Dominique Cano-Flores

Dominique Cano-Flores – ACN Top Earner

Boy, I will tell you something ACN network marketing business sure knows how to

produce a lot of MLM top earners. If you have been to my MLM blog before, you know I

have written personal profiles on a good number of ACN top earners, including:

  • Craig & Chelsea Kotter
  • Matt Rasmussen
  • Spencer Hunn
  • Jennifer & Darin Dowd
  • Danny Volvino
  • Al Thomas

That is a lot of folks that make $1 million or more every year. Wow, you can say what

you want about ACN multilevel marketing business, but they must be doing something

right to have all these success stories under its belt.

I will say that I get why ACN is the number one telecommunication direct sales

marketing business in the industry. Anytime you are offering customers something they

use already, it is easy to make $100,000.00 per month in residual income like Dominique


Not only is this man a MLM top earner, he also has earned the rank of Senior Vice

President and is a member of the Circle of Champions. Dominique’s team has over 6,000

ACN consultants from around the globe. Dominique says that everything he does, he

does with the future of his children in mind. He believes that it is his duty to be able to

provide financial security for his family.

One thing Dominique says about the ACN business that is quite positive is that it doesn’t

ask about skin color, religion, or creed. For everyone who want to better themselves and

the world around them, this relationship marketing company welcomes you with open

arms. Nice!

Dominique was already an entrepreneur when a friend introduced him to ACN (he owned

two clothing stores and a restaurant). However, he knew after hearing about the services

and business plan, it was fate that brought him to this point. Dominique was working

more than 15 hours a day, and he wanted more out of life.

At first, he was just a customer. Nonetheless, when he heard about the ACN

compensation plan, he started looking at MLM differently. Born and raised in a small

French Village, he was too familiar with network marketing, but he was willing to take a

chance on it to better himself.

With drive and ambition, it didn’t take him long to establish himself within the ACN

business. Five months after joining ACN, he became team coordinator. He sold his

businesses to focus all his energy on building his ACN home-based business. His next

reward for his outstanding work ethic came when he was promoted to Regional Vice

President at the International Training Event in Nice, France (2007).

Dominique likes to keep things simple, and he finds it easy to do because he takes

advantage of all of the business tools that ACN provides. He says that he never asks his

team members if they are attending events, but how many people they are bringing along.

Dominique believes that when you keep it simple, your business will go further. The

further your business goes, the more prosperous you will be.

The Truth

However, as I have said before, you are not guaranteed a six-figure monthly income, like

Dominique Cano-Flores, when you join ACN MLM business. As a matter of fact, ACN

is quick to tell you that earning big money is not easy. If you notice with every ACN top

earner, he or she worked their butt off to build their team, making sure that every team

member had what was needed to accomplish their goals. It might sound easy, but I can

only imagine how many home visits and phone calls it took to achieve this. All I can say

is, WOW!


If you are looking for unlimited potential in wealth stability, ACN can give you what you

need. To tell you about ACN again, here I go.

ACN is a privately-owned multilevel marketing business based in Concord, North

Carolina. In 1993, four entrepreneurs (Robert Stevanovski, Mike Cupisz, Greg

Provenzano, and Tony Cupisz) decided to form their own network marketing business,

because they were unhappy with the ones that were in the industry. In the beginning,

ACN served as the marketing place for a telephone reselling business called LCI

Communications, until LCI was purchased by Qwest Communications.

Today, ACN offers customers services provided through its name, as well as other major

brands. As a home or small business owner, you have a choice in:

 Landline Telephone

 Home Security

 Gas & Electric

 Satellite Television

 Internet

 Credit Card Processing

 Video Phone Service

 Bundle Services

ACN Compensation Plan

As an independent business owner, you earn money for every service your loyal

customers order and pay for. You don’t earn income or bonus when your customer joins

ACN. If you did make money on this, ACN would constitute as a pyramid scheme, and

that is one big no-no. However, you do earn bonuses based on the performance of your

downline (team). Again though, it is based on the number of services customers sign up

and pay for only.


In the past, ACN has been accused of being a pyramid scheme. August of 2010, Montana

government issued a cease and desist order against ACN. The order was reversed a

month later when it was discovered that the company’s actions weren’t the problem; it

was the actions of some of the independent business owners.

The Bureau of Consumer Services in Pennsylvania alleged that a number of ACN

consultants were switching their customers’ services and not telling them about it (this is

referred to as slamming). There are also numerous charges against ACN agents for

cramming, meaning they overcharged customers.

ACN settled the case. It looks like the problem isn’t with ACN, but with some of the

IBOs that represent this network marketing business. I’m glad, because I have really

come to admire this direct sales business.