Denice & Tom Chenault

Denice & Tom Chenault – Youngevity Top Earners


It seems that in recent years, there has been an emergence of multilevel marketing businesses that focus on health and nutrition. It only makes sense that with food products now are gluten-free and all-natural hair and skin items, people are looking for a way to be as healthy as possible. If you are thinking about getting into network marketing, what better way to get started than with in-demand products?


MLM is a great avenue to help stop the cycle of running out of money for your bills every month. Let’s say you do have enough money to cover your expenses, what about taking a nice vacation to unwind? Do you have money for that? There is a big difference in having money to take care of your household and having money for enjoyment. A lot of folks have drunk the kool-aid, thinking that doing fun activities with their money is wrong. Honestly, it is the complete opposite.


And nine times out of ten, you are not putting any money away for retirement. Well, working with a multilevel business such as Youngevity can change all that. It can give you the prosperity and abundant life you are seeking. It combines high-quality products with a versatile marketing system. From every corner of the globe, people are changing their lives by enrolling them so they become a Youngevity consultant.


Just ask Denice & Tom Chenault. Due to their serious and dedicated workmanship, they have earned the title of “Masters of Enrollment” with Youngevity. Tom has been in MLM for over 20 years, and Denice for more than 12 years. Tom was named one of the world’s “Top 25 Network Marketing Leaders.”


Denice has also done well. She has been named one of the “Top 100 Women in Network Marketing.” Together, this dynamic duo is one of the top three earners at Youngevity, making $112,000.00 on a monthly basis. The couple has been with the Youngevity multilevel marketing business for 18 years.


For their long-term commitment, they have become Ambassadors Senior Vice Chairman Marketing Directors and 1st 3 Million GV Achievers. Their team consists of over 300,000 members. How did they do it? They accomplished this by traveling all over the world training, coaching, and motivating others in reaching their goals.


For earning their Ambassador title, Denice & Tom Chenault got a Porsche Carrera 4S Convertible. The currently split their time between their homes in Longmont, Colorado and San Antonio, Texas. They have three grown children, Adrian, Courtney, and Dominic and two grandchildren, Corrine and Linden.


Beginning – Tom


Tom Chenault got into multilevel marketing as a last resort. It was 1988, and with 25 years of sobriety, he had no job, no income, and no one wanting to hire a recovering alcoholic.  Years before as a successful stockbroker, he detested the whole idea of MLM. But now, network marketing was a chance for him to get back on his feet. He joined another major health and beauty MLM, and this is where he developed personally. Tom also joined AA and Landmark Forum. Getting himself together on the inside (emotionally and spiritually), helped in getting himself together on the outside. This is what he credits for his success in the Youngevity network marketing business.


Beginning – Denice


Denice Chenault grew up in Evergreen, CO, and she was the daughter of two schoolteachers. She has always had a passion for horses, and she worked odd jobs to fund her hobby. At age 16, she was named Reserve Champion of Colorado.


As a graduate and communications major at the University of Colorado, Denice participated in a two-year group facilitation and personal development training program with the Dreikurs Relationship Center in Boulder, CO. She excelled to the point she taught the class throughout the U.S. and Israel with her first husband, Bobbi.


After her divorce, she began a sales position with Paul Mitchell, which according to her, gave her valuable experience in how to develop a relationship with a customer. In 1999, Denice started her career in direct sales marketing. 15 years later, Denice and Tom (her second husband) have made a remarkable career in MLM.


The goal of Denice & Tom is to teach others to do what they do. Denice believes that MLM is the only industry where a woman can build a start-up with very little money, no degree, and no overhead costs. Plus, you get time and financial freedom while helping others. Denice has studied life coaching, and she enjoys empowering and motivating women.




Besides running their home-based business, Denice & Tom Chenault love the outdoors and spend time running, walking, and cycling. They are into health issues and fully support AA, Al-Anon, and all twelve step programs. Additionally, they give back to their community by participating in local charities and organizations. Avid travelers, they have visited Great Britain, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, and the Bahamas. The couple recently purchased a Cessna airplane, and Denice is taking flying lessons.


Denice & Tom Chenault don’t consider themselves to be direct sellers. As a matter of fact, they don’t even like the word “sell.” They would rather be referred to as the “masters of creating relationships.” They feel that people like them, trust them, and are willing to tell them their hopes and desires.


Tom is the radio host of “The Tom Chenault Show,” which is a combination of his two previous shows, “Business for Breakfast Radio Show” and “Home Based Business Radio Show.” He has interviewed Robert Kiyosaki, Mark Victor Hansen, and Robert Crisp. Denice also has experienced as a radio host, as she was the host of a radio show that discussed topics that affected the non-profit community.




Denice and Tom feel that a compassion for people is much more important than selling products in network marketing. And this is something they can’t teach; you either have it or you don’t.


Their objective is to make a difference on this planet; to leave a legacy. They have always wanted to model strength, compassion, and hope for their kids. Denice & Tom wanted to be in control of their own lives. This is what gives them encouragement and inspiration. The idea they can help someone else change the outcome of their situation.


To help people become healthier, with no aches and pains. To have time to enjoy life and do the things that makes them happy. If their child is sick, they don’t have to worry about losing their job. No more sitting up all night worrying about how the bills are going to get paid.


