Dean and Angie Mannheimer

Dean and Angie Mannheimer is a couple that has mlm businesses at heart. The couple has been entrepreneurs in the better part of their lives, but the DubLi Network Company has given them something to smile about!

Dean and Angie Mannheimer had spent most of their lives in Arizona, but not in their adult lives. This is because the network marketing business has opened a new world of opportunities, excitement and fun in their family. If fact, you can hardly find them at home in recent years!

Although Dean and Angie Mannheimer are currently very happy and contented to be in the Dubli network, it does not mean that they do not know what it is like to be in the corporate world.

To start with, Dean worked as an associate in Noni international in 2002 and later as a field representative in Unicity, to just have a taste of how it is like to work in a corporate world.

All in all, Dean Mannheimer was born in Arizona, went to Arizona State University, before starting his entrepreneurship journey that led to an extravagant network marketing celebrity lifestyle he is leading today with his wife. There is however very little information known about Angie Mannheimer.

Nevertheless, Dean and Angie Mannheimer have created the life of their dreams through the DubLi network business, and are currently Dubli top earners and in the list of mlm hall of fame celebrities. The family currently makes a residue monthly income of $125,000 per month, translating to $1,500,000 per year.

Dean and Angie Mannheimer’s Journey in Dubli Inc

Deana and Angie Mannheimer was a totally unique couple and entrepreneurs before they even joined the Dubli network marketing company.

The couple however came to Dubli business with more than 15 years of business management experiences in both traditional businesses and in the direct selling industry. Dean and Angie Mannheimer also spent five years owning and managing what they call break and Mortar business; simply put as traditional businesses that hardened them to triumph in the mlm industry.

To summarize it all, Dean and Angie Mannheimer had been in the network marketing business before signing up to Dubli Inc,. In all those years, Dean and Angie Mannheimer have had much success in Dublinetwork, when compared to their 28 years in both traditional businesses and other network marketing businesses.

The couple has however realized that mlm businesses have it all in life. Dean Mannheimer however loves the fact that he is no longer in the traditional business that has many liabilities, something he does not need to worry about in the direct selling businesses.

Dean and Angie Mannheimer therefore says that their long term service and experience in both traditional and network marketing businesses gave them the necessary experience to survive and succeed in any form of mlm business.

Before we immense ourselves into the Dubli business opportunity, Dean and Angie Mannheimer also says that they have worked with several top leaders in the world of network marketing, and they had built larger downline in several parts of the world, before discovering the Dubli Network. Dean Mannheimer knew long time ago that the more you are of value to others, the more you will earn as an independent distributor. This has kept him active in the network marketing industry for a long time.

Even after working in all those network marketing companies on the globe, Dean and Angie Mannheimer had never been fully satisfied with the kind of money they initially made, and were still looking for a better business opportunity to invest in.

So, when the couple heard of the Dubli Network marketing business, they hopped in with a lot of excitements and expectations. Dean and Angie Mannheimer says that they have never seen a business opportunity that is as good as the Dubli network business opportunity.

Dean argues that it is not easy to find somebody who will resist an opportunity that helps them save some cash when doing shopping in any part of the world. Dean Mannheimer says that shopping is the main reason as to why we even look for that cash, anyway!

Dean and Angie Mannheimer also loves shopping and this is the reason as to why the couple has emerged to be the mlm top earners in Dubli Company. Dean and his wife have also become one of the most celebrated mlm leaders not only in the Dubli business, but also in the whole of the direct selling business in the world.

Dubli inc., has also enabled Dean and Angie Mannheimer earn the highest residual income they have ever earned in the whole of the multilevel marketing career, and say that the Dubli business is surely a business for the future generations.

Awards and Accolades

Dean and Angie Mannheimer are one of the longest serving direct selling celebrities in the industry. The couple has been in the network marketing industry for more than 28 years, and is still reaping it big in the industry.

In Dubli mlm alone, Dean and Angie Mannheimer has won a number of awards, accolades and bonuses. Some of the achievements Dean and Angie Mannheimer had won include being the Vice president, president, country manager and they are currently Global Master agent since July, 2008.

Dean and Angie Mannheimer are also hall of fame celebrities and members of the International Success Group since February 1996.

Lastly but not least, Dean and Angie Mannheimer have also been featured in a number of mlm magazines, such as the success magazine, business for home magazines and in several blogs online.




Dubli Inc, commonly referred to as DubLi Network is arguably the largest E-commerce mlm company in the world. Dubli Network is also referred to as the Ominto Inc., thanks to the Infinia payment technology and the WUKAR partnership the company signed in 2014.

The Dubli network marketing company is the brain child idea of Michael Hansen, a very famous entrepreneur, billionaire and mlm professional.

Michael Hansen was a mechanical engineer who evolved from designing Lego products, investing in a chain of restaurants to becoming a renowned billion dollar entrepreneur in the multilevel marketing business, specializing in finance and telecommunication niche.

Dubli Network is one of the companies affiliated with the Medianet Group Technologies, a public e-commerce empire that makes millions of dollars every month. This largest e-commerce on the globe was started back in 2003, had its ups and downs, but it has never looked back!

