsuspecting people into their get rich quick Ponzy Scheme!

David Sharpe however resigned from Empower Network for health issues, which bloggers have also put a twist to it, as expected. But according to him, he was suffering from Hepatitis C, which demanded serious medical attention and rest.