Denice & Tom believe there is no such thing as job security anymore, even with a college degree. The only thing a college degree guarantees is student loan debt. There are plenty of highly-educated people who are working as baristas or waiters.


Isn’t this the truth? I have said this recently, but a 9-5 job doesn’t give you anything except money. With the way these big corporations are laying people off left and right, even getting a paycheck is questionable.


This is why it is a good idea (Denice & Tom’s words) to have a backup plan or look into another avenue for earning money, such as residual income. You will have money coming in after the initial work. You can pay your mortgage, buy groceries, and pay the car note with your residual income. This is what “security” really is.


Once you get started in network marketing, Denice and Tom believe this is when you begin your personal growth. It is all about relationships, teaching, and training. The more you motivate your team, your downline, the more money you make. In MLM, you do better when your team does better. Even more, you and your team get recognized for your hard work. You sure don’t get any of that in corporate America.


Denice & Tom Chenault consider themselves as blessed for being able to transform people on such a dramatic level. If you want to express yourself through motivating others, you have a shot at something great with multilevel marketing. One of their favorite quotes is: “doing what you like is freedom; liking what you do is happiness.


To these two, MLM isn’t work; it is their life. It is who they are, and what they do. Tom’s motto is: love like crazy, then love more. Not only has he hosted the longest running home-based business radio show, but he founded the Association of Network Marketing Professionals. Tom also sits on the board of the MLMIA. They work hard to keep the image of network marketing on a positive level.


At the 2014 Youngevity’s convention in Anaheim, Tom received the “Trainer of the Year” award. Over the years, the couple has received numerous awards, but this one was special. They are proud of the fact they have shown so many people how to become their own boss and create their own business. Denice & Tom Chenault believes that anyone can succeed in network marketing with the right training and mentoring.


The secret to their success is they don’t sign people up, and they don’t speak with a lot of folks. They simply guide people on the path to getting the most out of their lives. They use a technique referred to as the “coffee shop interview.” They speak with certain individuals to find out what gets them up in the morning, what they want out of life. Then, Denice & Tom show them what they have to offer with Youngevity that will give them what they want.


The only time that Denice & Tom have falter is when they didn’t trust the vision of their upline, the people that lead Youngevity. The individuals at the top have been doing MLM at Youngevity far longer and better than anyone. Therefore, they must know what they are doing. This is what they believe is needed within their team to be successful at all times: trust.




Mulitlevel marketing has given Denice & Tom back their time, money, and health. They have been able to spend time with their children and grandchildren, regardless of where they live. As a recovering alcoholic, Tom is able to spend time with homeless people troubled children, and people in AA.


They have built business in London, Mexico, Australia, and Argentina. As a single mom with a son to support when she started in MLM, Denice speaks directly to them and shows them that they can have a fulfilled life and do the things they want with a career in network marketing.


They also love being a part of the rising success of Youngevity. Youngevity multilevel marketing business has surpassed its goal of $100 million in annual sales, and its next goal is to surpass the billion dollar mark. For them, it is an exciting time, and the love the fact that they are a part of it.


Denice & Tom’s advice for anyone that is thinking about coming into direct sales marketing is to envision your end point and work your way backwards from there. This way, you can know where you are going and what it will take to get there.


To help you along the way, you have people like Denice & Tom. They will show you what skills you need, what books to read, and what events to attend. But these two will be the first to tell you that if you are not willing to put in the hard work, MLM isn’t for you.


Wow, I am always impressed with the people I read about in network marketing. Such positivity and selflessness is so refreshing. It is good to hear about people who want to help others achieve their personal best.




Youngevity was founded by Dr. Joel Wallach. He wanted to make products that made people’s body healthier from the inside out. He discovered that the body needs 90 essential nutrients and that these nutrients could reverse or help avoid many health issues.


Besides nutrient supplements, Youngevity offers premium coffees, body oils, and mineral makeup, all in its quest to assist people in living a long and healthy life. The company has been so successful that many famous people endorse Youngevity, including actress Marilu Henner.


Youngevity compensation plan is an excellent way to earn money, because you can earn it at the beginning, middle, and end. The low-entry fee allows you to enroll on your own terms and still make the residual income you desire.


As an independent distributor, you earn a bonus for every product you buy wholesale. You also earn a weekly check for every product you sell. If a customer buys the CEO Mega Pak, you receive a bonus. From the purchases of your recruits’ customers, you continuously receive bonuses and residual income. Simply put, you will have a steady cash flow each and every month with your team.


For those goal-oriented individuals who want to reach the top, you can take the CEO Qualified express route. In addition to attending CEO training seminars and events, you can earn coding bonuses, car bonuses, profit sharing, and stock options. There are also:


  • Diamond Club Vacations
  • Diamond Club Rings and Watches
  • Chairman Club Rings
  • Leadership Elite Blazers
  • Dream Car Giveaways
  • Top Achievers’ Club Dream Vacations
  • Global Revenue Pool


The incentives to do well are overwhelming. The aim at Youngevity is for you to wake up happy, full of energy and vitality with a glow of prosperity and abundance. I don’t know about you, but who wouldn’t be drawn to live a life like this. As Denice & Tom Chenault state, if you are ready to take your life to the next level, what are you waiting for?