DubLi Mlm Company is run by business veterans from world class multi-billion dollar companies such as Microsoft Corporation, and many other heavy duty Companies in the business world.

The DubLi Network that thousands of people are proud of today has a long history. The company started out as a reverse auction company, before evolving to a full e-commerce Website and Company that is earning thousands of people a livelihood today.

The DubLi business opportunity caused a lot of commotion and excitement when it was first launched, attracting hundreds of distributors from other mlm companies such as the nearly closing down Empower Network.

The Company has however had its ups and downs, but it still remains the largest e-commerce on the globe and currently experiencing phenomenal transformations, if we go by its new Infinia technological payment method.

This proves that Michael Hansen really knows how to stay and prosper in the network marketing game!

How does Dubli Network Works?

Dubli uses a multilevel marketing business approach to its business. The DubLi Network Company has collaborated with several  Discount stores, Telecoms, Travel companies, Computer and electronic companies, Clothing and Apparel stores, children Toy shops, office supply companies, Book stores, Home and Garden Stores and other specialties to give its customers and affiliates cash back whenever they shop online using the Dubli System.

In short, Dubli Network is popular for its solid services, offering hundreds of products discounts on almost every shopping done online. Dubli offers its online shoppers a chance to get cash back wherever they are shopping even when they are travelling, booking hotels, on car rentals or just shopping for entertainment purposes.

The most interesting thing is that DubLi has partnered with almost all major electronic brands in the world, enabling you to get back a portion of your cash and make some major savings on your credit card.

I however believe that its very stupid of somebody to shop today online and not get some discounts or points in the process. If you have never done this before, then try taking advantage of the thousands of coupon codes online today or better still use mlm companies such as Dubli Network or Wake Up Now among many others.

If you want to get cash back for free wherever you shop with Dubli network, all you have to do is to go online and download the Dubli Cash Back App on your phone or the DubLi network toolbar that will be installed on your preferred browser, and you will be good to go as far as basic Cash back rewards in Dubli are concerned!

These will however enable you get 1-2% on anything you buy online, and later upgrade to other membership programs for more benefits.

The Dubli Products

Let me start by saying that nobody should shop online today, without first checking the possibility of getting some cash back, points, rewards, miles or anything beneficial in return.

In Dubli Network marketing Company, the benefits are called cash backs. The Dubli products are nothing but Dubli membership plans.

The Dubli Network Company has three membership subscriptions level and two money making possibilities.  These three Dubli memberships are: A Free membership plan that I have already mentioned, premium membership that costs $4.95 per month and V.I.P membership that costs $ 99.99 per year.

As a Dubli Free subscriber, you get access to a free cash back of 1% to 2% as I indicated earlier, while a premium customer gets a cash back savings of over 4% on any product purchased.

All in all, the V.I.P membership is the highest level a customer affiliated to Dubli can make most of cash from their online shopping. The V.I.P level ladies and gentlemen allows cash back of 7% to 14% on every product purchased.

The Dubli Compensation Plan

The Dubli compensation plan is also called the Dubli business opportunity. I however prefer the term compensation plan because this is a direct selling business like any other and that is how they call them anyway!

The Dublinetwork Company has essentially three major ways one can earn some serious commissions. The first and the favorite of many is the V.I.P membership. Other than requiring you to pay the $99.99 dollars per year I mentioned early, this membership gives you the opportunity to refer people into the Company and earn $20 per V.I.P referral.

Another method one can use to make good money in the Dubli business is via the Partner membership, where you own your own retail portal and earn profit by selling the Dubli products.

The real deal is however in becoming a Business associate. In this level you can build your own downline and earn some residual income from the people you refer to the company, and those that members in your team enroll into Dubli Network marketing business. As if that is not enough, you even make a kill if you succeed in selling the Dubli Partner program to a company.

Does this sound like a great idea to you? Let us see how you can become a Business associate and earn hefty checks from the business! To become a BA as they call it, you will first need to buy a Dubli Network Business Package. This involves first paying a onetime subscription fee of $99.99 that the company calls a Dubli business license, before you earn the title of a Business associate.

You can later upgrade your class by buying a $495 elite package to give to your future customers. This will also give you an opportunity to upgrade to the elite team for $12k. On top of the $99.99, your business associate membership will be charged $49 every month, but starting from the second month.

Dubli Pyramid Scheme Allegations

Let me start by saying that DubLi Network is the not only the largest e-commerce business in the world, but also one of the most trusted network marketing business in the world.

As much as many people are reaping the cash backs for shopping online using this business opportunity, there have also some disgruntlement from the few, mostly from ‘online scam busters’. According to these bloggers, any company that is involved in an mlm business is a pyramid scheme, online scam or Dubli scam in this case.

I have said here many times and I will also say it again that majority of people who complain about companies like Dubli network are mostly the few who have failed in the business, and  most probably looking for somebody to blame for their failures.

Better still I can comfortably say many online reviewers do not do enough research on their fields, before they go on branding a Company or somebody’s business a scam. This is the reason as to why I have decided to remain neutral on this issue.

All in all, every successful company or business has its own challenges, and they should not be translated into network marketing scam.